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24 February 2017

Today... I need to research 5K's with wine and chocolate per Aggie's suggestion. lol Yesterday I took the day off and took the teenager to the mall where we walked the entire darn thing (as big as mall of America), bought a few things, said no to a lot of things, embarrassed her in the store Pink, and then completed our day with the cheesecake factory and target. We decided that we need to try new things or fun things more often. We even talked about maybe taking a long weekend in Chicago. We can invite family and friends there to see the Aquarium, Field Museum... maybe the Brookfield zoo.. All the things we used to do when we lived near there. On the way we could see Niagara Falls.. lol

Today is good.. I get to have lunch with a friend, finish taxes, go home early, and workout before I have to pick up the boys. I might turn the workout into a hike around the fields if they haven't been completely modified by the 50-60 degree temps that just melted 2 foot of snow.. They're probably mud.

Enjoy the day my friends! Pet a cow, eat lunch with a friend, and what the heck.. curse in front of the Amish. They need some spice in their lives.

21 February 2017

Well.. I'm older. I've decided that birthdays really do.. kinda.. suck. Unless you're 5 or 6 and your birthday party is at the trampoline place.. then you're birthday is probably amazing until that one kid pukes. I think it all goes down hill at either 25 or 30 but I can't remember which because the old age thing is kicking in.

I've decided that this year should be different than last year. I should make a bucket list of things I want to get done this year. And then.. I should make a new list every year after that because well.. I want to do stuff and do things I've never done and maybe get some of these completely normal things that I want to do get done so I can go absolutely nutty/crazy in about 10 years and enjoy every straight jacket moment. Yup.. this is my plan.

Birthday Goals:
1. Participate in a 5K.. wait.. that could mean I would just be one of the volunteers handing out water. Take part in a 5 K.. Hmm.. I could walk it. Run.. Run in a 5K. I might as well go for the gold while I can.

2. See something amazing. Like say the Niagara Falls. It's right there. In the handy wave direction.. Ok I probably just waved to the Walmart but you know. I could go in a day and see it. I would have said the Grand Canyon but that's just too far.. Maybe another year. One amazing thing at a time.

3. Write something that gets published. It may be a tiny book of bathroom humor that's only available on Amazon.. for free. It's going to happen though.

4. Have an "I got sexy" moment. Do that thing that women usually do on a daily basis but you stop doing when you have 3 kids, cows, and are wondering why all your pants don't have elastic.. seriously? Why is that not a thing? I remember maternity pants. They were AMAZING. All elastically goodness. Anyways.. I got sexy moment.. Hair, Makeup, new outfit, and a hey honey.. we've been married since moss evolved but wanna go on a date type of thing. A date that doesn't involve running errands, Walmart, or French fries....

Yup that's all I've got on my list so far. I'm a lil overachiever!! Stop snorting. This.. is over achieving. When years go by with flashes of manure, diapers, sippy cups, and OMG what is that?!!?!?! Yup.. this is livin on the edge!

17 February 2017

On Tuesday I decided that enough was enough. I've worked out and eaten right every day since then. Cross your fingers this is the start to a nice long lasting drop. My birthday is Saturday.. can I skip cake and claim it's my birthday and I'll do what I want to?? If I'm lucky the family doesn't even realize this is coming up and they will likely forget it altogether or at least until 8PM when the facebook reminder comes through on my husbands phone. Hmmm.. I could be ok here if I just keep my mouth shut. Is it sad when you give up caring that your family will more than likely forget your birthday?

In other news.. I'm a cold bloodless chicken. I tried to donate blood yesterday at work and they were able to get blood, stuck me like a pin cushion, and then not get the test vials. So.. I'm a wasted pin cushion with nice bruises and a lump on my right arm. Yay!! I'm just all sorts of fun this week. It's one of the reasons I haven't been writing. Griping about a craptastic week just seems.. depressing. But I made myself promise myself that I would keep writing at least once a week to keep myself accountable and in contact with other living humans. Even if those other living humans are on the other side of a computer. At least they don't disrobe in the kitchen leaving a trail of clothing to the tv.... Or demand glasses of water.... or request to go to the mall... or inform me that the basket of clothing that keeps building is not magically folding itself and they need socks... Yup.. livin the dream!!

Livin a slightly more active, and less but more healthy food that will hopefully shrink the size of my pants life.. but.. yaknow.

17 February 2017

Weigh-in: 207.5 lb lost so far: 8.3 lb still to go: 57.5 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (4 comments) on diet DairyFarmersWife's own diet   losing 0.3 lb a week

09 February 2017

Today's Journal Entry is brought to you by Lysol.. because I'm threatening to spray everyone around me with it. So far one tiny human and one big human (the husband) are sick at home. At the office I keep hearing the start of a cough crop in the cube farm. At the store this afternoon everyone looked sick and tried to run each other over so I'm assuming they were all on drugs.. If I just start spraying people either I can stay away from their germs or they will get tired of being sprayed and stay away. I'm a very not social person.. can you tell?

The good news is I survived an entire day without sugar or caffeine. Sure I randomly fell asleep in various places.. like dozing off in the women's bathroom, a conference room, on the couch while my leg was used as a race course, against a cow which I was attempting to milk (she woke me up with a swat of her tail to my face, sweet girl... very sweet girl). Then I promptly fell asleep at 8pm putting the boys to bed. I thought about exercising when I was woken up at 12 but.. eh.. I didn't. Tonight is the night that I get my butt back to the grinding stone. I have a plan. I have workouts all worked out in my head. I just have to actually do the workout. Easy peasy right?

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