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05 August 2013

Been lagging on posting, but it's been busy around here!!! Did, however, go celebrate on Aug. 1. Reason? Down one size!!! So, the reward system is, on the 1st of each month, IF I've dropped a size, I get to go spend $50 on myself. With all the stores around here, that can be a whole outfit, plus shoes!
Anyway, treated myself on the 1st, pair of capris, shirt, 2, TWO pairs of shoes, all for just under the 50 mark. ( I LOVE clearance sales) One pair of shoes is cutesy slings, but the other pair has some serious sexy goin' on, and I would really like to wear them, soon, sooooo, someone needs to get married, quick-like!!!
In the meantime, the dieting goes on, and it's not really that big a deal. Eat more often, eat less, cut out some things, increase others, it's like a big food based chess game! And maybe that's why so many people fail at it, they take it too seriously! And they deprive themselves, which for me, just makes the cravings that much worse, so, yeah, I have a couple of cookies in the evening with my tea. Or a cup of cocoa. That's my trade-off for increasing whole grains and pretty much giving up processed flour. Pretty much means when I'm eating out, at some restaurants you don't have a choice but to get white, so I just eat less of it. Not that we eat out that often, I cook most nights, and other than a once a week pizza, we might go out once a month or so. So yeah, go ahead, stick to your diet, and say 'yes' once in a while.
And I'm not in a hurry to lose took a few years to put on , it'll take a few to lose..and honestly, I think that's healthier!!

22 July 2013

Well, back to reality, and I have to admit, it's dull after a weekend at the lake. 3 days of boating, swimming, walking, and yes, eating and drinking. When you consider that 2 of us LOVE to cook as much as we like to eat, well, dieting gets a bit iffy. Although not TOO iffy, as there are lots of fresh veggies to eat, along with all the BBQ'ing and smoking of food.

And it's amazing how much fat you can burn when you fall in the! Had a minor flub getting off the Sea Doo at the dock, which pretty much means I make a lousy rope. As the 'Doo drifted away, and I was trying to pull it back with one foot on the 'Doo, one hand on the dock, and the 'Doo getting further from the dock, I just said the hell with it and dropped. Do you have any idea how hard it is to swim and convulse with laughter at the same time? It's one of those occasions when you're happy you're fat, 'cause fat floats. LMAO!!! And life jackets are a bitch to swim in. Not exactly streamlined, y'know?

In packing up food to take with us, for breakfast and lunch, I did discover a convenience food I like. I wanted oatmeal for Sunday morning, and wanted something instant,(cause it's a pack to leave morning) but not by Quaker Oats. I found this small box of instant cereal, called Abundance, by BetterOats. It's a multi-grain cereal, has oats, whole grain brown rice, flaxseed, whole grain barley, quinoa, whole grain rye and wheat. It also comes in flavors, I got the apples and cinnamon, with REAL apple bits and REAL cranberry bits. The 'vital's are as follows:
SErving size..1 pouch (about 1/2 cup)
Calories 160
Total Fat 2.5 grams
Fiber 3 grams
Total Carbs 28 grams
Cholesteral 0
Sodium 90 mg
Protein 5 grams

Yes, there's some sugar, about 9 grams,(but it was sweet enough and I didn't have to add any extra) and 170 mg of potassium, which I need. The pouches are heavy paper, show you where to tear, then after you dump the grain into a bowl, you can use the pouch to add water, as it has a water line mark on it, just for that purpose.
You could do stovetop, but 2 minutes in the microwave works for me, since I did want 'fast'. And I have to tell you, it tastes pretty damned good. And is extremely filling, too! So, I will be stocking up on it, since the grocery has it on special for 1.88 a box, and there are several flavors, and one that's 'organic', for those who insist on that. Anyway, it was easy, tasty, and filling. If you can find it, and like hot cereal, go for it. And 160 calories is 10 less than whole grain bread, and that's before you butter the bread!

Anyway, eating the cereal made up for Saturday's breakfast. See, last time we went to the lake, our friends kids wanted pancakes. I had a couple of sausage patties left from breakfast the day before, (I season my own, because the store bought sausage just doesn't have enough flavor) so I crumbled the patties into bits and added them to the pancake batter. Kind of an all in one. I also add vanilla, sugar, pepper, and allspice to the batter, which works well with the rosemary sage and fennel I add to the sausage. Everyone loves them, especially the kids, and it's become a tradition when we go there. Calories, though!!! So, I don't make them often.

Lunch Saturday was BLT's, and I spent about an hour cooking 3 pounds of bacon...but we needed to use up some bread before we left. Dinner was also a 'use up' meal, consisting of grilled whole onions, which we layered onto hot dog buns along with 1 inch meatballs, tomato sauce and cheese. And home made onion rings. Oh, stop drooling and shaking your head, there was a giant bowl of salad, too, of which I had a huge helping. Even though I hate salad. Really, I do. I'm always looking for things to add to it, like rice, raisins, peaches, strawberries,leftover broccoli, anything to dress it up without added extra fat. And yes, you can add fruit to salad greens, makes it ever soooo much less boring. Surprisingly, the fruit flavors combine nicely with most salad dressings, gives an interesting twist on 'fruit salad'. Makes a weird kinda sense to me.

Enough for today, got to leap back into the real world, no matter how unwillingly. Ta!

19 July 2013

Whew!!! It's been HOT here this week. AND humid. Ridiculously so. On the plus side, that means it's really too hot to cook, or even think about eating. So, it's been fruit salad and salad for the most part this week. Did make a lovely pasta the other night with fettuccine, carmelized cherry tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and sweet red peppers, and instead of tomato sauce, I dumped a single serving can of V8 juice into it. With some herbs and spices, it was YUM and filling, made a nice side with the salad. Vaccum sealed what was left and froze it for another day.

Heading out soon for Deep Creek Md. Very happy we have good friends who like to share their lake house with us!!! And kids who don't mind house-sitting for us!
And love it there, so laid back and relaxed, and beautiful! Water, sun, swimming, boating, not to mention all the eating and drinking! Not great for a diet, but do-able! No setbacks, ever, after all, dieting is a journey to be enjoyed, not endured. Happy weekend, all!

29 June 2013

It's been a week, and I'm on target so far. Getting back into the whole diet diary thing hasn't been as difficult as the first time. Kinda like riding a bike. And it's been that way with the dieting, too...everything just falls into place: portions, timing, recording, etc.

I have decided to give myself 2 'free' days a month. By 'free', I mean count free, easing up on the restrictions. So, I had one yesterday, and still maintained my portions. I went to lunch with my son, and only ate half my burger and fries. Of course, the half order of deep-fried pickles might have had something to do with that. I figured yesterday at a 3000 calories day, with half that in fat. Not feeling guilty tho, because Thursday was only a 747 calorie day, with 1/3 of that in fat. No, I wasn't aiming for that low a count, I just wasn't hungry enough for dinner. It happens. And it's okay.


Going to cut back to posting on Saturdays, with weekly counts on calories and fats. Also, averaging out those counts, so I can see how things actually balance out.

Calories this week: 7,606 Daily average:1,268
Fat this week : 2,904 Daily average:484 grams per day

Yeah, I like those numbers. A lot. Happy Dieting, all!

26 June 2013

Wahoo! Did rather well yesterday, totals were 1462C & 222F. Not too shabby, and I wasn't hungry, at least not til dinner. That was grilled turkey burgers, parsley potatoes, and broccoli. I only ate half the burger, though, cause I halfway through I realized I wasn't that hungry anymore. It happens, and it's a good thing.

Didn't sleep well last night, we had about 9 hours of thunderstorms. I like storms, so that didn't bother me, but after laying awake for an hour listening to them, by 3 a.m. I decided to get up. Went back to sleep around 5, then woke at 8 with a pounding headache. It's finally gone after 6 hours, and I now feel like doing something. So, the house is clean, dishes are washed, time to head outside to sweep storm debris off the deck and porch, and sweep the pool.

Yes! Total calories for today...1200C and about 350F. I know, doesn't sound like much, but I average the dailies out once a week. And I won't be that low all the time, but who wants to eat with a migraine? Anyway, dinner was a cup of potato soup, a grilled ham sandwich (one slice of whole grain bread)with an ounce slice of dilled havarti, tomato, and a dab of mustard, and a small salad with tomato bacon dressing. I could eat more, but I won't, because I know it'll take about a week for my stomach to adjust to the smaller portions. Only ate 3 times today, but again, migraine. My goal is to be 52 pounds lighter by July of next year.

It'll take me 2 weeks to get into the diet habit again. Then, another 2 weeks to start exercising again. Nothing extreme, just me, my therapy ball, and some hand weights. Amazing the exercises that can be done on a ball...squats, sit ups, push ups, not to mention that just moving on it is beneficial.And I can do it in the morning while catching up on shows I've recorded but haven't had time to watch. Hurray!

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