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29 December 2015

Yesterday went well.. at least where eating was concerned. I did 3 sets of squats, a minute plank that kicked my butt, and even 5 pushups before dropping to the ground wondering where my body has gone. I've got a body snatcher theory I'm working on. I tried passing it by the husband guy but he all he did was shake his head and walk to the barn. So much for my kim Kardashian aliens sucked my muscle out and replaced it with alien fat!! Oh well. I also walked the mall with an overly excited preteen for 3.5 hours so I felt I did pretty good.

It helped that I sliced half my thumb off on the way home. Really after seeing that much blood and realizing you need stitches but you have no insurance until the first kinda puts birthday cake and ice cream on the back burner. The preteen agreed. Poor girl. She was having an epic birthday and then her mom does this trying to get a couple ratchet straps from their package with a pen knife. Good news.. the bunk beds for the boys made it home with 1 ratchet strap because well.. that was as far as I got. Also good news. I now have an extensive bandaide on my thumb because well.. no stitches and something has to hold the darn thing together and it can make me seem extra pitiful when I whine things like.. Hooooooneyyyyy hook my bra.. I can't do it!! Plus the kids are taking pity on me. So.. injury = reward?? And I'm pretty sure a pretty nasty scar for war stories. You see this scare?? This one right there?? A man tried to kill me with a knife and I turned him into a filet o fish.. don't mess with me man. At least there is still feeling to it so no nerve damage.

Bad side is no more planks for a while, pushups are out.. but I can squat to my little hearts desire. Today was cake and pizza for the delayed birthday. I need to get my butt on the elliptical now. :) Still good though!!

28 December 2015

It's Day 2!!! It's also the preteens birthday. We have a tradition of going to the mall so I can just give her cash then watch her shop all the clearance sales. It's a win win for both of us. Then we go out to lunch.. then we get a cake.. order pizza and invite the family over. Technically an incredibly high calorie day with a lot of walking. I think I can swing it. It's day two. I'm motivated. Plus none of my pants fit so I have that as extra motivation. If I need it then I can always pop into a dressing room and remind myself this is not me. I am the chaser of 3 kids, and cow wrangler.. and baby calf picker upper and hay wagon emptier. I was in shape once. I will get there again. Right now I wobble walking up the stairs with the 50 lb bag of dog food. I used to be able to run up the stairs no problem. I need to get back to me. I miss me. I liked me more than I knew. I felt a little kick butt when I was me. The plan for today is lots of walking, lots of salads, and trying out pedometer apps on my phone to see if any of them work. Oh and probably googling fitness toys while the preteen picks out her first phone... while I have a breakdown when they tell me what it will do to my bill.

27 December 2015

Pooooooooooooop!! I know I sound like a broken record about now but consider today Day 1. Day 1 of me becoming happier and healthier and well.. not shoving everything and anything into my pie hole. Today is day 1 of me getting off my butt and working out again. With 2 little kids it's about impossible to get any real workout in. As I type the 3 yr old is sword fighting with the 1 yr old. I give it 1 minute before someone is screaming in pain.. or annoyance. Make that less than 30 seconds. You can only imagine what attempting to work out for 30 minutes becomes. Even working out with the kids.. uh uh.. someone screams wanting more attention than the other one. Today is also Day 1 of figuring out how to get some time for me to start taking care of myself because right about now I'm so heavy I'm losing the energy to do anything with the kids. Poop this is depressing! Poop poop poop.

I want to get a jump start on the new year so today is the day. Not tomorrow. Today. It has to be today. I'm outnumbered. Out powered. And they have swords!!! Who in their right mind gives their kids nerf swords? Obviously I am not in my right mind. I blame the lack of sleep, the hormones, and sugar. The sugar has warped my mind. I need to cut back on the sugar.

I'm logging on my fitness pal because well I like it better. It logs water and it just seems easier to log what I eat. Everything I eat. Even the crap food. So.. when I disappear again someone please come hunt me down and slap me with a donut. My name is Elizabeth and I am an overly tired, over worked momma in need of a serious butt reduction.

27 December 2015

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07 December 2015

I was doing sooooooo well. Until last night. I blame the stress my husband puts me through. Love him but the man can be a royal pain in the butt sometimes. I think I would have lost at least 2 lbs if it weren't for a "lets get things done" day and a countertop. The countertop reeeeaaallly put me over the edge. Next thing I knew it was a vanilla wafer for me, one of the baby, two vanilla wafers for me, one for the pre-teen, now lets see how many vanilla wafers I can fit into my mouth while refusing to talk to the husband. Sorry.. can't talk or call you names because I'm in wafer heaven. Then I attempted to save the day.. and imploded... with wine and then a wine buzz munch.

Saturday we were busy. I had a kids Christmas party at work with the kids. Then we tried to go shopping but shopping with 3 kids hopped up on sugar from the holiday party in the middle of shopping season equals complete nightmare. I was the crazy lady that yelled "FINE!!! We're going home and we're not buying a gosh darn freakin thing!!" in the middle of Sears and then literally dragged the 3 yr old out of the store while the preteen attempted to pretend she didn't know who we were and the 1 yr old licked my cheek. Which really didn't phase the kids because all I had was clothes for the 1 yr old and.. um.. me. Really cute boots with a great sale and a scarf that was sooooo pretty. I later ordered the boots online. so um.. HA!

As if the day before wasn't stressful hubby decided Sunday was a lets get things done day. This included power tools in the house during nap time. A failure to communicate.. ever. And then him getting annoyed that the house is trashed because Sunday is usually my lets get caught up on the house day but instead I was watching him run water line to the fridge and yell at the 3 and 1 yr old to be quiet because he needed to figure this out. Uh huh.. yup .. that's gonna happen. We still can't find one of the nut drivers. One of the kids probably ran off with it and stuck it in lord only knows where. Now he's upset we've lost a nut driver. Sorry?? Can't hook up a water line with the preteen in the crawl space and him in the basement and watch two kids? So that was stressful but I was still doing good. Until the counter..

Ok tell me if this sounds nuts. We have a huge kitchen with a giant C of countertop. On one end is a bar. We had problems getting countertop because we have so much counter. I decided to make it interesting and make the bar with 2 x 6's sanded down and screwed together like a giant butcher block. The rest of the counters will be laminate. Now mind you I asked the husband 5,000 times. Is this ok? He kept responding. It's your kitchen. Which resulted in him asking me 5,000 times yesterday. Is this what you actually want? Did you do this on purpose? Do you know what you're doing? Now keep in mind the 3 kids are still in the house so this is peppered with "Mom I want water." "Mom I'm hungry!" "You just ate." "Oh yeah.. I'm full. Can I have a poptart?" "Mom there is a winter dance, a concert, and a performance next week. I need 3 new dresses (that will never ever be worn again)" "Can I have an Iphone 6 for Xmas?" Oh and the 1 yr old. "EeEEEEEEHHHH! EEEEEEEEEHHHHH! AHHHHHHH!!! EHHHHHHH!" This was when I started double fisting the vanilla wafers and debated if divorce was an option. So we went to time out. Me with my wine and my refusal to talk to him. I have no clue what he did. And the counter top.. not done. It's on the floor in my dining room. I will work on it later. Much much later. Still married though so that's something!

Moral of the story? I need to figure out a way to deal with stress without eating.. or divorce. Any suggestions? I tried wine but that just gave me wine buzz munching.
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