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31 October 2014

You realize your out of it when you eat something you said you wouldn't eat but don't realize it until you go to log your food. I went another 24 hours without sugar.. then ate a donut. *smacking head* Not only did I eat the donut. I was still congratulating myself on not eating sugar until I thought "Oh it's almost lunchtime. I should log and see where I'm at." *smacking head again* Not only that.. I'm taking a half day and thought about stopping at dunkins for a latte but thought oh no.. that has too much sugar. There is no way that can't be on the no sugar list. But I already ate the freakin donut!!! So.. again.. I avoided sugar for 24 hours, slipped, and now? Well now it's halloween. And I'm not THAT insane. So I will attempt to control myself and start again tomorrow.

I weighed in today so I can attempt to reach my goal of 185 by the end of November. I think that's doable. Especially with these 24 hour bans of sugar that end promptly with.. well sugar. Next I will try a 48 hour ban. lol

I would write more but I have to go pick up a pirate and a teddy bear and take them to watch a parade of monsters so they can hopefully spot their sister who is a hippie so we can throw her band instrument at her.

31 October 2014

Weigh-in: 192.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 67.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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30 October 2014

In a completely undiet/fitness advice asking journal..

The kids always sign up to bring something to each holiday party. My daughter and her best friend both signed up for the halloween snack. All week now I have asked her.. what is the friend bringing? The friend didn't know. So Wendesday morning was the only day I had to shop and get something to make. The daughter didn't want some prepacked treat she wanted to be creative.. so ok. She decides we are making cupcakes. I told her before she went to school to tell her friend and I would pick up the stuff over my lunch hour. Instead of you know.. eating lunch while I run around like a mad woman attempting to get back to work on time so my boss doesn't rain holy heck on me.

I get home.. feed the baby.. get ready to go ride the lawn mower with little man when her "friend" calls. She's bringing cupcakes. Supposedly she's been bringing cupcakes she just didn't want to say. UH HUH. I told the daughter to hang up to avoid me being heard in the background like a raving lunatic.

I've already spent $40 on cupcake supplies. Cupcakes I don't want in my home. Three different varieties of cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, and strange skull treats to put on top. A freaking cupcake tray to get them there without them becoming cupcake hockey pucks. At this point I just threw my hands in the air and told her to tell her "friend" the class was going to have alot of cupcakes. I'm not packing up a baby, a toddler, and her to go an hour into town to pick up more supplies and spend more money because it isn't possible for me to go anytime but after I get home from work which is in the city, pick the kids up from daycare, turn AROUND and drive another hour.. and go back into the city and shop.. with the holy terrors that are my children. No! Just NO! I have enough between work, the farm, the kids, the cows, and life. I'm not being sucked into the cupcake crime of 2014.

So.. the daughter is smart enough she's going along with this. It is currently the plan to overload her class with cupcakes. Really?? Who can have too many cupcakes? But in a last ditch effort I have to ask. Is there something else that could be made with cupcakes ingrediants that wouldn't be a cupcake? How it's possible to make something other than a cupcake out of cupcake ingrediants I have no clue.. but you guys are amazing and I haven't had sleep in 2 months. Maybe its possible. Maybe my missing cell phone is in the freezer. Maybe I need to suck my thumb now so I avoid eating a tray of freaking cupcakes.

I hate cupcakes now.

30 October 2014

I managed to go 24 hours without sugar! Then I immediately failed when someone put peanut butter m&ms in front of me. I've told myself this is my one treat and the 24 hour ban begins again.. starting now. Still I did succeed for 24 hours despite the chocolate chip cookies yelling at me from the cabinet as I created a last minute dinner of pizza because well.. I mowed most of the lawn with little man instead of figuring out what to make.

Last night I discovered a pair of skinny jeans in my home. They aren't my skinny jeans though. They're an annoying homewrecker woman's jeans who I can't stand who has been gone from our home for almost 2 years now. So.. well I have no ambition to return the skinny jeans to this woman. This is the pair of jeans she flaunted being a size 6 right after I had little man. She still claimed to have to lose her baby weight despite her children being 6 and 8 so she could get back to a "decent size". So ok.. maybe these weren't her skinny jeans. These were her look at me I'm a size 6 and you're not jeans.

After a noise of disgust and resisting the urge to stab the jeans with a sharp pair of scissors I got to thinking. What better motivation to get down to an all time low than this woman's jeans. Just knowing I could fit into her jeans would be a kind of "HA HA! Look whose hot now!" you freaking bleepity bleep moment. Is this sick and twisted? Or is it genious to use a goal that came from a woman who made you feel like an unworthy pile of poo so not only do you reach the goal but you get to meet it and know you're not only a better person but your butt is smaller as well.

Is it wrong to use another woman's skinny jeans as your goal?? Personally I don't have a size of skinny jeans that small. My skinny jeans are a size 8. Discovering them made me instantly regret the m&m's and wish for a treadmill and a salad so wrong or not.. I'm keeping them till I know they fit then I will stab them with a sharp pair of scissors.. because well.. having several small children and trying to get your body back leaves you slightly unhinged.

29 October 2014

I'm giving up sugar for 24 hours because, well, my butt feels rounder today. I'm convinced this will make all the difference. By tonight I will be a size 6 instead of a size 16. I may also be slightly dillusional but don't pop my bubble. I like my bubble. Where did my bubble come from? No freaking clue. All of a sudden I'm talking about a bubble and I don't know why. So.. um.. anyways..

In an effort to curb the whole I could eat anything and everything in my path trend I'm attempting to eat a bigger breakfast and add more protein. And also.. not eat sugar for 24 hours. Because that's the game changer right there. I'm convinced. Plus I ate most of my candy yesterday so this should be alot easier to accomplish. Until the kids go trick or treating.. Maybe if I manage 24 hours I will renew the 24 hour goal. I can't dedicate myself to that though. It's all about the baby steps and mind games I play with myself. Sometimes I play them with others but they look at me strangely when I do.

Exercise.. um I'm starting that 30 day challenge thing again after several days off. I swear I'm committed this time though. Really I am.

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