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23 July 2015

The relationship with my scale is quickly deteriorating. I think it's lying to me. How is it statistically possible for me to weigh 185.6 for 3 days in a row? I'm eating different things.. I worked out yesterday... that right there should have made me lose at least a quarter of a half of a pound. I'm suspicious. I think the scale is messing with me. It's not the first time it's told me 185.6. It will randomly tell me I weigh slightly less or slightly more but for the most part it likes to tell me 185.6. It's not even nice enough to say 184.6 so I could say I'm under 185. Nooooo 185.6. This morning I decided to test it and after alot of wiggling and a bribe I got little man to stand on the scale. He has a natural instinct to avoid and hate the thing. He's a smart 3 yr old. He weighs 35.6. The scale is still in the bathroom.. I didn't toss it out a window. It's life span may be shortening depending on what it says next time. Maybe this is a sign I should stop stepping on the dumb thing every morning and just putter along in an attempt to eat well and move more. Nah... I'm too neurotic.

Speaking of eating and moving. I still keep overeating slightly. I even tried tracking on here again but it wouldn't let me log my strength training exercises.. and I can't track water with a flip of my thumb on my iphone... and well.. I'm in love with tracking on myfitnesspal so I'm tracking everything there if anyone wants to check up on me. I was doing really well.. until the graham cracker binge watching octonauts because the boys wouldn't go to bed. We got another piglet who I am naming Chad and the boys both fell asleep in the truck on the way to get him so.. 11pm bedtime = graham crackers. It could have been worse. Just sayin. My goal today is to move enough that the scale says 185.5. Stupid scale.

22 July 2015

Over ate slightly yesterday. Not enough to gain any weight but enough to make sure I definitely wasn't burning more than I ate. So.. it was an even kinda day. I ate what I burned. I think.. The scale says I'm the same so I'm assuming I'm right. Most of it was due to complete boredom at work that caused me to eat breakfast and lunch before 10:30. This happens when you live in a cube farm. Everyone becomes eggplant and then they walk around watching the floor. It's horrible! I want to start a rumor like someone is sleeping with the phone guy just to start some sort of excitement. I'm also seeing this as a sign. That and I applied for another job that would have been more web/marketing in the company and didn't get it. I found out I didn't get it this morning. The strange part is I'm not too bummed because I'm also taking this as a sign. A sign I should definitely be writing for myself. Because then well.. I would be entertained and smaller because I wouldn't be eating because everyone around me is eggplant. Now I just have to figure out what to write.. I wonder if writing smut would get your heart rate up. It could be writing/exercise. Then again with 3 kids, a farm, and no life.. I'm not sure if I remember what smut is.

I am proud of myself for working out yesterday. Sure I looked like someone with a pole up their bum walking around and I grunted on every set of stairs because my legs were so stiff. I managed to stretch out enough that I could do more squats though. Today it's squats, planks, pushups, and the elliptical because well.. if I'm not in pain then I don't think it's working. Yes a bolt is loose in my head. It let all the marbles out. But.. someday I will crack coconuts between my thighs and that will make it all better.

I also joined the challenge "Do that thing!" It required me to set up my own goals.. so here they are. If I slip.. someone slap me.

GOALS: I think I finally decided on some goals and all of them are huge for me. Go big or go home right? Big goal.. I want to be under 170 by the end of this challenge. Bigger goal to log what I eat every day of the challenge even if it means admitting I have jelly beans in my glove compartment. Biggest goal to exercise at least 3 days a week. Actual exercise. Not cursing up a storm because the pigs got loose again then walking slowly around the barn to not spook them calling here piggy piggy. Calling here piggy piggy.. doesn't work. They don't come. And the mother of all Big goals.. to journal every day about my successes and slips and cow poop.

21 July 2015

After spending a week in the woods looking for bear poop with the kids I've decided I truely need to get serious about working out. Yes bear poop. Everyone and their brother saw a freaking bear except me and I had small children dropping candy, breads, smores, graham crackers, and other random kid dropping ALL AROUND THE CAMP. Not a single bear. Instead we got Frank the funny looking moth that snuck into our cabin and freaked out for an entire night. Ned.. our friendly neighborhood chocoholic chipmunk that kept sneaking in our cabin to steal hershey bars. And smelly cat. Smelly cat is a kitten that had an accident the night before we left and according to the small children and my husband (who stayed home) we should take it with.. or it might do something like die. Did it die?? No. The thing escaped out of its carrier every single night and stayed up late talking to Frank and Ned and I listened for a bear. But who could hear a bear between Meow.. scurry scurry thump.. MEOW! Crinkle crinkle

Anyways.. I'm back in civilization and after watching my genetic relatives in all shapes and sizes... I'm saying no to genetics. Just no. I want to be like my kids and scurry up giant bolders like billy goats. I do not want to be like some members of my family that stayed below and just looked up saying.. oh wow. No. I want to do the fun death defying stunts. I want to have the ability to outrun the 3 yr old little man who picks me a bouquet of poison ivy.. ok it was viginia creaper something or other but it looked like poison ivy. If it weren't for hiking around with peanut strapped to my back I think I could have made it. Now that vacation it over and there are no forseeable detailment traps in the near future I've decided to not waste a single minute.. well as of yesterday. Yesterday was the first day. I ate well.. worked out and now I can't sit without assistance. But I'm going to stick with it and some day I will walk again without pain. Someday squats won't kick my thighs. Because my thighs will be able to crack coconuts.. they will. It's my dream and I'm allowed to live in it and make it as crazy as I want.

At least my plan is less crazy than looking for bear poop in the woods while being chased by a chocoholic chipmunk.

21 July 2015

Weigh-in: 185.6 lb lost so far: 5.4 lb still to go: 60.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   gaining 0.2 lb a week

17 June 2015

I miss the gym. I do. I really really do. I miss throwing my earbuds in and jumping on the elliptical or the treadmill and not worrying about anyone yelling they need something to drink or attempting to jump on with me or playing you can't get me with the moving parts of.. the elliptical. Or crawling up to the elliptical making the cutest little squeals with upstretched arms basically saying. Pick me up momma!! While I love the kids.. I miss working out!! I miss eating what I want and still watching the weight fall off. I miss feeling like I was winning the fight against the jiggle. I know there are exercises I can do with the kids but.. it's just not the same. I don't care what you say. It isn't. Add three to the mix and it's almost downright impossible. Try to benchpress one kid and another kid gets jealous. Try to do pushups over a kid playing peekaboo and another kid jumps on your back scaring the pee out of you because you're terrified you're about to crush the first kid thanks to the sudden added 30 lbs on your back. Nope.. not the same. I miss the gym.

One of the main reasons I had to give up the gym was time. I only have time to do it over my lunch hour. I can't do it after work because the kids are already at a sitter for almost 11 hours a day. I can't do it at lunch because I'm nursing. I thought about not nursing but apparently we are going camping and I've been told it would be alot more convenient if I just nursed for another month and a half for.. camping. Really? I'm going to continue to nurse so I can sleep on a cot in the middle of nowhere just so I can have a smore and flash my extended family because you know there is not a 10 month old baby that will keep a blanket on them in the middle of the summer while nursing and where is there privacy in camping? Sounds like a poorly thought out reason. The comfort of my pants.. now that's a more powerful reason to not nurse. That and the fact that the kid is 10 months and developing teeth. Also a pretty good stinkin reason.

So as I have this gym debate in my head and I curse out my mother and sister who suggest that whole.. well couldn't you just nurse until we get back? Sure you might get mosquitto bites on your boobs but really.. it would be alot more convenient. I have another gym issue. I have a fear of the gym buddy. Since I stopped going another person in the dept started going. She's nice.. very sweet.. slightly too nice.. slightly too sweet.. and she's the bosses spy. I can envision her picking the machine next to mine every stinking day and telling me stories I've already heard. If she doesn't then she will report the time I left, spent in the locker room, got dressed, and returned to my desk.

I may be doomed. Maybe I could switch departments and take on an entirely different job. It may be the only way I make it back to the gym. After the camping trip that is. *smacking my head*

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