Bacon and egg breakfast

cals: 134kcal | fat: 9.47g | carbs: 0.45g | prot: 11.30g
Includes: egg, Free Range Rindless Short Cut Bacon. 

Coffee with Full cream milk

cals: 46kcal | fat: 1.86g | carbs: 4.37g | prot: 3.05g
Includes: milk. 


cals: 138kcal | fat: 0.09g | carbs: 11.79g | prot: 0.01g
Includes: cranberry juice, vodka, cointreau. 

High Protein Almond Snack (14 nuts)

cals: 126kcal | fat: 8.17g | carbs: 9.06g | prot: 6.20g
Includes: skim milk, sugar, Smokehouse Almonds. 

Hot Chocolate

cals: 50kcal | fat: 0.49g | carbs: 7.95g | prot: 3.23g
Includes: PM slimming nights, low fat milk. 

Isowhey Shake French Vanilla with Skim Milk

cals: 185kcal | fat: 2.88g | carbs: 17.64g | prot: 22.30g
Includes: low fat milk, isowhey. 

Vanilla and Lemon Martini

cals: 158kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 16.34g | prot: 0.06g
Includes: Vodka, Lemon Juice, sugar. 


cals: 76kcal | fat: 2.69g | carbs: 11.34g | prot: 4.55g
Includes: Broccoli, cauliflower, olive oil. 

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