1 egg omelete

cals: 137kcal | fat: 8.19g | carbs: 1.02g | prot: 14.01g
Includes: Scrambled Egg, Great Value Shredded Mild Cheddar Cheese, Light Tuna Fish (Drained Solids In Water, Canned), Great Value Purified Drinking Water. 

broccoli, chicken and rice cheese bake

cals: 810kcal | fat: 24.50g | carbs: 100.00g | prot: 52.00g
Includes: velveeta cheese, boneless skinless chicken tenderloins, boil in a bag rice, broccoli steamers. 

Burger or Chicken patties

cals: 785kcal | fat: 25.00g | carbs: 94.00g | prot: 54.00g
Includes: morning star , morning star original, great value ketchup, great value hamburger buns. 
"I like morning star, veggie patties...either burger or chicken patties, delete which ever you dont use"

chicken and rice

cals: 370kcal | fat: 7.75g | carbs: 49.50g | prot: 28.50g
Includes: bonelss skinless chicken breast, fat free campbells cream of mushroom, uncle bens boil in a bag brown rice, great value water. 
"boneless skinless chicken breast, brown rice and fat free cream of mushroom soup "


cals: 892kcal | fat: 41.00g | carbs: 74.58g | prot: 53.43g
Includes: Daisy Light Sour Cream, Minute Ready to Serve Spanish Rice Mix, Mission Soft Taco Flour Tortillas (Medium), Great Value Fajita Seasoning, Bell Peppers, Beef, Onions, sliced red bell peppers, great value finely shredded cheddar cheese. 


cals: 282kcal | fat: 13.50g | carbs: 16.00g | prot: 22.50g
Includes: John Soules Foods Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast Strips, Fresh Express Italian Salad Mix, Rothbury Farms Cheese Garlic Croutons, Great Value Light Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, great value bottled water. 

skillet chicken and pasta

cals: 343kcal | fat: 6.75g | carbs: 41.75g | prot: 30.25g
Includes: great value chicken breast, hunts garlic and herb sauce, bowtie great value noodles, medium olives, mushrooms great value. 
"shredded chicken in tomato sauce with mushrooms and olives"

taco salad

cals: 470kcal | fat: 19.00g | carbs: 33.50g | prot: 39.00g
Includes: light daisy sour cream, great value refried beans, John Soules Foods Angus Beef Steak, Ortega White Corn Taco Shells. 
"beef strips, or ground beef or turkey, re-fried beans, i get fat free, save on calories and fat. 2 taco shells broken up, or just eat as tacos. your choice. shredded lettuce and sour cream. You can add other things, I chose to forgo cheese because it was too high in calories."


cals: 340kcal | fat: 20.43g | carbs: 34.07g | prot: 4.79g
Includes: daisy sour cream, mashed potato, blue bonnet butter, salt, pepper. 
"mashed potatoes"

tureky pasta

cals: 416kcal | fat: 10.14g | carbs: 58.00g | prot: 20.11g
Includes: hunts meat sauce, ground turkey, large black olives great value, great value mushroom pieces, bow tie noodles great value, great value diced tomatos. 
"ground turkey, pasta, and a few veggies"

turkey chili

cals: 378kcal | fat: 9.28g | carbs: 44.00g | prot: 30.23g
Includes: red beans great value, great value beans, ground turkey, chili powder McCormick. 
"ground turkey, chilli beans"

turkey sandwich

cals: 410kcal | fat: 13.00g | carbs: 54.00g | prot: 26.00g
Includes: Oscar Mayer Thin Sliced Turkey Breast, Great Value Prepared Yellow Mustard, Dole Hearts of Romaine, Food Club wheat berry bread, Cheetos Natural White Cheddar Puffs, Great Value Bottled Water. 


cals: 0kcal | fat: 0.00g | carbs: 0.00g | prot: 0.00g
Includes: great value water.