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19 April 2016

So far so good. I'm avoiding temptations because I'm a lump now and I figure I can't afford to cheat at all since I can't even walk around. I'm also torturing myself with a full length mirror I have to pass by several times a day. Who knew having a daily reminder of what I actually look like vs what I look like in my head would be a type of torture motivation. Sure I change about 20 times before I leave the house now but its in keeping with my plan to look like I give a crap. Maybe attempting to look like you give a crap is motivation. I colored my hair and got rid of the random grey hairs that have started showing up since peanut started walking. No one noticed.. except me. I notice so I apparently I do give a crap. So yay for improving.

Still limping around but it gave me an excuse to buy a pair of cute flip flops because shoes hurt. My husband confirmed that yes losing a big toenail will hurt like crap oh and his wasn't supposed to grow back but look it did.. it just looks funny now. Plus it will match my messed up thumb I got back in December. I think this was his way of making me feel better but eh... Oh well at least I know he loves me despite my number of scars from dumb crap I've done. Plus now I have an excuse to make up random stories instead of saying.. it started with a ratchet strap and a promotional knife or do you know how fast a feed elevator goes? *smacking head* On a totally gross side of things.. don't read if you don't like gross. The nail is technically still there. I was just to wimpy to remove it like you're supposed to according to WebMD so now I look like I have a zombie toe. Zombies terrify me. I have a strange zombie phobia. I blame my brother for making me watch night of the walking dead when I was a few years old. So now I have a big toe that reminds me of a zombie and gives me nightmares. SCORE!!

Yes I'm seriously messed up. It started with a ratchet strap, a promotional knife, and a grain elevator...

18 April 2016

Apparently you should never become upset when a kid at a 4-H bake sale outside the tractor supply store yells to you "HEY LADY YOU WANT A COOKIE!??!" Bad bad things happen. I think it's a karma thing. I didn't say it but I instantly thought. "Do I look like I need a freakin cookie?" But I smiled and said no thank you then walked by. The kid gave me a dirty look on my way out. So I told my daughter who waiting in the car about the snot nosed brat who tried to break my great eating strike with a cookie.. which was right next to the dog treats that looked identical to the cookie. Just sayin...

All in all I'm doing great. I'm busy. I'm eating what I should. I avoided ice cream with the family twice and treated myself to fruit instead. Then karma happened. I was doing something dumb. I will not now nor ever admit to my husband what I was doing. It's bad enough I was wearing flip flops while I ran in the barn to feed cows quick. Blah blah blah yada yada.. I have no big toenail. At least I think that's the extent of the damage. It hurts like crap to walk on also but I think that could be to the lack of toe nail. Does it hurt to walk when you do that? No clue. Never lost one until now. I also realized I only own pointy shoes so I'm wearing flip flops. I never realized until now how hard it is to keep a flip flop on when gripping the little thingy next to the big toe hurts so you don't... also going barefoot is apparently inappropriate in the work place. Pfft. Anyways.. I was averaging 10,000 steps or more according to my fitbit toy. Today? It's 1:00 pm. I'm up to 1,341 steps. I just went from kinda sedentary while at work to a lump. I'm a lump. Can you lose weight while being a lump? When will my toe stop hurting? When can I wear cute pointy shoes again!?!?! I wonder if I can wheel my office chair to the bathroom...

13 April 2016

13 April 2016

Weigh-in: 203.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 78.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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07 April 2016

Train with your kids they said. Make your kids part of your workout they said.. Are they nuts? My bargain for the preteen doesn't appear to be working. She tried to haggle with me for more money per minute then didn't follow through with watching the little monsters. So I decided I would workout with them and see what happened. Concussions happen. That's what happens. First there was the planks. That really wasn't too bad. Peanut decided he could crawl under me.. and lay there. I guess it was motivation to stay in the plank longer than I thought I was physically able to do. It was great.. until he spotted my cell phone with the timer and ran into the next room with it. Next were crunches.. he was distracted by the cell phone so that should have worked right? Eh.. no. He was too distracted by the grunts and came in to slap me in the head every time I lifted up. On and then he giggled which brought in his brother and then they both sat on me. I'm not sure if it was the abuse or the workout but I feel stomach muscles today. Which.. I immediately assumed were hunger pains and ate some chips. I figured out they were abs when they didn't go away after eating the chips. It's amazing what I can talk my brain into believing.

Still 2 days with planks and crunches and squats is more than nothing. At least my stomach says it is and that's all that counts.

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