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16 September 2014

Exercised today. Well, sort of walked. 1.0mph for 20 minutes. Heart rate got up to 85. It was wonderful to be able to do even that. Burned 36 calories.

A link I found that talks about rewiring the brain after a stroke and supports walking.

Speech therapy tomorrow, physical therapy on Monday. PCP on Friday, and cardiologist next Friday. Neurologist 10/13. I need to get cleared from neuro to see if I can still go to Pittsburgh with kiddo for 4 days. If not, there will be other times. I am a little apprehensive with the thought of leaving and being so far away from home.

Getting around pretty well. Cognitive issues clearing up little by little. I can now write again and typing is back. Other cognitive issues persist and hopefully the speech therapy will help bring all of that into alignment.

Made dindin... roast beast in the crock pot. Felt good being able to do the things I normally do. Just going slow and steady and think out each thing instead of the usual haphazard Tasmanian Devil approach.

My love to everyone here. I can't thank you all enough for the prayers and thoughts. It's overwhelming knowing so many people are praying for you. Amazing.

16 September 2014

Weigh-in: 169.4 lb lost so far: 76.6 lb still to go: 9.4 lb Diet followed poorly
   (9 comments) on diet ClassicRocker's own diet   gaining 0.8 lb a week

13 September 2014

I had a stroke. A pretty large one which hit the right side and fragmented into smaller ones in the back. Left hand and fingers numb and will be doing therapy. Dificulty puttting thoughtd into play. As communicating my thoughts to my fingers for typing. Can't write in cursive. CAn't write "8" Go figure. Freaky. Had to learn to tell time over again. Will also need speech therapy as that will assist with the inability of connecing brain to fingers and formation of words. The most elementary of things were damaged, however I was given a 100% prognosis of a complete recovery with therapy and slowing down. Quite the education. Finding out my heart threw the clot and upon discharge today the doc was matter of fact in saying,oh by the way we found additional damage to your heart wall and that I'd had a hert attadk in the past. Yeah, knock me over with a feather. Never felt it or knew. Neeeding to see a cardiologist now along with the neurologist. So a gentle walk nd a gentle pace on the treadmill and Just moving will be thrillin.

They could tell from the ct scan,and mri that I'd had the stroke within the past 48 hours from the time I went to the er. So the accident probably occured at the time or right after I started hving symptoms. Lucky I got home at all.

Angry in ER... all the work, exercising, and this. Doc said that if I'd not done what I did I probably wouldn't have survived and said with the loss of weight, recovery would go along bettter. And I know that had I not been doing this, I would probably be over 300 lbs. So, looking for the positive in this. I'm walking, and no outside signs of a stroke, just weakness of the left arm and hand. Left leg is weak. I trip over my tongue so I havae to focus on my talking to make sure I pronounce clearly and distinctly. Otherwise, sound as if I've had too much to drink.... speaking of which I am goingto take up a new hobby. Gave up salt...yep, needung ti regroup on my diet. Also having ot looking at my workouts. ER doc said to amp up exercising, but that was before they did the echo and tee and discovered the heart damage, so fearful of throwingt another clot as they said to keep my heart rate down until I see a cardiologist and do antoher strewss testr. But will get on tread mill tomorrow and do a leisurely pace.

Back and forth conflicts with info from various docs, do this, do that. You can eat high fat as your labs were pefect and my blood pressure has atually been too low and they don't like that as they want to make sure there is enough pressure to ppump the blood from the heart to the brain. They couldn't decide on the mg of statins and other meds beause of being heatlhy.... yeah, right. Didn't know a stroke was categorized as being healthy.

Said I'll be in in a slow mode for at least 3 months and that my energy will be zapped and I have to shift from 4th great down to 1st, but to continue doing things. Exhausted and looking forward to ssleeping in my own bed tonight.

I hate the fact I have to tak meds now, but they're what will keep me alive and prevent future problems. Asked about doing natural and got the raised eyebrow and the "you're kiding, right". So for all the preaching I've done about doing things nturally, I will resort to western medicine to stay alive.

FYI...migaines lead to strokes. The stroke area can also increase in size if it ntoher cloth is thrown and it goes in the same area. Supposedly he size of an egg. That part of my brain is now dead and cannot be revived. However, the brain is the most spectacular engineeering marvelin our bodies, thugh I've seenit said the rectum controls everyhing, :~). My brain will recover information and knowledge originally contained in the damaged areas.

#1 cause for strokes? Ciggies. Lucky there. gave themup 8 years ago.

More to come as I progress on this journey.

I've got a few links I'd like to share with everyone. My dynamic nurse gave me loads of info and thought it's something we all need to know about and understand. Thanks Sweet Sally... if you head over here. I couldn't haven't through the past 5 days without you.

And to my musical brother from antoehr mother... northernmusician, thanks for putting updates. I'v not had the opportunity to read all of thme andhope to in the coming days.

Even though lots of us have lost hundreds of lbs, we're still at risk and there's so much more to learn and I want you all to know that it's never too late to take control of your health.

Thanks eeryone for your prayers an being here for me.

07 September 2014

I'm a hot mess today. I had an accident last night. I had an optical mgraine and had some issues with my vision. I know I hit something and just thought it was something in the road or a pothole.

Coming home someone was behind me flashing their lights and discovered it was the truck I supposedly hit. The kids' father approached me in my driveway father saying I hit his son. However according to the trooper, my bag should have beenceployed and it didn't. Lots of the damage indicates he may have hit me. And I don't know as I had the blinding lights and had difiiculty seing the street lights. So it is possible I hit him, but the trooper said looking at the damage and amount of paint scraped off, i43 scrapes and how the left front was scrunche4d in where I couldn't open the driver door and the tire marks on my suv. Had PA troopers here around midnight and trying to cvontact MD trooper who supposedly took care of the incident report down there where I had the acccident and no one will call bck. I neeed to file with my insurance company and can't.They kept asking how much I had to drink and told them a cup of coffee probably 2 hours earlier and there was a coke zero in the up holder and they went through the behicle looking for booze. The first question they all ask. And one found it hard that I hadn't been drinking and wondered why I didn't stop. when the guy was riding my bumper andflashing his lights and on a dark country road. Told him I wouldn't have pulled over for him either with no oo one around. One trooper had attitude and gave me hellfor not stopping at the scene of the incident. Told him I thougth I hit a pothole and bottomed out or just ran over somethng. Again got shitty said I could have at least stopped to look. Said I was alone and refused to stop. Asked who I was wwith LASTNIIGHT that and why I was down there. husband told him I was at a catholic church playing bingo. So watchout for those catholic church bingo halls. Get you in troble every time.

We don't know if it's totalled or eben drivable. Was due to be inspected tomorrow but that's not going to happen.

I avhe a wicked headache and having anxiety attacks where I can't even think staight. Typd this several times,so if it makes no sense, sorry.


05 September 2014

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