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27 November 2014

26 November 2014

Yesterday was an off day and I felt really sick to my stomach. So no logging. Today, I feel somewhat better but I have to push my workout to the afternoon or evening. This morning, my sister is going to take me to get the part needed for my car and hopefully, tonight, my brother in law can get it fixed. I am glad about that because I HATE it being stuck at the school. So that will be one less stress for me to worry about and things can get back to being somewhat normal.

I am hoping that I can get everything done today that needs to be done while managing to have some fun along the way but we shall see. I really need to finish studying for that test as well! @_@

Sorry it's short but I need to run. So much to do and never enough time!!

Daily Summary
*P90X3: TBA

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): TBA

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: TBA

*Stay in Calorie range: TBA

*Park further away: TBA

24 November 2014

Woke up today to people fighting...has to get up and get mad at them because you know...sleeping kids. far today has been a bit slow but kind of nice. There is hope in getting the car fixed but it is just a question of whether it will be today or tomorrow. I am hoping today because my car is STILL parked in front of the school and that bothers me to no end. I just...don't want to come back and find pieces of my car missing. My brother in law said not to worry about it because it's just a standard Hyundai Accent. I look at it like...if they can take a part off and sell it...then that screws me over regardless of how valuable it is. So...I pray that my car is okay and that it didn't get towed. -_-

I am pretty sore today from the Challenge yesterday. My arms and shoulders hurt but I will work through the pain. It's a good hurt lol! Despite this stress over the car, I am feeling pretty good. My eating was good yesterday so hopefully I can keep that momentum going. *fingers crossed* I am positive that I can make this change and MAKE it stick. :)

Daily Summary
*P90X3: I love Yoga X still. I am slowly getting better and better. I have noticed today that I can bend further and that I can finally do a proper Upward Facing Dog though I can't hold it for too long. But I can still do it for a brief moment. :)

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 3055 (1.19 mi)

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 15

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: INCOMPLETE <--- I had no errands to run surprisingly.

23 November 2014

Wow! Last few days have been rather stress filled. The one car that everyone here depends on has died and we are trying to get it fixed asap. Well...the power steering pump seized...and either the alternator or the water pump. I am hoping that it is actually the latter mainly because it is a lot cheaper to get then the alternator. The car is parked outside of my daughter's school so today, we have to figure out how to tow it back's not that far from where I live but I don't have the money to pay for a tow. My brother in law (who is trying to get the car up and running) said that he will bring some rope and we can 'tow' it home that way lol! I suppose that that works for me and it won't cost me any money. The roommate has been dubbed the Official Car killer though. He has killed his own car once, one of my cars once and this one twice. Whelp...there goes the little bit of money we had saved but what else can I do? a little about my weigh in. The number I am inputting is the average number for over a week of weighing myself daily. Now weighing myself every day has been rather interesting due to the fluctuations and some are a pretty big jump. So, I am going to continue to weigh in in this manner. When I weighed in today, I was at 204 so let's hope I can continue to get that number down! I want to break through the 200s and get back into the 190s. So, today, I need to make sure to stick to my routine because yesterday I was so thrown off that I had forgotten to take my medication...which is not good and explains why I felt pretty crappy. will be a better day.

Daily Summary
*P90X3: The Challenge was definitely that, a challenge. Push ups and pull ups. My arms hurt lol but it is worth it. I have to build up my upper body strength. It's a slow process despite how much I want some nice arms lol!

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): 7045 (2.78 mi)

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): 9

*Record Everything you Eat: COMPLETE

*Stay in Calorie range: COMPLETE

*Park further away: COMPLETE
Weigh-in: 207.3 lb lost so far: 5.7 lb still to go: 47.3 lb Diet followed reasonably well
   (4 comments) on diet MIT Carson Chow   losing 2.5 lb a week

21 November 2014

OMG...I woke up and totally didn't want to get up...but fortunately for me, Piper (my 15 month old daughter) decided that she wanted to get up, therefore forcing me to get up as well. I am not going to complain though. I got my workout in...and my shower and I feel pretty damned good. Yesterday ended up being an extremely off day but I cannot let it pull me down. I am proud of what I have achieved so far despite the bumps along the way. I can't let it beat me down and bring back those negative voices.

So other than feeling really peppy, I am enjoying the cold weather! I love the rain and am so glad that it finally hit! I need to go buy some good rain boots for myself and the girls though. Piper's shoes got soaked when splashing in the puddles yesterday. We had fun though and that is what matters. I am not entirely sure what all we have to do today so I am kind of playing it by ear but I feel ready to meet the day. :)

Daily Summary
*P90X3: Agility X still is hard for me. Well, not completely so. There are some moves that are still difficult for me but others that I found I could do better then when I first did it in Block 1. So there is hope lol! I am pretty excited about completing this first round of the Classic Schedule but again, gonna go back through it to help continue to build up my stamina. Maybe then I won't have to take as frequent of breaks. :)

*Yoga (Functional): TBA

Convict Conditioning: TBA

*Steps Taken (Goal-5000): TBA

*# Cups of Water (Goal-14 cups): TBA

*Record Everything you Eat: TBA

*Stay in Calorie range: TBA

*Park further away: TBA

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