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27 April 2015

185.6 likes me it really likes me! It likes me so much it decided to stay around for another week. Which really.. is ok with me. It isn't 190.something. Heck it isn't 189. I'm beginning to like 185.6 back. Sure I'd like to see something lower but at least it isn't something like 186.6. Plus I get the feeling this week will show real progress because I'm eating on a budget. Paying two sitters for the week will do that to you. So.. diet by lack of ability to buy extra junk. I'm not positive but I think this will be highly successful. The vending machine and the cafe will miss me but my butt will shrink. I'm all about the butt shrinkage. Plus this means the boys are with the new sitter who they seem to love which is one less stresser for me and.. stress makes big butts. So this mean's my butt should go down at least 1 size. This is my theory and I'm sticking to it. No money + less stress = smaller butt. It also means less coffee so forgive me if I'm completely off my rocker.

This weekend I didn't get the chance to workout. I did get the chance to do chores, watch a bull calf be born, cuddle with a sick baby, and vacuum the house 349 times in an attempt to combat whatever that was I kept stepping on and convinced the preteen I was mentally insane because I think I asked her 352 times if she felt anything. Whatever I was doing it worked because despite not eating the greatest I didn't gain. I didn't gain. I didn't gain!

You know you've eaten badly when you jump for joy and yell I didn't gain! Which your husband hears through the bathroom door... and he isn't used to hearing you all excited through the bathroom door unless your preggers so he gets all nervous and almost has a breakdown. Which really... was ok because I had to tell him I used up all the gas for the barn last night and he was out this morning for morning chores for things like the feed cart and the bedding chopper... Sorry honey! Really though.. I have a gigantic bruise on my thigh from the elevator because I did his chores while he was in a field with little man plowing last night. Granted I got it by walking smack dab into the elevator but we won't focus on that part.

Update: I just found out this morning that if I can lose 5.6 lbs by the end of June I will have met my goal I set at work. I already earned the $300 gift card for losing 10% but now I want to reach the goal I set too. I think if I manage to do this then I've earned myself a steak dinner.

27 April 2015

Weigh-in: 185.6 lb lost so far: 5.4 lb still to go: 60.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well

24 April 2015

I have a zit between my boobs. It's todays motivation. It's motivating me to drink more water, eat less greasy food, and avoid future zits between my boobs. Not that I get alot of zits between my boobs. To be honest I can't ever remember having a zit in that particular location before but it's tramatic enough that I want to avoid them from now on. It might not have been so tramatic if I would have noticed the zit when getting dressed this morning. But I didn't.. so I picked a shirt that displays cleavage. Not alot of cleavage. Just enough cleavage to put the zit on display. Now I have a red angry bump.. in my cleavage. Kind of a... LOOK HERE point for people to look for. It may have helped if I hadn't immediately pinched the baby beginnings of the zit upon finding it... only to discover the baby beginnings of the zit was here to stay. Now it's red.. and angry.

When you discover a zit between your boobs it becomes an object of obsession so I keep looking at it which leads other people to look at it or at least look at melooking at my own cleavage.. which contains a zit. Now I kind of wish I had a pushup bra on. At least then the cleavage would be worth looking at. Nursing bras just don't have the whole lift and smoosh needed for decent cleavage. Instead it's a oh hey.. boobs kinda cleavage. Not that I've deduced this by repeatedly checking out the zit.

I've also made a commitment to write every day for at least an hour in hopes of someday becoming a writer and eventually quiting my job. It's my lottery ticket dream. I thought about calling it "50 Shades of Hay". A google search revealed this is an amazon book about goat porn. Can I call it 49-1/2 Shades of Hay? Can I give the main character a boob zit? If you were reading a book that starts out with a cube farm worker obsessing about her boob zit would you continue to read it?

23 April 2015

Todays motivation is fat pants. Unless you're short none of this will probably make sense to you. I am 5 foot tall. That's it. No inches. Just 5 foot tall. Apparently that is shorter than petite because it's next to impossible to find pants that aren't too long. They are always just a smidge too long. Not long enough to go to the bother of having them taken up but long enough that they drag a little and if it's wet they suck water up the back of your leg so when you get to work and you sit on your foot because well.. you don't believe in sitting properly then you get a wet butt and it looks like you peed yourself but you didn't you're just a person that sits on her foot. You're only saving grace is high heels which suck when you're going from a farm with a gravel driveway to a job where everyone thinks they are in the middle of fashion week. Solution? Complain alot.

Anyways.... I have a favorite pair of slacks. They range from size 18-14. I can go between those two sizes and they still fit comfortably. Granted at the 14 range they appear to get longer but they are comfy! Yesterday.. in the washing machine.. they suffered a mortal injury. The ends of the slacks gave out. I now have the end of the slack and a strip of fabric that doesn't seem to have any purpose other than to get caught on the back of a heel. It's not even connected at the end anymore because they've dragged on the ground for so long. It's tragic I tell you tragic!! So I sewed the bottom strip to the leg of the pants.. It's a triage fix at best. It won't help the slacks survive much longer. I only extended it's life by a couple of months at best. It's bad man bad. You can start to see the grey lose it's grey on the edge. I didn't know grey could turn white.. but it's headed that way.

I need to lose the weight stat. I REFUSE to go shopping for another pair of comfy fat slacks. If I'm going to the effort of shopping it better be for a smaller freaking pair of comfy slacks.. that feel like pj pants.. and make me feel better when my feet are about to fall off from the heels because the slacks will be just a smidge too long... and i'm too lazy to hem things. Plus when you hem them you look like you're ready for the flood when you sit and those days where you have a brain fart and you're socks don't match because no one has folded laundry and you're just glad you're not wearing your husbands tube socks... ok maybe this is just me. But still. I'm losing this freaking weight before the slacks rip out in the butt.

21 April 2015

Why is Tuesday the magic day? Is Tuesday anyone elses magic day? Today I weighed in at 185.6. For some reason Tuesday is always my lowest day of the week and I just don't get it. Is it the coffee at work? Do I need to be hunched over a computer to lose weight? How does being suck in a chair, chained to a desk, in a cube farm = weight loss? I just don't get it. I'm happy and overjoyed with 185.6 but I just don't get it. Now I have 5 more days to lose .6 or more.. I'd like to lose more. I'd like to be able to bench press my husband too but for now I'm looking for under 185 by next monday. Yup.. that's my plan and I'm sticking to it. Under 185 or.. well.. hmm.. I don't know. Get to under 185 or shovel manure all weekend long. There. That should get me to under 185. When all else fails threaten yourself with manure.

That being said. The fatsecret app doesn't like me. Half the time I get network timeout errors so I'm going back to tracking on myfitnesspal. My user name is nydairyfarmerswife if anyone else is on there and wants to be a food monitor and smack me when I misbehave. I did misbehave this morning. I got atkins bars because I know I can eat them when I'm in a rush and they keep me full all morning long. Well I had 1 this morning, had a run in with the old sitter about the boys, and then ate another one. Still not as bad as it could have been but it wasn't as good as it should have been either. Luckily the boys start somewhere new Thursday and the stress will be less. ... Then I will concentrate on benchpressing my husband. Why? no clue. I just want to know I can. I probably won't because that's well.. I don't know. I just don't see a man saying... yup.. my wife.. she can bench press me. Still.. that's got to come in handy at some point. I just don't know when. This is how my twisted mind works. I think it's an insecurity of being so short. Maybe I was a tiny dog in a previous life. I want to know I can do everything a big dog can do.

Plus well.. when your day includes carrying around 30-75 lb bags and hay bales and what not.. you get it in your head you can do more than you probably should. Like benchpress a grown man. Plus I found a picture of this woman body builder and I want her body. Because well.. I'm strange.

This is my new hero. I'm pretty sure she could kick my butt and she's my new hero. I want to look like I could kick butt. Right now I look like I could beat cake. I want to kick butt. New goal.. kick butt.

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