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02 September 2014

You realize you're sadistic when you weigh in and take pictures after giving birth a week ago. I thought I would post the picture but then well.... I saw them. Lol I did resist the urge to immediately delete them so maybe I will post them after I've made some progress. And maybe by then I can deny they are of me and people will believe me. I can hope right?

You would think the pictures would scare me away from the pumpkin spice latte and Burger King lunch but between no sleep and a drs apt and shopping I think I temporarily lost my sanity. Plus the doctors compliment on my ability to produce milk went straight to my head. Apparently I would make an excellent cow. I not only make a lot of milk I apparently have a high butter content. Lol she was amazed squirt gained back his birth weight plus a pound in a week. Personally I think their scale was off but hey I will take compliments where I can. Even if they are about breast milk and they start a whole conversation about me being a prized cow between hubby and the farm hand. I may need sleep now I think I've lost it.

02 September 2014

Weigh-in: 191.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 66.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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01 September 2014

I'm alive.. I think.. maybe??? We wouldn't be us if we didn't do everything at once. I got out of the hospital around noon on Thursday so on Friday at 4am Jason aka Squirt (He's an expert marksman in the pee category) and I were taking daddy to the other hospital in town for a heart procedure. They did the thing where they snake a tube up his arm to his heart to pump in something that's probably toxic to make sure all the arteries in his heart are open and working well. He decided to fail an EKG and a stress test the week before. Turns out... he's just weird. He has a perfectly healthy heart though :) He just wanted to add his own degree of excitement to last week. Needless to say hubby can't lift anything over 5 lbs for a few days. I'm not suppose to lift anything heavier than the baby. Neither of us are suppose to be driving.. so we had house guests to babysit us.. and the farm. So far we're both grounded and things are getting interesting with both of us stuck in the house under house arrest. Did you know spiders will build a spider web in an electrical socket? The house is slowly becoming spotless despite a 2 yr old monster, a newborn, a preteen, and a hubby. It's also been clear the house of twinkies week. What can I say?? I was pregnant. Twinkies taste good. I don't care if they could survive 1,000 years before going bad.

Next week it's tracking food.. where people can see. That way I can be shamed into avoiding things like cheesy puffs, twinkies, and cheese fries. Not that I would ever.. ok I did.. and I loooooooooved it. :)

Coming soon.. oodles of baby pics. I just have to figure out where to load them then link them.. and dodge requests to go outside by a toddler. We go outside?? Outside?? Momma.. momma momma momma mommma mommma OUTSIDE!?!?!?!?! Love the kid. Love that he won't watch tv and lots to constantly be active. If only I was feeling just as active. hehe

27 August 2014

Sorry I've been MIA. Saturday and Sunday I stayed outside walked the fair did laps around the barn, milked some cows, went shopping and attempted to give my mom a workout trying to keep up with me. Lol by Monday? Still no kid just sore from trying to get the kid out. So I did the smart thing. I took the day off and kept going! Which gave me random contractions... That's it. Tuesday I had to go into the drs for fetal monitoring with contractions so the doctor said go ahead and get your things and your husband and go to the hospital. Only 2 problems. The husband was baling hay and the contractions almost completely stopped by the time I got home! Seriously???? These things only happen to me right?

3 hours later hubby shows up and announces he's ready to go to the hospital now. The kid heard him. The kids only listen to him. Contractions started back up. *rolling eyes* by the time we get to the doctors I'm in trouble because they thought I decided to have the baby in a hay field. Note: never ever mention your husband was almost born in a field to your doctor. Couldn't get an epidural for 2 hours by then I was 9 cms. Lol finally got one by screaming and telling the student doctor the only way he could watch was if he got the drug guy. Luckily he got the epidural guy and not the guy selling pot on the corner. Good student! He gets a gold star.

By 840 Jason was born at 7 lbs 12 oz 21 inches long, red hair, blue eyes, and so cute. Now I regret telling hubby we were never doing this again when I thought the contractions were killing me. Baby pic as new profile pic coming soon! Because well I'm on my phone and I just typed way too much!

23 August 2014

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