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19 August 2014

Did a new workout yesterday from this pro fitness trainer called "clutch cut." She said one of the main problems today is that people are not eating enough when their bodies are hung. This hunger places a stress on the body and the body releases a hormone cortisol. Increased levels of cortisol tell your body to hold onto your fat stores and they also tell your body to break down and destroy muscle instead of fat.

So I went into this work out like any new one, curious. 2 hours after the workout I already noticed something. A rise in hunger that I didn't even know was possible. I kept her thoughts in my mind about reaching for good carbs, good natural sugars, salads and lean protein sources. I made it through the day. JUST made it keeping my goal of having a downward green arrow lol. But, I was legitimately hungry. In the previous weeks I have been satisfied. Stopping eating when full and only eating when hungry and I skipped out around 1,500- 1,600 calories each day.

Yesterday I ate 2,477. Legit hunger. This tells me one thing. That workout I did yesterday sent my body into a fury of fat burning madness. I threw myself off. I shocked my system. My body didn't see it coming and had no response for it.

So here I go again today. Day 2. Only this time I will be prepared for you body. At 4pm when I feel like I could eat a full 10 course meal. I will be ready for you with lean mean awesome macro nutrition that you will love. PROTEIN field goodness so you will not take my hard earned muscle.


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17 August 2014

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12 August 2014

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11 August 2014

So my macros are all off from where I want them. I have a really big weakness for nuts. I have been eating them a bit more than usual lately and I'm going to need to try to limit them and switch them out for a leaner protein source like chicken or fish. I also have a bad habit of reaching for a couple at night which I don't even need, but do because they are "allowed " in my calorie intake for the day or whatever silly reason I come up with for allowing them lol. I also have been adding whole milk to my whey instead of water, because it tastes amazing. Going to switch that out for either half water half milk or go down to a 2% milk. But, I'm really not a fan of foods that are not whole or not as they were intended, so water might be the way to go.

I'm shooting for 50% Protein/ 30% Fat and 20% Carbohydrates. What I have been doing looks more like 40/40/20 and I can't be eating that much fat if I want to lean out.

The carbs got a little out of hand today. I can tell because my belly is a bit swollen. Milk and nuts again lol.

Tomorrow is another day. This is quite the system you have to tweak and perfect until you get it right.

Hope everyone out there is well!

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07 August 2014

I had one of those awkward cultural moments today that often happen when you are living in a foreign country.

My co-worker made these "brownie cupcakes" which she made herself and used a friend from America's recipe. She was so proud and excited that she made them (things are not often baked here in most Taiwanese homes, rather bought).

So, obviously came the moment when she asked me if I wanted one. I said that they sounded amazing but no thanks. It turned into a huge big deal. Everyone in the room was offended by my decline of the baked piece of heaven. I took notice of this and quickly threw out the fact that I had just eaten and wasn't hungry. A smile came over her face and she handed me one, with a reply that can eat it at break time then. ( I thought wonderful. This isn't so bad. I escape without making a cultural faux pas and my boyfriend will have a wonderful, sinful mouthful of amazing brownie when I get home from work.

It all worked in my favour until break time. She sat in front of me and asked me where the cupcake was. I brought it out and she said" good, now you're not full so you can enjoy it. I want to see your face when you eat it. Please tell me if it tastes like a brownie in America"

Well my gosh. What the heck am I supposed to do in this situation. I had to eat it. Wouldn't you know , it was actually the most amazing darn brownie I have ever tasted in my life. I have been low carb all week and I knew it was going to kill me an hour later, but I couldn't be rude. So, it did. My blood sugar spiked in my next class. I got the jitters and have been craving sugar ever since. Bought some mango and pineapple to get a natural dose of sugar. I guess today is going to be my carb loading day even though I wasn't planning on carb loading this week.

From now on I'm just telling everyone I'm a celiac. Which will suck because they don't really exist here and will take my entire break time to explain this condition and why I can't eat that piece of heaven (which I actually really want to eat and its taking me all I have in me to say no to) She actually looked like she might cry when I tried to reject her baked good. Eyes darted at me from all over the room. You're not supposed to reject something handmade I guess. I should have just took the darn thing and said I wanted to save it for my after dinner desert at home lol

Lesson learned.
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