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27 August 2014

Sorry I've been MIA. Saturday and Sunday I stayed outside walked the fair did laps around the barn, milked some cows, went shopping and attempted to give my mom a workout trying to keep up with me. Lol by Monday? Still no kid just sore from trying to get the kid out. So I did the smart thing. I took the day off and kept going! Which gave me random contractions... That's it. Tuesday I had to go into the drs for fetal monitoring with contractions so the doctor said go ahead and get your things and your husband and go to the hospital. Only 2 problems. The husband was baling hay and the contractions almost completely stopped by the time I got home! Seriously???? These things only happen to me right?

3 hours later hubby shows up and announces he's ready to go to the hospital now. The kid heard him. The kids only listen to him. Contractions started back up. *rolling eyes* by the time we get to the doctors I'm in trouble because they thought I decided to have the baby in a hay field. Note: never ever mention your husband was almost born in a field to your doctor. Couldn't get an epidural for 2 hours by then I was 9 cms. Lol finally got one by screaming and telling the student doctor the only way he could watch was if he got the drug guy. Luckily he got the epidural guy and not the guy selling pot on the corner. Good student! He gets a gold star.

By 840 Jason was born at 7 lbs 12 oz 21 inches long, red hair, blue eyes, and so cute. Now I regret telling hubby we were never doing this again when I thought the contractions were killing me. Baby pic as new profile pic coming soon! Because well I'm on my phone and I just typed way too much!

23 August 2014

22 August 2014

It's official. Operation Get This Child Out of Me has begun. My doctors cheerful parting words to me were "Maybe next Friday." then she shut the door.. before I could chuck my shoe at her.. They want me to go in twice a week for fetal monitoring then after next week they will decide if I should be induce.. or just keep monitoring.

Maybe going to the gym while you're pregnant is a bad thing. Apparently I now have a uterus of steel. And a stubborn child. The two combined means I'm not having this child anytime soon.. At least.. that's what they think. This is why operation GET THIS CHILD OUT OF ME.. is on! Tonight I'm going marathon grocery shopping.. because well.. that's what got little man out. The elliptical is coming back downstairs tonight. Where I can use it.. all freaking weekend long. Someone said exercise would put me into labor. The state fair is this week.. something spicy there has to work or maybe just walking all day long will work. Maybe I can go see the cow birthing center and add something to the exhibit.. if my water breaks there can I have lifetime passes to the fair???

Somethings got to work. The kid is done. I saw pictures. There's no reason for him not to come out. I just need to give him some motivation.

22 August 2014

21 August 2014

It's official. My prediction of having a child with facial hair is going to happen. Mostly because he's unwilling to come out.. ever.. apparently. You'd think all the squats milking cows, walking around the barn, moving gates, carrying around calf pails full of milk, cleaning the house from top to bottom because we have company coming tonight, and running around like a crazy woman would help speed up the process. It hasn't. The only thing I have successfully done is given myself a fat lip! That.. I kind of asked for though.

Note to self.. stop cursing. We obviously live in the middle of nowhere. When you live on a dairy farm it's kind of a given that you don't have close neighbors. Everything is on a back road and we live in upstate ny where there are hills, curves, etc. Well when I was pulling hay wagons out of the field the other day I had to take one of these back roads past Pastor Portney's home. He's a lovely old man. I believe he's in his 90s. He lives on a tiny farm where he sells sweet corn. He also lives on a curve. So everyone and their brother stops to buy some, talk to the pastor, and check out his stand.. which currently has 2 giant umbrellas, a spotlight, decorations, two categories of corn.. fresh and freezer.. and cucks. I think these are cucumbers.. maybe? Who knows. So I attempt to pull past the corn stand which has two trucks parked in front of it blocking half my lane. I don't see anything coming in the opposite direction but again.. its on a curve. I get halfway around the curve and a truck going 80 mph comes flying around the curve. Because well.. it's in the middle of nowhere. People tend to speed where cops don't even bother to go. I of course.. yell F###! In front of Pastor Portney... Windows down.. right.. in.. front.. of the corn stand and the Pastor. Who married us, is like a family member to hubbies family, blesses everyone every time he see's them, army vet, pastor.. I'm sure he's probably heard worse.. but I still immediately bit my lip, got around the other driver.. and woke up with a swollen fat lip the next day. Moral of the story?? Don't say F###! In front of a very sweet 90 yr old pastor.

So now.. I'm 1 day from my due, I've given up cursing hopefully right before I attempt to push a tiny human out into this world, tonight? maybe? please!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!, and.. well.. that's all I've got. I'm walking like crazy, not eating a whole lot because there's no room, weight is steady, and.. I want crab rangoons.

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