2 eggs, bacon and 1.5 rye toast

cals: 492kcal | fat: 29.74g | carbs: 20.96g | prot: 33.91g
Includes: bacon, eggs, dark rye bread. 

Bacon and Eggs

cals: 445kcal | fat: 32.41g | carbs: 1.16g | prot: 33.87g
Includes: eggs, oscar meyer bacon. 

Boston Market Turkey, spinach, roasted potatoes and chicken tortilla soup

cals: 640kcal | fat: 26.00g | carbs: 47.00g | prot: 57.00g
Includes: boston market turkey, boston market soup, boston market spinach, boston market potatoes. 

Breakfast for Dinner-3eggs, 4 bacon, 1 waffle

cals: 430kcal | fat: 28.16g | carbs: 14.66g | prot: 29.37g
Includes: eggs, Traditional Bacon, eggo . 

Cereal 1

cals: 552kcal | fat: 3.78g | carbs: 122.13g | prot: 16.17g
Includes: milk, raisin bran crunch, kashi, banana. 
"1.33 Nature Plux Multibran"

Cocoa Almonds

cals: 100kcal | fat: 8.00g | carbs: 4.00g | prot: 3.00g
Includes: cocoa almonds. 

Dannon Light

cals: 80kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 16.00g | prot: 5.00g
Includes: dannon light. 

Fiber One Honey Clusers

cals: 280kcal | fat: 7.50g | carbs: 51.00g | prot: 12.00g
Includes: Traditional Bacon, fiber one honey oats, smart balance milk. 

Fiber One Honey Clusters

cals: 203kcal | fat: 1.72g | carbs: 49.94g | prot: 7.18g
Includes: skim milk, fiber one honey oats. 

Flax Plus Multiran, Cheeiros, Skim Milk and Protein Shake

cals: 277kcal | fat: 2.72g | carbs: 32.85g | prot: 33.36g
Includes: cheerios, natures path flax plus, Perfect Low Carb Isopure Whey Protein Isolate - Dutch Chocolate, skim milk. 

Grilled Chicken, Asparagus and Brown Rice

cals: 442kcal | fat: 8.82g | carbs: 40.62g | prot: 51.49g
Includes: asparagus, grilled chicken, trader joes brown rice. 

Hard boiled egg and yogurt

cals: 157kcal | fat: 5.28g | carbs: 16.56g | prot: 11.26g
Includes: egg, dannon light. 

Kellogs Fiber Bar

cals: 130kcal | fat: 5.00g | carbs: 24.00g | prot: 3.00g
Includes: kelloggs fiber bar. 

Nature Plus Flax Plus Multibran and Skim

cals: 189kcal | fat: 2.22g | carbs: 36.53g | prot: 9.50g
Includes: skim milk, natures path flax plus. 

Panera Turkey sandich, chicken soup and chips

cals: 830kcal | fat: 23.50g | carbs: 109.50g | prot: 45.00g
Includes: panera chicken noodle, Smoked Turkey Breast on Country Bread Sandwich (Half), panera chips. 

Panera Turkey, chicken soup and chips

cals: 638kcal | fat: 12.40g | carbs: 94.20g | prot: 37.60g
Includes: Low Fat Chicken Noodle Soup, Smoked Turkey Breast on Country Bread Sandwich (Half), panera chips. 

Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich on Wheat

cals: 631kcal | fat: 22.97g | carbs: 96.79g | prot: 19.23g
Includes: pepridge farm whole wheat bread, skippy, banana. 

Protein Shake

cals: 220kcal | fat: 1.00g | carbs: 3.00g | prot: 50.00g
Includes: Perfect Low Carb Isopure Whey Protein Isolate - Dutch Chocolate. 

Rizzos Roast beef wrap

cals: 608kcal | fat: 14.52g | carbs: 33.60g | prot: 77.05g
Includes: roast beef boars head, wheat wrap, pringles 100. 

Select Harvest Soup

cals: 160kcal | fat: 2.00g | carbs: 30.00g | prot: 10.00g
Includes: Select Harvest Light Savory Chicken with Vegetables Soup. 


cals: 160kcal | fat: 5.00g | carbs: 18.00g | prot: 12.00g
Includes: select harvest light. 

turkey and cheese

cals: 280kcal | fat: 6.00g | carbs: 21.00g | prot: 34.00g
Includes: boars head turkey, land o lakes american cheese, 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Syrian Bread. 


cals: 80kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 16.00g | prot: 5.00g
Includes: dannon light. 
"Dannon "