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27 January 2015

Sorry about the brief disappearance. So though I had a wonderful week last week working out shins paid for it. Shin splints are a huge pain but they are feeling better today so I am going to attempt to pick my workout back up and continue on. Of course I had planned on doing it this morning but that did not happen so I will do it tonight because it's only the Stretch and Kettlebells. I am just hoping not to aggravate the shins anymore because not being able to walk is a big pain.

Today has so far started off badly and my anxiety is super high but I am trying my best to work through it all and get stuff done and problems solved. My situation truly sucks but there isn't a lot I can do yet.

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: TBA

Plank: TBA

Kettlebell: TBA

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): TBA

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: TBA

*Stay in Calorie range: TBA

*Park further away: TBA

25 January 2015

Weigh-in: 200.7 lb lost so far: 12.3 lb still to go: 40.7 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   add comment on diet MIT Carson Chow   gaining 0.4 lb a week

23 January 2015

I am unsure why but today has been a kind of off day. I have been completely lazy and not wanting to get up and do much of anything. I am not sure why it's been like this but I am slowly getting my stuff done. I have to push through this because I don't want to fall back into bad habits. My snack was not healthy by any means so I need to make sure to purge the house once again. If I don't keep the bad stuff here...I can make better choices...theoretically lol! I still need to get up and make myself some lunch...and get some more protein into my diet. The last couple of days, due to lack of carbs have been pretty high. I didn't go over my RDI though!

Well...I guess I should be my lazy butt up and workout and all that fun stuff lol!

EDIT: I was almost too embarrassed to track my food but I did...and you know...while it wasn't the greatest of choices...I am still within my RDI!

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Cardio combined with Lower Focus is brutal. Cardio does focus on getting your heart rate up but it works your legs pretty well...and then lower only does it more. My thighs! Lol! I am proud of myself for doing it though. I was going to just push it off but I realized that that kind of thinking is what gets me in trouble and I end up straying from my I pushed through and did them. :)


Yoga: I am still enjoying this workout. It stretched out my back and my hamstrings very nicely so I am glad I did it. Even though it's only 15 minutes, it still accomplished a much needed full body stretch. :)

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 6311

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: COMPLETE

22 January 2015

Today I actually got up at a decent time thanks to Piper. Piper fell back asleep around 830 am though lol! I need to work harder on getting her on a proper schedule. Maybe I should start holding little Circle Times for her to not only get myself back into the swing of preschool teaching but it would be good bonding time with me and Piper. I think she'd enjoy it. Today has been a mix of melancholy and positivity. How it works, I dunno but it does. I am feeling a bit better now than I was earlier though.

I actually have errands that I need to run today and my goal step wise is to try and hit 6000, so...*fingers crossed*. Nothing else really going on here other than planning that trip to Idaho for my grandpa...and then maybe seeing if there is a way I can take a trip out to Texas to visit some friends. That is all really.

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Ab Intervals...I love this workout but I felt like I didn't push myself hard enough here. Maybe I will try harder next time I do this one. I got a decent burn but yeah...just need to make sure I am pushing myself.

Plank: 40 sec plank. I was very shaky but my youngest was sitting right there, so I kept telling myself that I can do it for her and then distracted myself by talking to her. It helped somewhat lol!

Kettlebell: I love this workout so much! I tried a heavier kettlebell on the 3rd felt like my arms were gonna fall off lol! But I am glad that I did because it showed me that I can manage to use a heavier one through one whole round. :)

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 4814 <---ugh...need to improve!

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 7 <---need to improve here too!

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: COMPLETE

21 January 2015

I can't say that I woke up late because I didn't. In actuality, I woke up at 600 am but after seeing my daughter off to school, I went back to bed lol! So...I just started my day late lol! I am feeling pretty good though and confident that I can keep up the workout routines even when I get a job. I just have to be diligent about it. I will also have to start packing a lunch and some snacks as well. The thing that I actually enjoy about working is the consistent routine. Yeah sometimes it will drag but I like having some kind of routine. With staying at home, FOR ME, I have a harder time keeping on a normal routine because I know that ultimately, I have more time to get it done.

It's just funny because when I hardly have time to do anything, I wish I had more...and now that I have more, I don't utilize it as I should. Ah well. Come February, I will hopefully be employed again which will be active in itself since Preschool teaching required me to get up and move as well. Things are definitely off to a great start despite the few minor bumps. :)

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Total Body Circuit kicked my butt. I felt like I wasn't working hard enough though so I need to make sure to make up for that tomorrow. I am still very much enjoying the Focus T25 program and because of it, it has helped push me into trying Insanity when I feel I am ready for it. :)

Plank: 30 sec plank again. Tomorrow is 40 secs. Kind of nervous about it. I am still very shaky on the 30 sec ones but I am going to do my best to push through it. I have to strengthen my core which will in turn help my back. ><

Yoga: I broke my streak! ;_;

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 5279

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 7

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: INCOMPLETE <--- No errands to run.

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