Belly Filler Protein Blendie!!

cals: 147kcal | fat: 3.25g | carbs: 9.90g | prot: 19.00g
Includes: dannon Carb control - vanilla, Sweet-n-Low, Soy Slender Low Carb Soy Milk, Jell-O Sugar Free, Fat Free Pudding Mix, Super Advanced Whey Protein - Vanilla. 
"Low carb blended protein shake. (with ice)Makes about a 16oz glass. Blended ice drinks are filling. I make using double these portions and freeze the second half for a snack later. You choose what flavor pudding mix to use, or substitute with frozen fruit or other source of flavor."

Chia & Soy Milk

cals: 80kcal | fat: 2.25g | carbs: 10.50g | prot: 4.50g
Includes: Oregon Chai Slightly Sweet Original, Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Soymilk. 

Coffee (w/half & half)

cals: 62kcal | fat: 5.26g | carbs: 1.94g | prot: 1.81g
Includes: Half and Half Cream, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds). 

Greeked Up Chicken Salad

cals: 462kcal | fat: 9.97g | carbs: 53.93g | prot: 50.98g
Includes: green olive, Egg White, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders, quinoa, lettuce, dijon mustard, red onion, tillamook fat free sour cream, la tortilla factory. 
"Chicken, green olives, and Italian spices"

Low Carb Chicken Wrap

cals: 353kcal | fat: 17.94g | carbs: 27.45g | prot: 36.15g
Includes: avacado, cilantro, lettuce, boneless skinless chicken tenders, Smart & Delicious Low Carb High Fiber Tortillas (Large, Sweet Red Peppers. 
"Boneless Skinless chicken with fresh ingredients wrapped in a low carb tortilla."

Pumpkin Protein Blendie

cals: 303kcal | fat: 7.32g | carbs: 20.53g | prot: 39.13g
Includes: dannon Carb control - vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, soy slender, Pumpkin libby's, Super Advanced Whey Protein - Vanilla. 
"Relatively low carb, protein shake."

Quick Salad Chicken

cals: 284kcal | fat: 14.04g | carbs: 11.00g | prot: 31.15g
Includes: good sense sunflower nuts, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders, Light Red Wine Vinaigrette reduced fat dressing, Iceburg Garden Salad Mix. 
"Salad mix + chicken + seeds"

Quick Yumm Bowl

cals: 458kcal | fat: 22.25g | carbs: 51.41g | prot: 9.85g
Includes: Brown Rice, black beans, cilantro, Yumm, pico de gallo. 

Quinoa Chicken Scramble

cals: 427kcal | fat: 12.22g | carbs: 41.96g | prot: 37.81g
Includes: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Tenders, Egg, egg whites, red bell pepper, red onion, quinoa, pace picante. 

Thin PB&J

cals: 340kcal | fat: 16.00g | carbs: 41.00g | prot: 11.00g
Includes: Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter western family, Thinwiches. 

Wasabi Tuna Wrap (RR)

cals: 401kcal | fat: 17.01g | carbs: 25.48g | prot: 44.54g
Includes: Tuna, Reduced Fat Mayo with Olive Oil, La tortilla factory, red onion, wasabi paste, Baby spinach, ex-large egg. 
"Basically Rachel Ray's Recipe "Wassup Wasabi Wraps" but with substitutions. and a hard boiled egg on the side to boost the protein."