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28 October 2014

Second Journal today ~ a nonsensical rant semi related to my already voiced opinion on giving 'non food' things foodie names like 'margarita lotion' or 'ice cream pedicure' and so on.

This as to do with the food industry doing the same in reverse. I won't say 'which' chicken vendor this was although as I took the photograph myself it's highly likely it could have been one mentioned in a recent journal. Maybe. There. That should be enough disclaimers to avoid a slander suit.

But seriously. MUST you label the single serve gravy container (which likely would also hold mashed potatoes or mac & cheese) "Love For One". Really?? Are you implying that any of us pathetic single diners will need to find LOVE in the food?? Yeah? Does the fact that we are battling obesity by disassociating food as 'love' not give you even the tiniest sense of guilt? A smidgen? Anything?

FYI - didn't eat the gravy. Yay me. I just sat it in the fridge until I could photograph it today. And share. And vent & rant.

I'm done. Thanks.


28 October 2014

There are days when I believe the phrase ‘in a nutshell’ was created specifically for me. Yesterday was one of them. I can only conclude bragging about my title ‘Reigning Queen of Rationalizations’ prompted Karma to put me to the test.

Youngest grandson’s ‘Band fundraiser spaghetti dinner & bake sale at the Elk Lodge last night. I’d purchased 2 tickets (purchased because that’s what Nana’s do, two because I thought surely I’ll have a friend take me up on a free ticket) but a week of inviting and no takers. Strike one.

B’s family all had tickets but did they say ‘hey, let’s all go at X-time so we can dine together?’ No. I guess I’m only part of the family when I’m cooking here or picking up the entire tab for crap; making me seriously consider cancelling Christmas in Hot Springs. Strike Two. I am seriously aggravated by this crap.

Being alone in a crowd of people pushing and shoving in line as if they had never seen spaghetti nor ever thought they would ever eat again. Strike Three.

But the game wasn’t over. It was a double header.

Decided to chuck my tickets (couldn’t even give them away to strangers in the parking! no takers!) and get the heck out of the mayhem but my car made an illegal right turn into a Church’s Chicken. I thought I’d keep the damage to a minimum with chicken tenders. Strike One.

Yoga finally returned my phone call just as I was returning home. At a time when I couldn’t manage any words that didn’t start with the letter F.

Strike two for her and to save myself the need for apologies I let her go to voicemail.

Settled down to relax and share the tenders with Mushy but B’s dogs start barking next door… sending me into a rage again. Or just fanning the embers of one that hadn’t died out. Strike three.

Game saver? Mushy and I hopped on the bike and rode for an hour. We’d probably have ridden longer if not for nightfall. A trip to the E.R. would have started the game all over. We just enjoyed the fall evening, saw a couple of people we knew, and breezed around without a care in the world. I felt the knot in my stomach finally release.

Returning home I soaked in the tub and talked out loud to Cutty. More like sang to him. It was my version of an opera.. the “me, me, me” of it.

Eventually I felt the stress and anger go down the drain with the bathwater and went to bed but the RLS kicked in along with a charming little side effect that felt like I was being smacked on the leg with an electric cattle prod.

A muscle relaxer, pain pill, and 2 fun size Three Musketeer candys gave me four decent hours of sleep. A new day of the World Series of Bella began at 3am. I am going to the local Senior Expo this morning - time to stock up on memo pads and moisturizers. I’m also expecting a shipment today that I need to take delivery. After that I may call in sick to myself and close the shop for the day.

No predicting.


27 October 2014

Monday and I remain the reigning Queen of Rationalization. My morning began with a sense of disappointment at restarting the clock, again, on 'Mindful Eating and not exceeding my RDI' but as I moved about working on little things my mood lifted. And as I easily climbed up on the step ladder to water the plants on the top cabinet I decided 'The day could have been better but also could have been a whole lot worse and not all of your accomplishments originate from a food scale. I was granted another day to continue and improve.' So there. ::: mentally polishing my tiara:::

Yesterday marked eleven months. I decided to recognize the date with a good 'ole 'Cutty style grocery Shopping.' One of his greatest pleasures was seeing bags & bags of food bring brought in; he loved walking past a fully stocked and organized pantry. It gave him a great sense of security and accomplishment. Myself, I typically buy a backpack at a time in attempt to shop mostly fresh walking to the store. But several times this past week I attempted to create something in my kitchen and found the shelves lacking so I decided Sunday was the day.

No bike riding yesterday - typical Texas weather the temps picked up and while *I* can tolerate the warmer temps, Ms. Mushy cannot and what's the sense of going if she can't? So I did tidy and reorganize my studio and caught up with a few other little things around here.

In exchange for the beans & stuff I sent home with him last week, Stick dropped off a box of pork (chops, steaks, sausage, bacon & more) from one of his processed hogs. Wow! It has been a while since I tasted home grown pork. I started with some of the ground sausage yesterday and I don't know if it was the absence of mass produced fillers and seasoning but it was fabulous. I don't think I've tasted such a 'clean' sausage ever.

I made a 'sausage roll' but used a biscuit dough instead of the suggested pizza crust on the recipe and shared it with the SIL as we discussed the plan for Thanksgiving. For all the times I'm frustrated with Blondie I do have to tip my hat to her - she has her DH well trained domestically; something I was never able to accomplish (nor really wanted to) as he does at least 75% of the cooking in their household.

Pork roast simmering in the slow cooker - my favorite scent next to Chanel. Mushy is enjoying the warm sunlight coming thru the back door. Life is good. Hope yours is too today.


26 October 2014

Day’s of MIndful Eating (DME) = Three. I can’t speak to Days Under RDI because I haven’t recorded; I found myself back in that cycle of ‘oh, look, you have calories left.. let’s go check the pantry’ thinking.

I’m feeling stronger. More like the ‘me’ I want to be. So much so that at World Market yesterday I lingered in the ‘chocolate’ aisle (and if you’ve never been - check it out online - what a selection!) thinking ‘what shall I get?’ and Mojo answered ‘you really don’t want any of it right now - no sense buying it just to have it around.’

Yesterday was mindfully fabulous all around. I woke early - not DK early but still too darn early for a Saturday - and curled up in the recliner to watch a movie. But it was boring and as I went for a coffee refill and plan to find another movie, Mojo tugged me into the kitchen and inspired me to clean and reorganize the pantry, cabinets and freezer.

That simple action encouraged me to continue with an active day so Mushy and I went for a bike ride. (Tag Sharon - your turn). We went to Habitat for Humanity and picked up some paint for the many projects I have pending then the opposite direction to the Farmers Market. Not so much produce left as it was a little later in the morning but I did get some wonderful cocoa honey and had a sweet potato honey muffin and a cup of coffee. And I picked up a flier from a local ‘beefalo’ distributor - something new to try. I didn’t buy any though because I didn’t want to have to rush back home.

After that we continued riding around at least another couple of miles. It was a beautiful day and I so enjoyed it emotionally although physically my right leg was yakking at me (spasm, aching) esp the knee. But I’d count the spins I’d make before giving it a rest; finally go up to 20 and held that for a while.

Once we returned home the thought of being indoors just zapped me so we decided to open the sunroof on the car and ride to Dallas to poke around. We picked up BCF for lunch and she guided us to a Mexican restaurant she frequents for brunch. Yay me on keeping the chips to a minimum as well as suggesting we share an appetizer instead of getting the ‘all you can eat’ buffet’. BCF said ‘but everything is on the buffet’ and Mojo answered ‘yep… but it’s a waste of money the way I eat.’ Hear that? ‘The way I eat.’ Go Mojo.

Afterward Mushy and I trekked around World Market, Ross, and Petco for a while. Well, I trekked and pushed her around in baskets; she was enjoying the shopping and repeated ‘oooh… what a precious baby’ attention but was very tired. Poor little baby finally flopped on the floor last night night with a ‘no mas!’ and I had to physically pick her up and put her in bed (because.. I sleep better with her there).

Dinner was the last of the ‘mostly broth’ vegetable soup and after soaking in the Jacuzzi my bedtime snack was a toasted biscuit, some of the cocoa honey and a cup of hot chocolate. I’d finally picked up the Mag-Ox and for the first night in a loooong time: no RLS. Thank you Kathy. Maybe it was the bike ride, the relaxed day, the MO or Jacuzzi but whatever it was it was so pleasant to relax in bed without tap dancing.

So Mojo is tugging on my sleeve to work on the shelves in my makeshift ‘studio’. These recent furniture, craft, etc., projects have taken their toll and need a little tidying. Off I go with a positive intention toward having another wonderful day. Hoping the same for you in your world.


24 October 2014

Wow - it’s Friday. That was quick.

I did really well at the Kiwanis Dinner & Auction last night. Beef stew, cornbread and yes, an oh so delicious chocolate chip brownie. But it was one bowl, one slice and one brownie. And I’d IF'd all day to prepare for it. My body and digestive system thanked me evidenced by no acid reflux last night although it would have just had to get in line behind the RLS discomfort. Will definitely be picking up the OTC magnesium suggested and give that a try before limping off to the Doc.

I just realized it’s ONIF (oh no, it’s Friday) and will remain firm with an offer to meet ‘after hours’ instead of lunch if Yoga phones. My goal is get the DURDI up to 2. This will help to relieve me of the anxiety and tendency to overeat out of aggravation.

I took all of your comments and support yesterday (well, every day actually - you are all so wonderful) to heart as always. Being reminded that I’ve ‘been thru the wringer’ this past year struck home. And with that reminder I realized I’d been doing my usual self sacrificing accommodating everyone else the past few months.

I am getting much better about putting me first hence my realization yesterday that *I* need to decide if I like other people more than being worried if they like me. It’s a fine line, tightrope or whatever the label may be to find the balance between being a selfish narcissist and a wimpy schmuck.

No plans this weekend. Unless some incredible inspiration or offer comes along I’ll likely spend it much the same as the previous just puttering around my home working on little projects and reflecting.

Have a wonderful Friday in your world today.


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