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20 October 2014

I've been scared straight. I will exercise and I will diet. I managed only 20 minutes on the elliptical yesterday but I managed it. Tonight I will manage more.. with crunches.. and planks.. and burpee.. and tossing small children in the air. I will do it.. or.. I will develop a front butt. I don't want a front butt. My sister has a front butt.... I think they may be genetic.. or the result of having multiple children and not wearing a girdle.. well the girdle is out and the kids are already here so I'm working my ever lovin front butt off.

Over the weekend I was lazy. It was cold and rainy and just icky. So I put on a t-shirt, some yoga pants and curled up on the recliner with squirt and a book. I don't know why but I happened to look down. Maybe it was because I was sitting on my foot or maybe its because my undies were too tight and they had slipped down. I dont know.. but I swear there was the start of a front butt. Not a pooch. Not a cute little gut. A front butt. You know what I'm talking about... you've seen them! Not that I'm judging anyone with them.. I just don't want one.

It's my new motivation to eat right and exercise.. although I did pitifully this morning after grabbing a bagel on the way out the door. But I haven't gone to the vending machine or trolled around the office for free candy bowls so.... it's progress. It isn't OOOH LOOK AT ME! progress but hey.. it' a baby step.

16 October 2014

Did you know you can put a diaper on a chicken? They also have saddles though I'm not entirely sure who is riding the chicken.. or why they would need a saddle. Chickens just don't look all that sturdy to me. I know this because I was looking into chickens thinking hey.. I could raise chickens then I wouldn't have to buy eggs anymore! Then I saw a link to chicken accessories and it was there that I discovered some people have house chickens.. that they put diapers on. I'm kind of done with the whole hey I should raise chickens idea now. Chicken people seem to be just slightly stranger than cat ladies and I'm already losing it. I don't need any help. Don't believe me? Go to MyPetChicken.

It's probably just as well since I'm attempting to modify my diet with more protein and less processed carbs. If I started raising chickens I might not be able to eat them. I'm hoping this will keep me from wanting to snack every 2 hours. So far so good! Then again.. it's only been 7 hours and sugar is my crack. This afternoons mid-day slump should prove to be entertaining if I can keep my head off my keyboard and don't end up drooling slumped against some wall. Maybe I should be attempting this on a day where I've had more than 2 hours of sleep but really?? What fun would that be??

Exercise last night consisted on a steady pat pat, jiggle, dance move. 2 month checkup for squirt ending up with 3 shots. He wasn't happy. Then little man got jealous so I added a degree of difficulty balancing 30 lbs on one hip and 10 lbs on the other. Hopefully tonight can include something else.. like planks or pushups or the elliptical. I have made it back to a 60 second plank but it's downright ugly. And jiggly. And.. I better stop before I start craving jello.

15 October 2014

Weigh-in: 192.1 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 67.1 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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14 October 2014

Gluttony!! Not gluton.. Gluttony!! I suffered a um.. gluttonous moment at dunkin donuts yesterday with an ahem.. lattedonutdonutmummble. Why? Because well.. I was feeling gluttonous. I got in my car, drove to dunkins, had a plan in mind, and followed through. Yup.. Not that I'm proud of that.. but I'm owning it. Now I have to ask myself why.. I think I have an idea.

It's probably the 5 hours of sleep that was interrupted every 2 hours followed by forgetting to take milk to the sitter when I attempted to drop of little man and squirt, a derranged micromanaging boss despite a lack of work, a sore tooth, and spending an entire morning drooling at a computer where I lost time.. I don't know where it went. All I know is I didn't manage to get anything done... I don't remember and no one heard any snoring. Believe me there would have been some hard core snoring. Stress plus a serious slack of sleep results in gluttony! At least I think that's what did it. It's either that or the extra calories I'm burning from nursing and I need to bump up my calories so I don't feel like Im starving.

Today.. I'm being nice to myself. I didn't weigh in because I knew it wouldn't be pretty. Well that and.. I had a puking kid, a car seat to clean, a preteen not listening to anything I said, a screaming baby, and I lost my coffee.. literally lost it. I will probably find a coffee cup in the dryer when I get home tonight. I'm sane.. I swear. Maybe.. I will weigh in tomorrow.

I did signed up for a 21 day meditation challenge that starts in November. I'm hoping meditation will help me destress, reflect.. and regain sanity. Or at least.. stop losing sanity. Hopefully I don't fall asleep while attempting to reflect. I'm going to develop a plan tonight to add some extra healthy snacks for when I feel like gnawing off my own arm at work. And.. I don't know. This journal got too long and I forgot where I was going. I haven't lost the keyboard though so that's progress. *snort*

10 October 2014

My boss is attempting to suck my soul back out. I won't let her though. I refuse. She can't have it. It's mine!!! I've noticed at work that people are just.. well.. depressed. No one smiles, no one laughs, no one looks like they enjoy life. We're in a bad dilbert cartoon. ACK!! I really want to do something to make people wake up. I thought about spiking the coffee pot with something like prozac but that would probably get me in trouble. I could randomly decorate someone's cube for no apparent reason so they will come to work and wonder who screwed up and decorated the wrong cube because it isn't their birthday.. not that anyone decorates anyones cube for birthdays. That would be seen as clutter, a distraction from work, and an interruption to efficiency. So.. I'd have to be stealthy and not get caught. No joke.. I've been told since I got back we shouldn't have plants on our desks (oxygen is bad) and we should limit our work space to only 1 or two photoes.. in frames (because none of us should admit to having a life outside of work). I just put up a ton of snapshots of the kids with thumb tacks. I'm not taking them down. I'm feeling rebellious. Any suggestions for battling office zombies??? I would leave random cookies on desks but someone will be on a diet.. or hate cookies.

Foods pretty good despite yesterday being a complete cluster of poo. The sitter didn't feed squirt until noon because.. he kept falling asleep after she changed his diaper. Um.. what?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm looking for a new sitter with no success because we live in the middle of nowhere. I had to take both kids with me to get silo doors. Squirt cried the entire time which caused little man to cry the entire time so I attempted to distract him with McD's and got a latte for me. They gave me a small instead of a medium which was probably good, little man spilled his milk, and I nursed a baby on the side of the road while everyone and their brother slowed down or stopped to make sure we didn't need help..... now when I have a flat tire no one will stop.. or maybe they will. The men might at least. I may have just encouraged the men in our area to stop and help women on the side of the road.

I get home after a 2 hour adventure to more chaos that I would write about but this journal would never end. Needless to say I patted myself on the back for not dropping any pizza sauce on the babies head as I attempted to get ready for today, eat, and nurse a baby for hours on end.. because he was hungry.. because the sitter didn't feed him until noon!!!

Tonight.. I'm going to workout if I have to strap a toddler and a baby on each hip. I need the stress relief. I need a stiff drink. I need to spike everyones coffee with prozac because they are just adding to my stress.

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