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23 April 2014

So I got to thinking today.. my preteen and I seem to be at a communication impass. I ask for things to be done and she ignores me.. or does them so badly I stop asking her. Then theres the attitude.. and the emotions.. and me attempting not to strangle her. Then there's the yelling. The groundings. Finally last night I took away her ipod FOREVER. She was disrespectful to the farm hand and told him he couldn't tell her what to do. He's an adult.. he did her chores for her and in exchange asked her to push some loose hay into a cart. Not slave labor.. she backtalked and didn't do it. So? She was already grounded a month and a half from the ipod because she kept extending how long she lost it for attitude, being disrespectful, and just plain doing things she shouldn't do.. so I took it away. FOREVER. She doesn't get it. She keeps asking what she can do to earn it back. Not that she's done anything in attempt to earn it back in the last month and a half.

So I decided to look for a few books to give me an idea on some different ways for us to communicate. I've tried a few. The hard you do what you're told, asking what she needed from me to help her behave, the reward system.. *snort* but she never got to the reward... She's smart, create, and stubborn as crap. After looking for a few books... I'm now convinced the human race is going down the crapper.

Seriously?!?! "Reduce your teenagers stress.", "How to keep the baby girl in your teenager.", "Don't let your emotions rule your teenagers life."

Where are the books "A monster ate my daughter and turned her into a teenager." "How to deal with backtalk in a way that won't land you in prison." ?????? What the heck?? I was scared to death my parents would beat me to death if I pulled any of this crap and they never really touched me.. I just knew they could! Now I'm suppose to talk calmly and reasonably and explore my daughters emotions when I ask her why she disrespected an adult or went into my room and took my things without permission? No... I'm taking away Ipods. FOREVER! They say you can't beat your child anymore. No one said anything about Ipods, fancy shoes, or cool clothes. Next step.. potato sacks with baler twine for a belt. That's probably abuse too.. they might be rough on her skin. *smacking head*

23 April 2014

Hubby had an epic fail last night. Apparently the farm hand was asking when I was due again. (not until August 22) He didn't believe hubby. He thought for sure I was around 8 months because of how round I am. Ok.. young kid.. he didn't say this to me.. he's always stealing my milk pails and hay bales so I won't carry them.. Sweet kid.I don't think he meant anything bad. Then hubby felt he should share this conversation with me. We have a lack of filter when it comes to telling each other things most of the time. He tells me about the farm hand comment.. I tell him his brothers sex life is in trouble. Seriously.. why the sister in law feels the need to give these details is beyond me. I have to share to clear the image from my head or I will have nightmares. Anyways.. don't tell your pregnant wife people think she's huge. FAIL!

Only good part of this is it adds to my motivation to keep active and keep eating right for the next 18 weeks. I can't help how round I get when I'm pregnant. I'm not gaining a ton. It's baby! I can shock and amaze them after the baby is born by bouncing back though. I did it with little man. I can do it with this child. It will help chasing 2 little ones instead of 1.

23 April 2014

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22 April 2014

It's a miracle! Little man slept through the night! No that's not a typo. Little man will be 2 at the end of May and he still won't sleep through the night. If he did I would report that he did it more often. That should tell you how often this phenomenon happens. He still gets up at 6am every morning. What can I say.. he's a farm kid at heart. Him getting up early and refusing to sleep in could come in useful if he keeps up the habit as he gets older. At least for now I have a backup alarm I can't get to snooze. I've tried.. it ended up with me getting a face half an inch from mine yelling Momma! Momma! Mom! Ma! Stinky!!!

It's now day 3 of the easter egg hunt in our home. The kid has willpower. I don't know where he got it but he has some. He seems to find two eggs a day and he's done. Luckily I'm not tempted to help with the search at this point. Now if there was a margarita in one of the eggs it would be a different story.

Weight is slowly creeping but I haven't officially weighed in. It's hard to get on the scale by myself without a toddler attempting to weave through my legs to see the number. I'll officially weigh in after spring break when the preteen stops sleeping in and can distract the toddler from my facination with the scale.

21 April 2014

I pigged out over easter weekend. Between the candy, the big dinner, the candy.. the multiple trips to the city for that thing we forgot leading to fast food... I feel like a giant balloon. Probably because well.. I look like I have one tucked under my shirt. lol Good news is all the extra food gave the baby some serious kicking power. I was holding little man and the baby didn't like it so he started kicking him.. and he felt it. So now little man looks at my stomach waiting for something to happen.. the whole lifting up mommas shirt in public to see whats under there was a little.. um.. revealing but so stinking cute. Him.. not my belly. My belly is not cute. Little man is cute.

It should be interesting when he can actually see my stomach move. Poor kid is about to have his world turned upside down and he doesn't have a clue. He did figure out easter eggs though. He figured out there was candy in them. Then proceeded to eat the candy out of every egg he found as he found them until he didn't want any more. So?? We still have most of the eggs hidden around the house and he is leisurely making his way through finding them.. when he wants another piece of candy... The preteen tried to help and she got yelled at by him saying "I do it!" The 10 yr old is now preteen.. Her hormonal breakdown to not finding her basket in 10 minutes has graduated her to prehormonalteen.

Seriously?? One on the way. One very independent almost 2 yr old. And.. the oldest decides to become a moody teenager????? *smacking head* I think I've decided to turn the deck into an outdoor sanctuary. All I need is a few chairs, an umbrella, some solar lights, and locked gates. Hubby is amazing though.. he order the kids a swingset. aka.. a giant funhouse of distaction and energy draining goodness.

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