Casa Di Oliva Roasted Red Pepper w/ Artichoke

cals: 134kcal | fat: 2.50g | carbs: 10.00g | prot: 14.00g
Includes: Members Mark Members Mark Chicken Breast, Real Foods Corn Thins Multigrain, Casa Di Oliva Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Bruschetta. 
"low calorie, low carb lunch"

chicken salad

cals: 277kcal | fat: 7.91g | carbs: 33.51g | prot: 17.13g
Includes: Mayonnaise, Water, Premium Sweet Relish, Healthy Multi-Grain, Members Mark Chicken Breast. 

Special K breakfast w/ fruit

cals: 209kcal | fat: 5.00g | carbs: 31.11g | prot: 10.43g
Includes: 2% Fat Milk, Special K Original Cereal, Sugar Free Hazelnut Coffee Creamer, Strawberries, Coffee (Brewed From Grounds). 

tenderloin beef

cals: 326kcal | fat: 7.91g | carbs: 25.07g | prot: 14.68g
Includes: carrot, Red Baby Potatoes, Riesling Wine, Beef Top Sirloin (Trimmed to 1/8" Fat). 
"beef braised , small new potatoes, carrots, mushrooms"

Vita Mix Spinach shake

cals: 183kcal | fat: 5.22g | carbs: 25.83g | prot: 9.68g
Includes: Rainbow Light Protein Energizer - Rich Chocolate, Bananas, almond breeze blue diamond almond and coconut milk, NutriBullet Superfood Fat Burning Boost, Baby Spinach, Archer Farms Fuji Apples. 
"Spinach, banana, apple, chia seeds, coconut milk"