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12 July 2015

So taking the advice of my good friend, KellyM25. I am going to hold off on the lifestyle changes and such until I am fully moved...because it's starting to prove to be a little more chaotic than I anticipated. I've moved before so you would think that I would know this but I guess I was being a little too optimistic lol! Anyhow, I am going to try my best to workout daily and eat better still but I am not going to be super strict with it. This is already a stressful time though I am still very upbeat and positive about my move so I think it would be best to just ease up on myself for now. :)

On a plus note, I have lost a little bit already! Woo!! Would it be weird if I brought my scale on my trip to Texas?'s become habit to weigh in every morning (I average on Sundays). We'll see. :)
Weigh-in: 214.7 lb lost so far: 1.5 lb still to go: 54.7 lb Diet followed reasonably well

11 July 2015

I woke up today feeling super optimistic and motivated to getting everything done. There isn't much left to pack so I am going to try to knock that out along with bringing the rest of my stuff over to my sister's garage. I also need to make sure I pack for my Texas trip. It's going to be a busy day but super productive I am hoping. :)

I do have to say that this Vivofit 2 is definitely aiding in my activity as well. Unlike the UP band, I can see how many steps I have done and how many I need to reach my goal so it helps motivate me better. I am so far not regretting my choice in changing over to this. Anyhow, I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: REST DAY (just so I keep up with the schedule)

Plank: TBA

Yoga: TBA

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): TBA

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: TBA

*Stay in Calorie range: TBA

*Park further away: TBA

10 July 2015

I have decided to restart my diet. I am now heavier than when I first started and feeling a bit discouraged. I know I have my big trip coming up but I am going to try my best to keep on track. In other news, I also have a BIG move coming up. I am moving to Idaho which will take place on the 5th of August, a day before my birthday. My oldest sister is coming down from where she lives to help me. I am pretty excited though nervous as well. This is a big move and a big change but I think it is for the best.

Me and the girls will be so happy to be not only on our own but it's a fresh start. Kaitlin, my oldest, is nervous about starting a new school but at least she will be starting in the beginning of the year as opposed to starting after everyone already started. Regardless though, she is really excited. I know she is going to miss her cousins and everyone that she grew up around but she is doing her best to embrace it. She is slow at adapting but resilient so I am not going to push her. I openly talk to her about how yeah, I am going to be sad to leave everyone too but it's a new chapter in our lives and it's not like we won't see family on the holidays. :)

I think we all will do a lot of changing for the better and I can finally start implementing how I want to eat instead of having others there to influence, over-rule or just disregard it. So there is that that is going on. On the 4th of August, I go in for a hemoglobin test. Kind of nervous about it honestly. This will either confirm or rule out this mild blood disorder called Thelessemia. In a way, if I do have it, things will make a lot of sense that had occurred in me health wise. I just hope that IF I do have it, I have the mild one that oral medication will correct.

So...that is all on my end. These last few days, though I haven't been doing the T25, I have been busy packing and moving stuff so I have been getting my exercising in. I have also replaced my UP band with a Garmin Vivofit 2. So far, I am enjoying the Vivofit and don't have anything bad to say really about it. The one thing I like about it as opposed to the UP band is that I just sync it to my phone and it's all done. With the UP band, I had to plug it into my phone and do it that way. Also, the Vivofit seems to track my sleep better. The UP band at times would take itself out of the sleep mode and yeah. Kind of bizarre but yeah. The downside of the Vivofit, it has a battery life whereas the UP band, you just plugged it into it's charger. So that might be a pain, I don't know yet lol! to try and get my T25 workouts in along with finishing the packing and moving. :)

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Ab Intervals and Speed 1.0. I just jumped right in. It's was a little hard but I managed to push through. I am pretty proud that I was able to still do it despite having several days off thanks to shin splints. I always feel so much better in the day when I workout. :)

Plank: 70 second plank...this was extremely difficult to complete and I had to put my knees down a couple of times. I am not going to beat myself up over it but just gives me more motivation to try harder.

Yoga: This did not take place last night. I ended up passing out without realizing that that was what was happening.

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 7321 (3.46 mi)

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 12

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: COMPLETE
Weigh-in: 216.2 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 56.2 lb Diet followed N/A

02 July 2015

I still need to get my workouts in but today has been a pretty uneventful day...but it was fun. I didn't do much, ran some errands with mom and it was very enjoyable. Then again, that is how it always is with my mom. :)
I have my trip coming up soon...leaving on the 16th in the evening. Then...dropping the girls off in Missouri and on to Texas for a week. Then...pick the girls up...and head home. After that, I have to get blood work done on the 4th to see what is going on with my hemoglobin and then we will be ID bound...I hope. I still need to figure out the moving portion because I do not have the $2000 for a moving truck and such. I want to just do a trailer since I don't have an extreme about of stuff to move (a 1 bedroom apartment basically) but I don't have a car with a trailer it's the matter of finding someone who has that...and is willing to drive to ID. I do think that if that is the route I go, I am going to avoid going through the desert.

So much stress of trying to get everything done and sorted and ugh. At least there is hope. I can always cling to that and hope that things will work out beautifully. I know it's the right step...I just need to make sure everything can fall into place as well. I'll figure it out...I always do. When times are hard, I seem to be able to pull that miracle out of my ass. So...we shall see. Anyway, on to completing this to-do list and workout! :)

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Lower Focus is soooooo hard!! Sooo many squats and lunges...I have to take short breaks between them because otherwise, it's too much for my knees. I don't go as deeply but deep enough to feel the burn. I made it through! :D

Plank: 40 second side dips...these as super hard. Slowly building up the strength in my obliques. It's a slow process but it will be well worth it. I can feel such a difference in my core already. :)

Kettlebell: I managed 2 rounds tonight. I didn't want to push myself too much harder because I am still not fully 100%. I also had to break inbetween each move because I wouldn't feel right so a brief breather...and then moved onto the next move, powered through and rested for less than a minute again. Someday, even if I do have this blood disorder...I am going to be able to fully do all these exercises. :)

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): TBA

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: INCOMPLETE --> Went over by 84 calories.

*Park further away: COMPLETE

01 July 2015

It's the first of the month. I have good news and bad news. Good news...I got a nice house to rent in Boise, ID. I am pretty excited about it but nervous at the same time. I am mainly concerned about finances but I know that my grandpa will help me out. I just don't want to become too dependent on that. So hurdle the job front. There is a private school hiring for preschool & Elementary and that starting pay is very good so I am going to apply and hope for the best.

So on to the bad news...there is a chance I might have a blood disorder. It's a mild case but still...the doctor wants me to come in for more blood work to either confirm or rule it out. So's been an emotional roller coaster kind of day. There's a few other things as well that contributed but I will not elaborate on that...not yet. Anyhow, I am pretty proud of myself. I think I did very well eating wise and I did get not only my morning workout done but my evening one as well. Starting the month off on a good note. :)

Daily Summary
*Focus T25: Total Body Circuit. I still struggle with this one and I had to stop a little more than I wanted but I managed. The moves are becoming easier so that is a great sign of my strength getting better.

Plank: 1 min plank + 35 second side dips. I struggled on both. I had to put my knees down a couple of times but I am not going to let that deter me. The side dips were difficult as well and I have to keep a knee down but it will only get better...right?

Yoga: I did this at a time when I was feeling down and I have to say, it really helped improve my mood. I feel stretched out and just...really good right now. Glad I did this.

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 5216 (2.45 mi)

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 14

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: COMPLETE

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