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24 March 2017

Have you ever noticed that the featured people are now the food porn people? If you post pictures of what you eat then you will most likely be a featured person. If you look at enough of the featured people's food porn then you realize that most diets look absolutely unappealing when you go on a plate by plate basis.. just sayin. I'm sorry but the hard boiled egg next to spinach did nothing for me. Now the picture of the hot dog? That I could totally relate to. lol It's kind of sad because featured people used to be the most interesting people on here. I absolutely refuse to post pictures of my food.. although.. it would help me log food after I forget to log and then forget what I ate that day. I just don't get it. Maybe I'm old and grumpy..

Despite being old and grumpy and tired I have managed to work out every day, eat reasonably for every day except today.. today I want pizza with a burger and a side of ice cream. I'm resisting but it's that kinda day. I think this is why the food porn is annoying today. I think I need a nap. I should go take a nap. The diseased tiny humans in my house keep waking me up at night and I need a nap. And possibly a candy bar... and pizza.. and cheesecake.

Also.. where is all the crap on the counters in these food pics? My counters are full of crap. Are you telling me these people have no counter crap? Ok now I'm really going to take a nap.

22 March 2017

You know you've had a successful leg day when you debate on whether or not you need assistance to go to the bathroom. Just sayin...

Yesterday I had to work late on a work project but apparently the day before was a wonderful workout because I can't seem to do normal things a person should be able to do today.. like sit without falling back into a chair hoping it won't decide to roll out of the way. Seriously.. why does every freakin office chair have wheels on it? You aren't allowed to roll up and down the hallway. People seem to frown at chair races for some reason. So why do they all have wheels?

This is just one of the things on my list of things that has earned me the self proclaimed nickname Jinx for the day. First my 4 yr old got bitten by a barn cat, the roads were bad and it took me too long to get to the dealership so I lost my courtesy car, the tv was out in the waiting room so everyone wanted to talk to me, I'm not positive but I think the courtesy van door broke because of me.. I tried to open it. I never should have touched anything at that point, I get to work and walk in and they tell me my car is ready, my computer is glitch, the copier is broken.. it goes on. I could fill a page of all the things that have gone wrong. Hopefully things improve when I get home so I can touch my elliptical. I'm afraid to get on anything with moving parts at this point.

I'm going to end this now.. before I accidently say something and IT blocks me from the site again and calls fatsecret porn.

21 March 2017

I'm not positive but I think someone at work swiped my coffee cup. The jokes on them though.. those tea stains on the rim will not come out. I tried everything. It does make me wonder what I did to make someone want to swipe my coffee cup. Was I too hyper? Did I piss someone off? I only know of one person that I have actively been trying to piss off and he's a dink. I think from this point forward I will call him Dink. He's one of those guys that will pass blame to anyone he can, makes a mountain out of the tiniest of things, and can turn a 30 minute meeting into 3 hours. I'm totally calling him Dink from now on. Possibly to his face.. if I get fired I would have more time to workout and get past 199. Plus there is a good possibility Dink took my coffee mug. Or.. maybe I threw it away and don't realize it... I already checked the freezer in the break room and I didn't put it there. I'm blaming Dink. It's much easier that way.

Today I have to thank TomLong. He asked me how I was doing on reaching the goals in my Bio. After.. um.. looking up the goals that I set in my bio I gotta say. I've been slacking. First of all I had to look them up. Secondly I've been working out but not really concentrating on reaching my goals. This is going to be my renewed purpose. Not necessarily the number on the scale but the goals of being stronger, more capable, and eventually reaching kilted yoga for girls status. I'm pretty sure that's why I set the goals in the first place but the scale is an easier way to measure success. Plus I'm pretty sure kilted yoga on a girl level means I have to do a handstand.. I see lots of yoga chicks doing handstands. Why? I mean seriously? I'm barely coordinated enough to stand up when I'm not on my head.

In other news.. I get to get a new treadmill with tax money. It was my trade off. Hubby gets a new barn cleaner motor.. I get a treadmill. Something we could both potentially use. Although he never will. As soon as that happens I can train for that 5K goal ran or shine.. or snow. Currently there is a lot of snow.

19 March 2017

199 is a brat. A serious freaking brat. I would call it something stronger but FatSecret would bleep me. It's there one day, it's gone the next, no wait it's there.. no it's not. Soooo frustrating!! At least I seem to be hovering right around 199. Stupid freaking 199. If 199 was something I could actually punch I would have by now. Or at least backhanded up the back of the head. Totally would have backhanded 199 up the backside of the head.

I suppose I should be grateful for what I have lost so far... That seems far too grown up and rational for a Sunday morning before I've had coffee. Instead I'm going to go grumble about 199 and see how many of my kids give me that "Mom's losing it again..." look.

The plan today is to dismantle the guest room. Because who actually wants guests? It seems silly that they get their own room when they only come for a handful of days out of the year. They can sleep in the kids room instead so they get that whole be like a kid again experience. I'm turning the guest room into my room. An almost empty room with workout equipment, tv and dvd if I get the urge to try one of the 100 workout videos that looked good at the time..., free weights, and best of all a place to hide. Yes.. I plan on hiding from my family. All the workout equipment will hopefully inspire me to workout while I'm hiding.

17 March 2017

You may be trying to eat healthy if.. you compare your love to people with food. Yesterday I told a friend I loved them more than chocolate. This morning I told the 4 yr old I loved him more than peanut butter. This could also be an excellent way to mess with your children because they will never know which is better.. peanut butter or potato chips.

Speaking of food. I need to learn to actually log my food. I have a mental total in my head as I go along but I'm also operating on 6 hours of sleep most days so some things may just be slipping by me. Like did I eat something in the car on the way to work?? I don't think so. I know I eyes the pistachios in my bag but decided they were too messy and then it would give the kids evidence that yes.. people do eat in the car despite the frequent yelling that it will not ever take place. Plus I thought I packed a breakfast bar.. but I can't find it. Maybe the kids took it to the sitter. I know they took my gum with them but I have no clue if one of them pocketed the breakfast bar. It's happened before so I'm not sure. lol

Other than that.. my abs hurt so I'm still doing something right and I'm looking for a workout app that will track all of this stuff so I don't have to scribble things in a notebook my kids keep trying to bogart so they can draw things too. I think I need a lock box for notebooks and breakfast bars.

Hope everyone has a good day! I'm going to go name my coworkers after cookies now.

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