chicken "wing" salad

cals: 503kcal | fat: 34.09g | carbs: 4.62g | prot: 43.62g
Includes: chicken breast, cucumber, marie's blue cheese, hot sauce,  blue cheese-saga, baby spinach. 

chicken soup

cals: 182kcal | fat: 3.47g | carbs: 11.88g | prot: 25.42g
Includes: chicken broth, cauliflower, Skinless Chicken Breast, snow peas. 

chicken stir fry

cals: 182kcal | fat: 6.22g | carbs: 12.34g | prot: 21.66g
Includes: Yellow Summer Squash, parmesan, Mushrooms, Cabbage, ragu pizza, schwans philly chicken. 

chix squash

cals: 360kcal | fat: 13.41g | carbs: 26.96g | prot: 34.15g
Includes: yellow squash, parmesan cheese, shaved chicken breast, mushrooms, classico marinara. 

dana's meat pizza

cals: 265kcal | fat: 12.00g | carbs: 4.63g | prot: 35.42g
Includes: eggs, Tomatoes, ground beef, mozzarella reduced fat, turkey pepperoni. 

egg salad

cals: 257kcal | fat: 21.11g | carbs: 2.81g | prot: 13.47g
Includes: Egg, romaine lettuce leave, Mayonnaise. 

fake salad

cals: 198kcal | fat: 15.61g | carbs: 7.12g | prot: 8.26g
Includes: cauliflower, celery, Mayonnaise, large egg, onion. 

fat bomb

cals: 180kcal | fat: 19.05g | carbs: 2.22g | prot: 1.37g
Includes: Smucker's Natural Creamy Peanut Butter, Butter (Salted), Jarrow Formulas Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Hershey's Natural Unsweetened Cocoa. 


cals: 210kcal | fat: 11.89g | carbs: 3.11g | prot: 22.24g
Includes: Lo carb meatloaf. 


cals: 300kcal | fat: 25.09g | carbs: 11.35g | prot: 12.21g
Includes: flaxseed meal, butter, large egg, cinnamon, Baking Powder, splenda. 

pep snack

cals: 187kcal | fat: 16.21g | carbs: 1.15g | prot: 8.33g
Includes: tomato, Sliced Pepperoni, mozzarella. 

pumpkin "pie"

cals: 173kcal | fat: 14.95g | carbs: 10.21g | prot: 2.55g
Includes: Light Cream, butter, cinnamon, 100% Pure Pumpkin. 


cals: 447kcal | fat: 31.27g | carbs: 6.94g | prot: 35.27g
Includes: Coconut Oil, Jennie-O Lean Turkey Italian Sausage, Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, Onions, Acme Large Eggs, Compliments Egg Whites, Cooper Sharp American Cheese. 

tuna salad

cals: 301kcal | fat: 12.41g | carbs: 2.53g | prot: 42.62g
Includes: Cos or Romaine Lettuce, tuna chunked, Red Onions, Mayonnaise. 

veg beef soup

cals: 326kcal | fat: 22.07g | carbs: 4.67g | prot: 27.37g
Includes: Tomatoes, Yellow Summer Squash, Beef Eye Of Round (Trimmed to 1/8" Fat, Choice Grade), Mushrooms, Butter (Salted), Beef Stock.