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22 July 2014

I'm pretty sure the scale is broken. There is no way I lost weight. There can't be. It seems like I'm constantly eating these days. I think the main reason I haven't gained in so long is because the kid had a foot pressed up against my stomach. Now that he's moved... I can't stop eating. Granted.. I graze like a cow. A little here or there. I was up to 1500 calories yesterday and that didn't include the things I couldn't remember putting in my mouth.. or the random chip or twizzler that ended up in my hand thanks to little man. How did I lose weight?!?! According to the baby tracker this kid is gaining an oz a day. Maybe I can talk him into taking some butt fat or the arm jiggle.

Since I discovered I'd lost weight since last week I decided a big breakfast was in order because well.. that's the way my mind works. lol This is probably why I've yet to get under 150 when I'm not pregnant. Maybe I should just avoid scales from now on and tell the family to keep swapping my pants for smaller sizes and don't tell me. Then I could avoid the whole mind set of OOOOOh lost weight?!?! Fatty breakfast please! Yup.. straight jacket coming soon.

22 July 2014

Weigh-in: 200.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 0.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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21 July 2014

The weekend was not long enough. My mom and sister came to steal the preteen for a month. Turns out I didn't get my weekend away from home. Instead they came all the way out to us so friday and saturday were a blurr of cleaning the house, getting groceries, and well.. attempting to make my home look half decent while a wrecking crew followed me around. The wrecking crew being little man. That had to burn extra calories right?? It will make up for all the cooking and eating we did Saturday night and all day Sunday. lol Which really wasn't all that bad either. My sister surprised me. She was diagnosed as being diabetic last October. She's always been a bigger girl. I believe mid to upper 200s but I've never asked. She has lost alot of weight. I think my mom said at least 50 lbs. It's inspiring. I'm now attempting to talk her into getting a fitbit so we can compete. lol She says she walks 6 miles a day. Started drinking healthy protein shakes. Has some strange obsession with asperagus. It's inspiring seeing a family member you never thought would change their way of life do a complete 180. She did keep asking me what size I was though. lol Sorry.. Maternity clothes are XL,L,M and S. The only things I've bought that have actual sizes still say 12 or 14. So.. I'm technically the same size. Just rounder. I wanted to tell her about fatsecret. I just couldn't.. Some things my family just doesn't need to know. lol Strangers?? sure! Mom?? Uh uh. Makes sense right??

Weight was at a slight uptick this morning but I've been officially weighing in on Tuesdays so I'll wait to see if any of it is just from eating differently. Still under 205.. Have my gym bag packed for lunchtime.. have a healthy day of food planned. If I can keep this up I might actually get back to prepregnancy weight before the kids are in college! Only 1 more month to go. And.. well a skinnier sister to keep up with. lol

Ooooh almost forgot! The leg hair incident. You know how when you're pregnant and so round you can barely tie your shoes that you can't really.. maneuver or well see places you could see before? Well with little man I had contractions come and go for 2 days before he finally decided to come. So I was all proud of myself. Had time to shave my legs.. above the knee even, had lotion so they weren't all dry skin nasty, even talked preteen into painting my toe nails. I was good to go! Until I got to the hospital.. and they put your knees behind your head.. and tell you to push.. Ok.. remember when you can't really see you can't be completely sure you're shaving everything.. you think you are.. but well.. maybe you aren't. For 6 months.. and your hair grows like crazy when you're pregnant. That's my excuse. For leg pits. The back of my knees became a leg pit that kinda looked like a 13 yr olds armpit who hadn't learned to shave yet. The doctor is telling my husband and nurse to hold my legs and I'm laying there yelling I've got it because I don't want anyone seeing my leg pits. So instead hubby watches the whole birth.. watches me get stitched up.. you'd think the man was watching the discovery channel. I was sure it had ruined our sex life. Moral of the story.. avoid leg pits and keep your husband next to your side or the next time you're pregnant he will claim.. "he's got this one" in case you don't make it to the hospital.

16 July 2014

Finally weighed in for the week after some ninja like moves, running through the house like a mad woman wearing only a towel that luckily didn't slip, and using both dogs as hurdles. All this because little man has decided he wants to stand on the scale toooooo.. while wrapped around my leg. Thanks.. but I don't need the extra 30 lbs and his big sister has taught him to pick the bathroom lock. It's either all this or risk him throwing the door open while I'm naked on the scale in the bathroom that is right next to the front door.. where people walk in.. without knocking.. at all hours. It's bad enough sitting on the toilet waving to my mother in law when she walks in because I had children who refused to shut the door as they ran laughing like hyenas from the bathroom.. after they picked the useless lock.. after letting both dogs in... who need to either lean on you while you're attempting to pee or want to sniff the toilet seat you're currently sitting on. *sniff sniff sniff sniff.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh* Note to self.. get one of those eye and hook locks for the top of the bathroom door. It could work.. until he figures out he can stand on top of the bathroom sink and lock himself in. Resulting in us having to break down the door to get him out as he TPs the entire bathroom and puts toothpaste in the dryer.. Hmmm .. note to self. Forget the lock. He will do it.. you know he will.

I was naughty and skipped the gym today. My husband and his band of merry men decided to make a 20 foot ditch from the house to the barn to run new electrical wiring and a new water line since the ones there were oh... about 50 yrs old?? This resulted in no water in the house so no laundry.. so no clean workout clothes. Because I only own two sets of workout capris at this point that fit. Why? Because there is no point in buying gigantic workout capris capable of housing my butt and a tiny child for 1 more month. Besides I do laundry every night anyways. And shorts?? uh uh. I could have stolen hubbies cotton shorts but well.. I have veins popping out of my thigh now so there's a little vanity and well.. I would have had to shave my legs higher than my knee. I will workout tomorrow. In workout capris. That give me the dillusion that I'm hiding something from the other workout people like veins and hair thighs. What can I say.. I'm lucky I can still tie my own shows. I'm not pushing it in an attempt to shave any more than I have to! Note to self... shave entire leg when you have 7 days to go till delivery. We don't want the leg hair incident from um.. last time.

16 July 2014

Weigh-in: 201.6 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 1.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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