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21 January 2015

The talk with 190 must have worked! I scared it away! I weighed in at 189.0 this morning. To log or not to log? This could just be one of those crazy low numbers that disappears the next day. My goal to become obessive and weigh myself an obscene amount of times requires me to recognize it though... I think this is a trap. 190 has set out a trap to keep me in the 190's. That has to be it. 190 and the scale are pals and they're trying to sucker me into thinking I've told 190 goodbye only to laugh in the 2 yr olds evil HAHA laugh when I step on the scale tomorrow and it says something insulting like 193. Still.. I'm celebrating silently.. Can't act too happy. This could be a trap.

At work they've decided to start a "Turn Back the Scale" competition at work starting Feb 13. It goes for 1 month and the top 3 losers based on weight loss % get free gym memberships. The top 2 get money. It's $10 to enter. I gotta say I'm tempted to join. I hate wasting money. Even if its $10 it would make me competetive. I wonder how many people would take the next few weeks as a bulking up time to make their weight loss look better though. Could I just drink as much water as humanly possible then go weigh in and hope there is no line? Who thinks what?

21 January 2015

Weigh-in: 189.0 lb lost so far: 2.0 lb still to go: 64.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well

20 January 2015

By next week I will be under 190. Why? Because I've decided I hate the number 190. The number 190 is evil. Stupid number 190. It can go away now. I've seen it enough times now that I'm over it. I'm breaking up with it. I'm demanding my keys back and giving it until Saturday to get its junk out of my pants or its going to the dump. Yup yup. I'm ready to start my new love affair with 180. My goal is to become a number whore that jumps from one number to the next with no regard for hurt feelings or well fitting pants.

The plan?

1. Become obsessive. Weigh myself repeatedly and tell the scale to suck it.
2. Continue to become obsessive by googling fitness inspiration. Then tell every inspirational quote that appears on a model with fake boobies to bite me.
3. Do random squats in my cube to see how many I can achieve a day and still walk. Why? Because there was a podcast on stuff you should know that said squats would keep me mobile in my old age. Why? No clue. Apparently they use lots of muscles and then a toddler stole my phone to play Animals Escape.
4. Attempt to fit into my old pants. Over and over and over again.. until they fit or rip.
5. Make up more stuff as I go until I reach my goal or suffer a mental breakdown.

20 January 2015

Weigh-in: 192.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 67.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well

16 January 2015

This morning I decided I would eat lower carb for a while and attempt to shake the sugar addictions hold on me. Lower carb.. not no carb and not no sugar. I need my coffee and my extra extra creamer from dunkin donuts. I didn't know I needed it until about 6 months ago but now that I've discovered it I NEED it. Make sense? Yes? Ok!

So I talked myself into this new commitment. I got an omlette for breakfast instead of the usual fast, cheap, carb loaded, and easy route. I made my coffee and put it in the thermos with a tad less creamer than I would normally use. A tad less being not half the bottle and it's a murky brown now instead of a slight tan. Then.. it happened. Someone put fancy cookies in the breakroom! Fancy cookies! A variety tray of cookies that cost more than they should because they're fancy. And they're in a tray! They aren't even all busted to bits because a child threw them into the cart, a husband didn't help load the cookies into the trunk where he put them on the bottom and a can good got them, no one drop kicked the cookies on the kitchen floor in a giant exaggerated sigh after walking them 20 feet from the car to the house! They're different colors and they don't say OREO on them!! *gasp*

I haven't caved yet. My co-worker is trying to convince me there is nothing wrong with baby weight and I should just eat the freaking cookie so I will stop describing them in detail to her through the cube wall. No one else seems to have discovered the cookies or they are not as amazed by fancy cookies as I am. Seriously.. they were dunked in chocolate then there was more chocolate drizzled on the tops! They're different shapes! Some look like they could contain nuts or something to make bumps. One of them is rolled up like a tube.. then they dunked it in white chocolate.. then they drizzled it with not 1 but 2 types of chocolate. And they're still rolled into tubes! They aren't unrecognizable smashed lumps.

So far I'm sticking to my plan to eating lower carb. Hopefully my loud advertisement of fancy cookies in the breakroom is spreading through the cube farm like wild fire. Or hopefully someone stops by and tells me I'm full of poop and the cookies taste like poop. Or.. I will go with my next plan where I tell myself the cookies came from fancy pants Evelyn. Who apparently only works so she can own 4-inch heels in every shade of color ever made into a shoe.. to go with her fancy new house.. and perfect size 4 designer slacks. Honestly she's a lovely woman but I've decided she's my new enemy. Her hair is perfect, perfect makeup, perfect clothes.. and she does't have spit up on her shoulder. That right there makes her enemy number 1. Before she knows it I will be a size 4 too! That will show her! I'll still probably walk around in a sweater that has become the equivalent of a work place bath robe and I'm still trying to find slippers I can pass off as work shoes... but somehow me getting into better shape will show her. What will it show her? I have no clue. But HAHA I'll win! Suck it Fancy Pants Evelyn!

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