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23 February 2015

I figured instead of face booking during lunch today I could record a journal on here.

So I went a little over board at the wedding Saturday, but I didn't feel too full. I had a decent amount of chicken and pasta (maybe too much pasta) and some bread. I was back on track yesterday though, so I think we're all good now. I did have popcorn with dinner, but I was hungry waiting for dinner to finish.

Not sure what we're going to have for dinner tonight. We have to go food shopping and before we do that we need dinner ideas for the week. I need to loser a pound this week to stay on track with 3/month. February just stinks because it's kind of a short month.

I'm excited for Zumba tonight though. It always feels like such a good workout. I need to start working on rewards for my mini goals. I also need to stop buying clothes until I reach my goal.

I hope everyone has a good week!

21 February 2015

This week has been a lot better. For one, I actually followed my meal plan this week, which is why I got the 1.8 pound loss *happy dance*

I ran 3 times this week, my 5k time somewhere between 34 and 35 minutes. I have 5 weeks to get it under a half an hour. Is that even possible? Either way, after the 5k race, I'm starting training for a 10k. I've been trying to beat 30 min for a 5k for a year and a half now (sometimes I don't run consistently), and it's preventing me from achieving other goals.

This week's goal is running 3 or 4 times, and zumba once, and yeah. I'm really concerned with beating this half an hour. :(

On another note, I wish I was on here more. I like reading other's journals, but I'm just so tired and have no time during the week. Then my journal for the week is as long as a book cause there is so much to say!

We are going to a wedding today. I think my breakfast started out good, and I'll probably just have a granola bar for lunch because I don't know what food will be at the wedding. I'm excited to have some drinks though, it's been awhile since I've had some good drinks.

Hope everyone's week went well!

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15 February 2015

This week has kind of sucked. I got sick Tuesday night, and besides feeling like crap, my nose won't stop running, I still have to work, and I got close to no exercise this week.

The no exercise thing is already driving me crazy. There is a 5K coming up April 2nd, and I want to beat 30 minutes...which I can't do if I'm not running. I was able to run once this week, and I did zumba once this week. I'm gonna try and run again Tuesday because I'm feeling better now, just waiting to be able to breathe through my nose again.

I got new running shoes though!! The adidas boston 5. They're pretty beautiful, and I really can't wait to go running in them.

As far as my calories go this week...they also kind of suck. I ate a bunch of tyson's chicken nuggets wednesday and thursday because they are bland tasting and wouldn't hurt my throat (they are super high in calories though). And Friday I was in an f-it kind of mood and had 3 donuts. 3!!! That's quite a lot of donuts... (I guess on the plus's been 1 1/2 months without soda!)

So my goals for this week:

- run 3 times this week
- do zumba at least once
- stay around 1200 or 1300 calories a day

Stretch goals for this week:
- no treats until the weekend
- do zumba twice this week (instead of once)
- drink lots of water!

In order to make my 3 pounds a month goal, I need to lose 2.8 pounds in the next two weeks... I gotta be super strict these next two weeks!
Weigh-in: 146.6 lb lost so far: 7.4 lb still to go: 21.6 lb Diet followed poorly

08 February 2015

I GOT MY WATCH THIS WEEK! We ended up getting the polar m400. It's mainly a running watch, but it's an activity tracker as well. It tracks when you sleep, and how well you sleep, the number of steps each day, and it can track a whole variety of exercises (like my zumba class), and of course running. I'm pretty happy with it so far!

As far as eating this week...I haven't been doing so well. I've been staying around 1500 calories a day, which I was thinking because I've been exercising I still would lose a little bit of weight. I ONLY LAST .2 POUNDS THIS WEEK.

Someone please explain, I ran 3 times this week, and did zumba, and yet somehow only lost .2 pounds. I don't understand how burning calories works. At least on the plus side, I guess I've found a good starting point for maintenance calories.

This week I will have to do better though. I'll have to stay around 1200 calories (1300 max) if I plan on losing a decent amount of weight a week.

Now I'm trying to look for new running shoes, mine are kind of old and I think it is causing my leg pains I'm having.

This week kind of sucked so here's to a better week, and I wish everyone else the same!
Weigh-in: 146.6 lb lost so far: 7.4 lb still to go: 21.6 lb Diet followed poorly
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01 February 2015

Another week, another pound lost! Feeling awesome, I must say.

Last week I stated that I was extra hungry and was pretty sure TOM was coming. Lo and behold, it did come. Who could've ever guessed (me..mainly because I use a period tracking app). So I've been feeling bloated all week, etc. You know the deal. I overate some days this week, and was pretty nervous getting on the scale this morning. I was afraid I would've gained weight, but I'm really happy to see that I still lost a pound. :D

I wanted to run Monday, so I ran instead of doing zumba. I was supposed to run Tuesday at work, but wasn't feeling awesome and ended up working from home and wasn't able to run. Wednesday I was planning on going to zumba, and halfway to the gym I realized I left my water bottle on the counter. This normally wouldn't be a problem because most normal gyms have a vending machine I can get a water bottle out of. Except this one. So I had to go back home, because I can't do an hour of intense cardio with no water. By the time I got home, if I were to leave to go back to the gym, I wouldn't have made the class in time. So in order to make my 4 days of working out this week, I would need to workout Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No big deal. Thursday I run at work with some co workers (there is a 5K in April we are training for). Friday I was going to go to zumba, and figures at 3 30 pm I get some issue that a client is having with our software that is affecting their business, and end up staying at work until 6 30. Needless to say I missed zumba. I did run Saturday though, so at least I ran 3 times this week.

Today, however, is ONE MONTH WITHOUT SODA. I'm pretty ecstatic about that, and as a reward my husband is buying me a heart rate monitor. I guess we get to buy it today. :D I'll be excited to use it tuesday and play with the little gadget once I get it.

My workout goal for this week is to run 3 times and do zumba once. Depending on how I feel, I'll do zumba twice (because there is a challenge I am in that is requiring 5 days of working out). We'll see how it goes. :)

I'm still continuing with no soda, but I'm not sure what else to focus on for the month of February. I've been eating relatively healthy, I make most of our meals, and usually have fruit at least once a day. Hopefully this week I can stay within my calorie limit a little more, and lose more than a pound next week. Guess we'll see!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!
Weigh-in: 146.8 lb lost so far: 7.2 lb still to go: 21.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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