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25 January 2015

Down a pound this week. I knew the whole 2 pounds a week wouldn't last, but considering I thought I gained weight this week, I'm more than happy.

I completed my goal of doing zumba once and running 3 times this week. Very happy about that! I found this app called Zombies, Run! 3, and it's awesome. It has a whole story line that you listen to as you run. You can collect items and stuff that help you build your base, so it's a game that keeps you motivated to run. And it really does keep me motivated!! I'm excited to go running again, which I wanted to today but I'm not feeling so well.

On another note, 25 days without soda today. I didn't think I would make it this long, but I have! I can't wait until I hit the one month mark. I've decided that I'm not going to have soda again until I at least come within 5 pounds of my goal weight. (around 130). By then, I may decide that I don't want to drink soda, but we'll wait and see before I make any commitments. :)

This week my exercise goal is to run 3 times again and do zumba. If I'm feeling extra spunky, I'll try yoga but that is my reach goal.

As far as the restaurant invite yesterday, my husband ended up meeting his friend alone since his friend wasn't bringing his girlfriend, which was perfectly okay with me. Though, I don't think they ended up getting any food anyways. Haha.

I hope everyone has a good week. :D
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24 January 2015

I feel fat this week. I've been exercising and as a result, I guess it makes me hungrier. Which, after eating dinner and still feeling like I'm starving, of course I'm gonna feel fat.

I've also been weighing myself periodically throughout the week (bad me, because I know it contributes to me feeling fat...), and it looks like I've gained weight this week. I won't actually weigh in until tomorrow though, but I need something to stop me from weighing randomly throughout the week.

I don't understand why! I've been eating normal amounts of food, exercising. Maybe TOM is coming? That could explain the extra hunger and the feeling of fatness. I guess we'll find out in a few days.

So, one of the things that comes along with dieting / healthy eating is the fear/stress I feel when I get invited to go out to eat with people. I feel like there are no healthy choices, and all I can think about it calories and if I'll have enough, or how I can compensate for it later in the day. Today is one of my husband's last days in town, so we're going to meet at a brewery. I've been stressing out about it since last night, because who knows what they will have for food choices. I'd rather just not go (that's how bad I worry about this stuff), but I feel like it would be kind of rude. Any suggestions for how other people deal with this?

18 January 2015

Someone pinch me, I MUST BE DREAMING. Another week, and another 2 pounds out the door. I'm 100% positive the 2 pound loss isn't going to last, but until then it sure feels good.

Another thing, according to the scale my body fat percentage is UNDER 30!!!!! (29. something) I can't remember the last time the scale said it was under 30, so that also makes me happy.

I'm almost to the point where I'll be in my weigh range according to BMI (145.8 lbs), so that'll be a good feeling. For this week, my goal is to of course have no soda (that's the theme this month), try to run 3 times, and attend 1 zumba class. Last week I only ran 2 times, so I'll have to make sure I fit in the 3 this week.

Last night we went to go see The Imitation Game. It was pretty good, and I love Benedict Cumberbatch, he's an awesome actor. We didn't get back until midnight, so we ran the puppy around to make sure he would let us sleep in. Well, instead of waking up around 7, he let us sleep until almost 9. :D very happy for that!

I hope everyone has a good week this week!
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17 January 2015

Day 17 without soda...

It's been 2 and 1/2 weeks since I had my last soda / energy drink. I've been craving soda and bad food a lot this week. I could think about was wendy's and soda. I don't know if that means I'm making progress or if I'm backtracking, or if it really means nothing at all. Today I grinded up 5 strawberries and mixed it with a cup of seltzer water and it was pretty good, and I would say healthy. It's a serving of fruit that tastes like soda. I'm down for that.

So I didn't run 3 times this week. Thursday I had to go to the pet store to get dog food, we ended up getting chipotle that night because it was kind of late to cook, and then on top of that we had to give the puppy his shot and say good bye to my in laws before they leave the country. So no time for our second run of the week. That's fine, we ran Friday. But then today (we are starting our weeks on Sunday), my legs were hurting, and I'll be honest I was feeling lazy. I hate running on the weekends. To be fair, I did zumba Monday, so I was active 3 times this week, that counts, right? :)

Also, if you recall I said I was only going to do sugar once a week. This week I made homemade apple pie. Oh My Word. It was absolutely delicious and worth every calorie. I gave half the pie to our neighbors, so two slices for me, and two slices for the hubby. Very reasonable I think. The plus side, even though the pie was 400 (!!) calories a slice, I still managed to stay around 1300 for the day. Our dinner was healthy, had some vegetables and protein so all is good there.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. Am I the only one who gets nervous? I feel like what if I didn't lose any weight this week? I'll feel like I did a bad job, and it makes it seem like the struggle isn't worth it. Someone tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this?

13 January 2015

Hey Fatsecret peeps,

Tomorrow will be two weeks without a soda. I feel pretty accomplished. I never though I would get this far considering I've been drinking a soda a day for over a year now. But I've been doing well - so well that my hubby said he would get me a heart rate monitor at my one month mark :D Now that, I'm pretty excited about.

This weeks goal is to run 3 times, but it's Tuesday. So we'll have to run tonight, Thursday and Saturday to make up for it. I did go to zumba last night for the first time in like a month. The bad news, I forgot my hair tie. Now, my hair is long enough that is can magically get caught under my arm pit when I'm waving my arms up and down in zumba fashion. It hurt. I made sure to put some extra hair ties in my car for next time.

Speaking of heart rate monitors, does anyone know anything about the polar FT 60 and the polar M 400? Those are the two I am looking at right now. One is more geared towards you picking a goal (i.e. weight loss) and it telling you what heart rate and for how long you need to achieve each day. The other is geared more towards running, which I also like to do. I'm kind of torn because I don't know which one to get. Any advice?

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