Base Bibimbop

cals: 476kcal | fat: 21.03g | carbs: 57.28g | prot: 15.44g
Includes: egg, white rice, broccoli rabe, carrot, daikon radish, s##take mushroom, bean sprout, peanut oil, salt. 
"Korean dish of rice vegetables with rice and egg"

Bucket of chicken meatballs (made 17)

cals: 851kcal | fat: 21.65g | carbs: 51.90g | prot: 117.98g
Includes: Kale, Baby Carrots, Young Green Onions, Sesame Oil, Kikkoman Less Sodium Soy Sauce, Nature's Promise 98% fat free ground chicken breast, Garlic Powder, Black Pepper. 
"mad scientist"

coffee with milk

cals: 40kcal | fat: 0.65g | carbs: 7.52g | prot: 1.29g
Includes: coffee, 2% milk, sugar. 

Crugnale pizza strip guess

cals: 139kcal | fat: 1.61g | carbs: 27.01g | prot: 3.77g
Includes: pizza crust, tomato sauce. 

Ed quinoa salad

cals: 376kcal | fat: 9.22g | carbs: 66.02g | prot: 12.28g
Includes: Quinoa (Cooked), Cucumber (with Peel), Yellow Sweet Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes, Yellow Sweet Corn, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Young Green Onions. 

House Special Soup (China Star)

cals: 653kcal | fat: 38.71g | carbs: 23.07g | prot: 55.51g
Includes: boneless pork, canola oil, pea pods, chicken breast, mixed veg, chicken broth, small shrimp cooked, baby corn, sliced bamboo shoots, sliced water chestnuts. 
"China Star"

Italian Corner base large sandwich with salsa verde

cals: 617kcal | fat: 30.31g | carbs: 68.25g | prot: 17.48g
Includes: sub roll, butter, garlic, anchovies, herbs. 
"Italian Corner base large sandwich with salsa verde"


cals: 1295kcal | fat: 47.67g | carbs: 156.40g | prot: 58.95g
Includes: fried rice, chicken fingers, chicken and broccoli. 
"China Star baby!"

Liz chix salad

cals: 327kcal | fat: 18.68g | carbs: 4.70g | prot: 33.77g
Includes: chicken breast, light may, brown sugar. 

Liz salad

cals: 330kcal | fat: 5.24g | carbs: 67.37g | prot: 18.21g
Includes: lettuce, hearts of palm, chick peas, corn, tomato. 

Liz's turkey lasagna

cals: 773kcal | fat: 45.40g | carbs: 40.50g | prot: 56.08g
Includes: Sargento Classic Italian 6 Cheese Cheese, Sargento Classic Italian 6 Cheese Cheese, Trader Joe's White Button Mushrooms, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Victoria Marinara Sauce, Barilla Oven Ready Lasagne, Nature's Promise 94% Fat Free Ground Turkey, Nature's Promise Organic Cut Leaf Spinach, Stop & Shop Part Skim Ricotta Cheese. 

Mom's shrimp lobsta sauce

cals: 639kcal | fat: 26.26g | carbs: 48.72g | prot: 47.10g
Includes: shrimp, egg, white rice, garlic, corn starch, ground pork. 

Semi superfood salad

cals: 695kcal | fat: 41.47g | carbs: 66.91g | prot: 24.57g
Includes: Roasted Salted Hulled Pumpkin and/or Squash Seeds, Roasted Salted Hulled Sunflower Seeds, Young Green Onions, Sesame Oil, Mushrooms, Wild Rice (Cooked), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Dole Shredded Carrots, Wonderful Roasted, Salted & Shelled Pistachios, Trader Joe's Seasoned rice wine vinegar, Trader Joe's Organic Micro Greens. 
"Variation of Bon Appetit's Black and Wild rice salad with roasted squash (no squash, no black rice, no pomegranate, no honey, added mushrooms, shredded carrot, roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, more green onion, sesame oil)"

Semi superfood salad II

cals: 623kcal | fat: 36.89g | carbs: 62.11g | prot: 21.27g
Includes: Dry Roasted Hulled Sunflower Seeds, Roasted Salted Hulled Pumpkin and/or Squash Seeds, Young Green Onions, Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Trader Joe's Red Wine Vinegar, Sue Bee Honey, Dole Shredded Carrots, Wonderful Roasted, Salted & Shelled Pistachios, Wild Rice (Cooked). 
"Variation of Bon Appetit's Black and Wild rice salad with roasted squash (honey, added shredded carrot, roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds, more green onion, red wine vinegar)"

Sunset Soba Noodle salad

cals: 539kcal | fat: 17.21g | carbs: 81.87g | prot: 18.18g
Includes: Soy Sauce, Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts, Young Green Onions, Sesame Oil, Yellow Sweet Peppers, Roland Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar, Zaru Soba Noodles with Yam. 

Whole Foods Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Burrito

cals: 711kcal | fat: 41.81g | carbs: 34.20g | prot: 45.48g
Includes: bacon, eggs, cheese, tortilla wrap. 

Year of the Rabbit Vegetable Fried Rice

cals: 393kcal | fat: 19.04g | carbs: 51.08g | prot: 6.88g
Includes: sesame oil, brown rice, organic peas, black pepper sauce, olive oil, jasmine rice, Straw Mushrooms, Pre Cut Baby Corn, Sliced Bamboo Shoots, Sliced Water Chestnuts. 
"No garlic or dairy or celery for Liz!"