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08 March 2017

A few days ago I opted for the weight loss by new gadget route. It's where you get a new gadget that promises you'll lose weight, see results, and have something new to play so you'll be distracted and you won't reach for one of the dark chocolate kisses your boss lovingly put on your desk because well.. my boss is a human being that actually likes to keep the people under her happy. Love my boss.. love dark chocolate.. I've made a post-it note barricade so I cannot see my them and my boss thinks I now have some new project tracking post-it note system so I look like I'm super organized.

Yesterday I got my Fitbit Charge 2. I upgraded my HR because fitbit told me they would give me $50 off if I would stop wearing the plum colored one that had been to the barn one too many times. So now I have a new gadget that tells me to move my bum every hour. And it congratulates me for moving my bum. It says it does other things but I haven't fiddled with it yet. I just keep gazing at it in astonishment that there isn't tiny bits of hay dust in any of the cracks. I'm easily amused.

I'm also curious.. how secret is your fatsecret? I've noticed that it doesn't seem like there are a whole lot of people that talk to anyone off the site. I've met one person in person and only talk to one other that left the site. I thought it would be cool and motivating to say "I'm signing up for this mud run." or "I'm doing this 5K." who is with me? But I'm pretty sure no one is near me and if they were they would most likely have to pry me out of the mud so I wouldn't suffocate. I would more than likely get distracted on the 5K too... I guess I'm just going to have to drag the teenager with me and tie a rope around her so the little athlete can't leave me in her dust... or mud.. whichever.

06 March 2017

Have you ever had a series of events that make you wonder if these types of things happen to everyone or just you? Seriously. I'm beginning to think I'm special. Not special special but special.

Today my favorite slacks lost the fight. I should point out I didn't get lunch until 2 pm and half my breakfast was stolen by a tiny human on the way to sitter. I should also point out that my slacks didn't feel tight. In fact they felt like they were fitting perfectly for once. All of this was probably caused by the torture I put them through all this time. Today's motivation is not to torture my work clothes.

The zipper on my slacks is no longer functioning. It went down.. and now.. it will go up. It just doesn't zip anything. Nada.. No zippo. So now I have to walk around the rest of the work day pulling my shirt down because I have the zipper working triage in the middle of the zipper and the shirt is silky and it wants to rest mid zip with the zipper. I can't lift my hands above my waist. I keep pulling my shirt down which just makes me look like I'm attempting to show off my boobs to anyone I pass in the office. I'm waiting for HR to come by to ask me if I'm fishing for an office romance.

I thought about stapling them but then I would have to put the stapler down my pants and I would probably be caught and accused of trying to smuggle a stapler home. Or I would staple myself. I can totally see me stapling myself.

This weight loss thing needs to step it up. My clothes are giving out and I refuse to buy this size. This size is suppose to go away. I want to buy smaller sizes. I would do that now but then I would torture the next pair of slacks and that zipper will probably die also.

06 March 2017

Weigh-in: 207.8 lb lost so far: 8.0 lb still to go: 57.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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05 March 2017

Second Journal on a Sunday. I think this is a new record. I should get a badge or something.

Today I crashed and burned and bounced.. continued burning.. rolled and continued burning.. until finally coming to rest in a couch cushion where I flamed out due to the drool that was probably forming in my "just let it end!!!!" moment. I did do well... in the AM. Once PM started all bets were off.

I took the teenager and the 2 yr old to Joanne Fabrics because she needed things for a school project and I had apparently lost my freaking mind. An hour and a half later.. a papercut under two of my nails thanks to stupid poster board. Poster board is stupid. Anything other than paper that causes papercuts.. is stupid. Peanut leaned to say "f##k". We can barely understand the kid when he is telling us he is hungry. That word?? That word comes out clear as a freaking bell. Know what's really fun? Sucking on two of your fingers, glaring at your teenager, while the 2 yr old in the cart happily chirps the F word while waiting to check out. I'm not entirely sure but we may be banned.

I happily bypassed all fast food on the way home. We were going home to have something healthy. Yup healthy. This is at 1:30 because we were in a craft store for entirely too long. 2 yr old with no nap.. melts. Teenager proceeds to tell me several times.. she's hungry. So we stop at a sub place because it was the healthiest of options. And we go home. Where the teenager introduces the 2 year old to peeps she bought.. at a craft store. Why?? Why does the craft store have dangerous posterboard and candy? I mean seriously?!?!?!

I avoided the Peeps. I glared at the poster board. The 2 yr old went back and forth between sweet and goofy.. to.. demon spawn. Then we picked up his brother! Who was at grandmas.. and also had no nap. Oh and then my husband decides that this of all times is a good time to get sick. I mean seriously? We're in the pits! There wasn't a single person in the house that wasn't either crying or yelling. So yes.. I made fish sticks. I made French fries. We ate grandma's cookies. Daddy went to bed at 6:30. Luckily we didn't have to go to the barn. The cows would have been traumatized. I think I'm still traumatized.

Oh and on top of all this. I've worked all weekend long in an attempt to keep up with work. I'm not positive but I may have instructed someone at work to change a diaper and stop poking his sister with the baseball bat because she doesn't think it's funny.

05 March 2017

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