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Posted: 10 Apr 2013, 11:07
Good morning everyone! I've not finished logging my food for yesterday and today has already started out with me behind! And I got up early too! I didn't get my water in yesterday, however, I did walk 2 miles in about an hour or so last night.

I feel better today, though sugar was up this morning at 141. Gggrrr...if it doesn't start showing some downward movement, my Dr and I are going to have a confrontation. I broke down and agreed to let him put me on an injection (get more aggressive he says) and I'm not seeing a decline. Now, grant it, today starts my third week on this med but I think I should be seeing some good results by now. Ok, rant is done.

As an aside here, is anyone in this group active, or even participating in this group? Or am I just wasting my time here?
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