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16 January 2013

Weigh-in: 266.2 lb lost so far: 3.8 lb still to go: 66.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet DieXanA's own diet   losing 12.6 lb a week

15 January 2013

Weigh-in: 268.0 lb lost so far: 2.0 lb still to go: 68.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet DieXanA's own diet   losing 14.0 lb a week

14 January 2013

Time to start fresh...
I really let myself go in such a short time. And I was doing really good D:
I can't blame falling in love and getting comfortable with my now fiance, because I should have taken control of what I ate. We always had fast-food or I'd cook us something containing a Sh*load of oil (fried chicken...etc), too many carbs and of course those calories... Oh those pesky calories -__-

Here's my story...
My cooking habits, I learned from my mom. The food was so yummy but at age 13-14 I couldn't even fit into size 16 pants (I'm assuming I was about 250lbs then). I just kept gaining weight from there. At age 18 I was about 320lbs O.O big wake up call! Started dieting and exercising. Lost 15lbs? But when I got bored of it, I stopped. Went back to my bad eating habits again. At age 19, I saved up money for this diet. Where you only eat 500cals a day. Started at 298lbs.. I did 2 rounds, lost about 60lbs. This was all in 2months. No exercise.. Which caused me to have the flabbiest of flabby skin :( Biggest regret was not adding exercise to the diet, even though they don't "recommend" it.
Ok ok... after that, I kept shedding extra pounds by eating right, still no exercise. I was dealing with some family stuff, but kept my mind occupied by getting a new job and falling in love :P And us women know that when you are in love, you're motivated to DIET! And that was me.. So in Jan'12 I quit the job lol. Still dieting. In March, my crush asked me out on a date. And 1 week later he was my boyfriend. STILL dieting. Fast forward a bit... (still dieting, fast-food dates, but mostly dieting....) Uhhh... August is when it all went downhill. The fast-food and high calorie cooking!!!! Ugh.. I was going from 230-240lbs, always in between. But in November, when I moved with my fiance to his "hometown", I weighed myself (before Thanksgiving hahaha) and I was about 255lbs. Not good. Kept weighing myself every other week or so. Kept gaining weight -__- I'm now at a whopping 270lbs!! Grrrr....

So now it's time to start over. Still figuring out a diet plan, but I do know one thing... Exercise WILL be included. I have my little weights and stretch bands waiting for me. I hope my journey will encourage other gals (or fellas) out there to make a change along with me :) It's never too late to start over. No matter what age you are.
Weigh-in: 270.0 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 70.0 lb Diet followed N/A

31 March 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Day 8
I didn't have time to post this yesterday :P

Ok.. So today was alright. Although It was a busy day & I had to exercise at different times than what I got used to (10am & 3pm).
It's so funny that my brother wants to take credit for my weightloss (hes in school to be a fitness trainer). I get so upset because; is he getting me up in the morning to exercise? NO. Is he informing me whats healthy, etc, etc.?? NO. The only thing he does is criticize s##t. Like on the software Fitday I was using, It shows I was eating more carbs. Well how was I supposed to know what to eat if hes not telling/helping me?
I'm on my own in this. I dont need/want his help. Anyways, whenever I ask him something, he just acts like I'm bothering him, you know.? So whatever. I dont understand why he said he wanted to help me lose weight, when he really hasnt done anything to help.

For breakfast & lunch I had a shake.
& dinner... was fabulous haha.
I made (yes, just me lol) Chicken with Hoisin sauce.
I used 2 pieces of chicken breast tenderloins (skinlees & boneless).
2tbs of Hoisin sauce (for BOTH. not each lol), brushed on both sides of the chicken. & since this time I used a toaster oven, I set it on grill at 350 for about 35mins. I also had a salad (with no dressing), the packaged kind & I added fresh spinach to the mix lol.

(Picture is kinda bad. taken from my camera phone! Lol)

30 March 2010

[From my blog;]

Monday, March 29, 2010
Day Seven
What can I say?? I'm extremely happy :D I haven't weighed myself yet, & I'm so nervous! Today I only had two shakes (breakfast & lunch). I'm still not sure what to have for dinner lol.
Of course I did my 60mins of cardio today. It's getting soo much easier.
With the perfect music, I feel I get through the 30mins(x2) so fast. I love it (: & you'd be shocked to hear that from me if you know me lol :P
I noticed that my midsection is getting smaller. It doesnt stick out soo much like it used to lol YAY (:

I'm never going to give up. Yes I will have my bad days, but I won't ever let that get in the way (: Please, anyone who is in the same situation as me, I encourage you to make a change. Believe me, you'll feel so much better. Don't let more months or even years go by like I did.
You can/will always have my support. We can change our lives together!
Feel free to leave a comment (:
Monday, March 29, 2010
The weekend is over
Oh what a battle it was to stay focused!
Saturday I caved!! I couldnt help eating the "so delicious" Mac&cheese from KFC!
OMG I'm truely FAT lmao.. BUT I exercised it off. I still feel so guilty though.
I won't ever do that again. It suuucks ):

Sunday I barely ate... Until dinner that is (;
I was looking for low fat oven baked chicken leg recipes. Since that's all the chicken we had left in the freezer.
Almost all the recipes I was interested in, I didnt have all the ingredients. Soo.. Who do I go to for help? No other than my mom of course lol. We were thinking of what to season the chicken with. & I'm very picky lol. She came up with making mustard chicken (made with yellow mustard, lemon juice, garlic salt & pepper). It tasted really good. She had made mustard chicken, pan fried..with skin, a few years ago. I liked it then. But I looveed this one way better. No skin. No added oil (: I also had plain (no seasoning/salt) steamed brocolli ;P

Is mustard chicken even healthy?? Lol
Saturday, March 27, 2010
So far...
I've been doing 60 minutes of cardio a day (30mins at 10am, another 30 at 3pm). I had originally planned to do another 30mins at 9pm. But these past days I've been falling asleep & never had the chance to do the last 30mins. BUT my question is, would that be too much? Or is 60mins a day enough? I'm also trying to get 30mins of strength training in everyday.

As for my diet...
It's a mess ;P I still don't have my meals planned for breakfast, lunch & dinner + the snacks in between.
Yesterday my mom had gotten me Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shakes, in French Vanilla (favorite), Creamy Milk Chocolate & Strawberries 'n Cream.
I had one as a snack yesterday & another with my dinner (which was a piece of skinless chicken breast).
Now, today I had one for breakfast. These shakes really taste good. French Vanilla of course being my absolute favorite. Creamy Milk Chocolate tasted great, but has 10 more calories + 10mg more of sodium. & lastly, Strawberries 'n Cream... It's not THAT bad. Just not my favorite of all three lol.
I'm going to have another for a snack, or maybe just as my dinner lol.

I want to know what amount of calories, sodium, etc. is considered healthy.
I'm looking for healthy recipes for the 3 meals.
If anyone would like to send me recipes, I'd appreciate it (:
Also if anyone has suggestions as to what snacks I can have in between meals :D
My calorie restiction is 1500.

PLEASE leave any positive feedback, suggestions, recipes, etc.
Saturday, March 27, 2010
First Post: Introduction
My name is Diana. I'm 18 years old.
I've been struggling with my weight my whole life. I am 150+lbs overweight. It is time for me to make a change.
I've considered weight loss surgery, & to be honest, I still am. I will try my hardest to lose this weight by exercising & proper dieting.
I've started my "journey" Tuesday, March 23, 2010.

I'll blog through out this journey. I'll post what products I am using, recipes & exercise routines. I hope to encourage other overweight teens to start making a change. We can do this together (: This is our life, our health.

If you have any questions or advise, feel free to leave a comment. I'll reply as soon as possible (:

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