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30 July 2014

Weights still pretty steady. Thankfully. Despite wanting to eat my weight in fudge pops. :)or maybe cookies.. pudding would be another good option.. just so long as there is alot of it and chocolate is involved.

I was adding up the number of days that I've been to the gym in July and I've made it there 50% of the month. Which.. if you consider I can't make it on the weekends and I substitute barn chores, projects around the house, and chasing a tiny mad man for the elliptical on those days well then 50% of the days in a gym is pretty darn good. It also means I made my goal of going at least 3 days a week. So.. yay me! I'm round. I feel like a beached whale but I'm an active very round beached whale. I should celebrate with a new smutty book to read during the remaining 2 weeks of my membership. My yearly membership runs out a week before I'm due. Unless I do the day pass thing.. I'll wait and see. I don't want to disappoint the boys with the bet going that my water breaks on the elliptical. Then again.. there was a bet going my water would break when I was milking cows last time and I did that up until I went into labor. Water? Never broke on its own.

Now I'm going to go get my sweat on and hopefully keep the hormonal pregnant chick rants in check. Poor hubby. Last night little man started teething with two teeth coming in so he was cranky. I was cranky because little man was cranky. Then hubby attempted to get cranky. hehe.. Uh uh. sorry buddy. Never ever try to out crank your round pregnant wife dealing with a cranky toddler while she helps you milk cows. You won't win.. you may not live. He's lucky he still has all his body parts.
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29 July 2014

The good news.. the baby is not 3 foot tall, 30 lbs, with a beard. Instead he.. yes HE I had them triple check.. is only about 6 lbs right now, average height, and no facial hair.. just a full head of hair. He's on target to be somewhere in the 7 lbs just like my previous 2. I'm still convinced he will be born with biceps though so I'm keeping the nickname hulk baby. Or.. I'm becoming wussy in my old age.

Speaking of wussy. They have us walking about a mile from the parking lot to our office now due to construction for the next 4 weeks and it was pouring yesterday. I was soaked by the time I went to have my appointment. Uncomfortable. And well.. just plain grumpy. So when they offered me a letter stating I needed closer parking I jumped at it even though my mind is screaming NO!!! Be active. Take the extra steps. Don't be a wuss! Not my proudest moment.. Even this morning I was thinking I should only use it on crappy days. Then again.. do I want to start having labor pains a mile away from civilization? I'm still wrestling with the idea. The gym is one thing. I can sit down and stop whenever I need to. Walking from a parking lot which sounds easy seems more challenging. My membership is expiring at the gym a week before I'm due too. Is it smart to slow it down even though I'm still screaming no at myself??

I know I have serious mental issues. I had issues when I had little man. Within 2 days I wanted to be back out to the barn but everyone was already doing my chores so there was nothing for me to do. It drove me insane. I didn't get postpartum. I got stir crazy and cranky. It didn't help that we had a trailer park leech and her two spawn living with us at the time. I'm hoping this time will be different. I will have little man with me part time during the week instead of sending him to daycare full time. That and attempting to potty train should keep me busy. I do have a bit of a problem with that plan though.. WHY THE HECK DON"T THEY MAKE A POTTY SEAT THAT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING TOILET!!?!?!?! Seriously. I've seen lady bugs, frogs, thrones, talking cartoon characters... I just want a mini toilet. teaching your child to pee on a lady bug seems like something that will cause issues later in his life. I played around with the idea of getting him a seat that sits on our toilet but well.. he only wants to go when we're going. My bladder doesn't have that type of patience right now.

28 July 2014

25 days left until the baby is due?? It doesn't seem possible. I think I may attempt to cross my legs. Hmm.. yup.. not going to happen. Maybe I will get lucky and the baby is hearing me yell no, put that back, stop that, get down, don't climb that, don't poke that with a screw driver!! Maybe the baby will be so tramatized hearing me yell at little man that he will stay in for another.. oh I don't know.. 6 months? By then the terrible two's should be broken in right?? Who planned this anyways? Having a baby when the last one just turned two? The only good part is I'm going to be so active that I won't have any option but to lose the baby weight. Maybe I should be counting down the days until the preteen comes back from her summer of spoiling at her grandmas. 21 days to go..

Eating.. is questionable. Not as good as it should be but not horrible either. I picked my first zuccini from the garden so I'm excited that soon I won't have to buy anything from the store but fruit. Exercise? Excellent. I'm averaging 4 days a week at the gym. Although.. my favorite workout capris are currently headed to the trash. I was wearing them and one of my favorite workout shirts when hubby asked for help changing the fuel filter on the diesel tank. Accidently hit the lever when we were putting the new one on... Interesting tidbit. Smells to high heaven but diesel fuel gives you the silkiest hair. It was the only advantage to taking a face full of diesel fuel. I attempted to save the pants.. by wash #4 holes were appearing in the butt area. Goodbye favorite workout pants you will be missed.

Today I have to skip the gym for an ultrasound to see how big the hulk is. I estimate 30 lbs.. 3 foot tall.. with a beard. Comparing this baby bump to little man's baby bump at the same time... could be about the same as my last two which came in at 7 lbsish. I still say there will be a beard with the amount of heartburn. Then.. I'm skipping off to wally world for new workout pants for tomorrow. Shhhhhhh... I didn't say that. It's straight back to work for me.. um yup .. uh huh. Maybe with a cute new workout top.

22 July 2014

I'm pretty sure the scale is broken. There is no way I lost weight. There can't be. It seems like I'm constantly eating these days. I think the main reason I haven't gained in so long is because the kid had a foot pressed up against my stomach. Now that he's moved... I can't stop eating. Granted.. I graze like a cow. A little here or there. I was up to 1500 calories yesterday and that didn't include the things I couldn't remember putting in my mouth.. or the random chip or twizzler that ended up in my hand thanks to little man. How did I lose weight?!?! According to the baby tracker this kid is gaining an oz a day. Maybe I can talk him into taking some butt fat or the arm jiggle.

Since I discovered I'd lost weight since last week I decided a big breakfast was in order because well.. that's the way my mind works. lol This is probably why I've yet to get under 150 when I'm not pregnant. Maybe I should just avoid scales from now on and tell the family to keep swapping my pants for smaller sizes and don't tell me. Then I could avoid the whole mind set of OOOOOh lost weight?!?! Fatty breakfast please! Yup.. straight jacket coming soon.

22 July 2014

Weigh-in: 200.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 0.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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