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03 July 2014

I have a theory evolving in my head. The only problem is the one side of my brain has declared me insane. The other side is being optimistically dillusional. I skipped the gym today because well.. I'm tired and my stomach muscles are killing me. The hulk baby is stretching. Or attempting to break free... Only 50 more days till freedom. Hopefully less. :)

This is where the theory started. My dillusional self started it's optimistically twisted theory that once this kid is born I will be so motivated and no longer in a giant rolly polly tired ol body so I should be able to spring back to my lowest 150 lb weight in no time! That's when the other side of my brain woke up long enough to snort and declare the other side of my brain nuts. So dillusional selfie points out all the things I can't really do so well. Like touch my toes, see my toes, get out of bed without the assistance of a crane, etc. And it's got a point.. I still don't see bouncing back being a snap though. Probably because dinner last night consisted of an ice cream cone and a donut. *smacking head* It's also because I have a toddler.. who has reminded me this week that sleep is going to be a thing of the past and I will probably forever be tired. Lets just say those scooter commercials are looking pretty dang good! If it weren't for the walmart people pictures I probably would have grabbed the motorized carts they have there the other day just so I could keep up with the kids running through the store like wild monkeys. Instead I became that mom that helplessly yelled get back here.. then leaned against the display of extra soft charmin. Which.. really.. I'm pretty sure if they stacked them correctly would have made a very very nice bed.

My point? I don't have one. I do need to start eating better if I have any hopes of surviving the future. So this weekend I'm cleaning out the kitchen, getting some good food in there, and keep reading the body book in hopes that Cameron Diaz can inspire me to eat better. Because.. if I do I will grow taller and skinnier and look like.. oh who am I kidding. I just want to be able to get out of bed on the first attempt without yelling "someone come pull me out!!!" Still 50 days to go.

01 July 2014

I'm a sucky food tracker. Come to think of it.. I'm a sucky journaler too. I'm an excellent napper though! 52 days to go until my deliver date and everything is great. Blood sugar great. Iron levels great. Fitness? Well I only made it to the gym once last week due to schedule and a cold but I feel so much better now and I already made it once this week. Hoping to make it again Wed and Thursday since I have to go buy a new faucet over lunch today.

We seem to be having issues with metal this week. First a metal spike went into the trucks new tire and trashed it. Turns out the metal spike was from one of hubbies rakes for the farm so now he feels the need to price new rakes. New really freaking expensive rakes. Next the tongue for the haybin snapped off (imagine a 4 inch round quarter inch thick steel pipe snapping in two)and sent a hay wagon sailing down a hill. Luckily it happened at the farm and not on his way down a steep hill or driving down the road. Even luckier it happened in front of the cow pasture and stopped about a foot from the fenceline. So.. no cows running around loose all excited over their escape. If that wasn't enough someone slammed the back door and something fell off the window ledge and snapped the faucet right off the kitchen sink.. Luckily no fountains of water sailing across my kitchen. We now have what hubby and the 10 yr old have declared. "An awesome water fountain." I'm waiting to see what happens next. All this since Sunday night and they started the addition on the end of the barn. Which.. has metal rebar, and metal posts for the gates, and giant pieces of heavy metal machinery. *smacking head*

But.. on the bright side.. I get a new faucet and no one was hurt and everything is fixable. And.. hubby and the 10 yr old get one more day with their really awesome water fountain while I pick a new one out. Tomorrow I will get my butt back to the gym to help deal with all the stress. lol

30 June 2014

Weigh-in: 201.9 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 1.9 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   gaining 0.2 lb a week

27 June 2014

Weigh-in: 201.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 1.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (1 comment) on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   losing 0.8 lb a week

25 June 2014

I still need to weigh in. I still need to take a picture. I did make it to the gym though. For a total of 18 minutes 39 seconds. Then I felt like puking on the guy next to me so I left. He seemed like a nice guy. I didn't want to have to puke on him. lol I probably went back to the gym a little too soon but I feel so much better now. I tried Skirch's suggestion of the vapor rub on my feet before I went to bed and well.. I still coughed but I slept a whole heck of a lot better than I have all week. Maybe it's because I need a pedicure. Holy feet batman! Didn't notice how bad they were until I attempted to put something on the bottoms of them. Then again.. I can't really reach my feet all that well and seeing them?? HA! Maybe in the mirror. At this point I'm lucky if my shoes match.

Food? Um well I've logged what I ate so far today just to get an idea of what I'm able to eat these days. A payday bar has peanuts on it.. that makes it healthy right?? I think I'm going to begin logging again for both the shame factor and to make sure I'm eating enough. New diet plan.. have someone wedge their foot against your stomach and waaaala food portion control is easy peasy. I should probably start looking into protein shakes or something that are natural without all the crap in the store bought brands. I will probably appreciate them more soon and later when I'm chasing around a toddler and a newborn. Any ideas on shakes?

Anyone have a pillow? I want a nap.. and a pedicure.. and a hair cut.. mostly a nap though.

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