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22 April 2014

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20 April 2014

Weigh-in: 221.8 lb lost so far: 4.2 lb still to go: 61.8 lb Diet followed 100%
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17 April 2014

It's been a bit tougher today for some reason. The cravings have been hitting me hard but I have resisted. My motivation is still very high and I am excited about achieving my goals. Small steps...I keep telling myself, small steps. Each accomplish brings me closer to my goal. I know I can do this! Easter will be very trying for me...not only in the soda area since I will be around my family (all soda drinkers) but I need to be careful with my calorie intake since we will be having delicious BBQed turkey and yeah. It will put my willpower to the test and I hope I am strong enough to fight temptation!

Day 4 Summary
*Oil Pulling: I totally woke up late so I wasn't able to do this today. :(
It happens though. I stayed up a little too late last night lol!

*MIF-Cardio/Strength/Yoga (another source): Honestly, I am hoping to really kick this off next week. Again, I am not going to kick myself if I don't do this everyday but I will try my damnedest to accomplish this. If I can kick the soda habit...then I can achieve this as my next goal...especially if I want that 6 pack!
-MIF-Cardio/Strength: N/A
-PM Yoga: N/A

*Abs Challenge: N/A

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 5202

*# Cups of Water (Goal-8 cups):
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16 April 2014

Woke up feeling rather positive today. Yeah, I am not perfect when it comes to working out daily, or hitting my goals...but you know, I am doing something. I am making those small changes that add up at the end of the day. And these small steps bring me closer and closer to fully changing my whole lifestyle. It's what I needed...small steps...those small victories to show me that I CAN do this. Today, I had several moments where I wanted to break down and buy a soda but I resisted. It's really just the sugar. Yeah...I am still eating things that have the processed sugars but again...I don't like the idea of wasting food and such so we are slowly purging the kitchen pantry and fridge. And regardless of this, I am still super proud of myself. I feel much like my old optimistic self which honestly feels so wonderful! I haven't felt like this for over a year.

Day 3 Summary
*Oil Pulling: Its getting easier and easier. I am enjoying how my teeth feel after oil pulling. I am also loving that they are naturally whitening. Someday I would love to get my teeth straightened!

*MIF-Cardio/Strength/Yoga (another source):
-PM Yoga:

*Abs Challenge:

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000):

*# Cups of Water (Goal-8 cups):
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15 April 2014

Today is so far fairly good despite a few real life drama that is going on. I got plenty of sleep which has eluded me for so long (thank you insomnia) and I am feeling pretty damned good. I have a few errands to run and after that, I am planning on coming home, working out and possibly going on a jog with my oldest daughter IF she finishes her homework on time. My outlook is positive and I don't feel as crappy since I haven't had my A&W Cream Soda. This is like, day 3 where I have been drinking nothing but water. So now I just need to continue working on getting rid of the crap food and managing my time better and it should be smooth sailing from there. I am very optimistic about things to come. :)

Day 2 Summary
*Oil Pulling: Once again, I notice that my teeth just look better and my gums are getting healthier. The part that had receded is slowly repairing itself and it is still slightly red but it isn't puffy and 'angry' looking. I am still experiencing some sensitivities on the right side of my mouth but they don't seem as severe as before. I am so glad I decided to try this.

*MIF-Cardio/Strength/Yoga (another source): So I am trying to wake up in enough time so I can get in an AM Yoga session and a PM Yoga session. It is very difficult to do at the moment and I am not sure why lol. Hopefully, it will get easier to wake up earlier and earlier so I can get everything I need to get done...well done.
-MIF-Cardio/Strength: So today was a day to do the whole DVD and man...I am still panting and puffing and red cheeked. I sweated my ass off but you know...I am glad I did it. My oldest daughter did it with me and I am glad that it is instilling in her that exercising is very important to keep your body healthy.
-PM Yoga:

*Abs Challenge: I kind of forgot to do this.

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): I walked less than 2000 steps...not happy about it but remaining positive.

*# Cups of Water (Goal-8 cups): 9
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