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Posted: 07 Mar 2013, 15:49
07 March 2013
i have not been on here in a while. i have been very ill and in hospital.
on the 7th february i found a lump on my inner thigh, not being worried, i went to my dr's the day after. turns out the lump was the start of a boil. i have never had a boil so the pain that came with it was beyond my control. my dr gave me antibiotics and said that it should go away after a few days. well on the sunday, it burst and fowl smelling liquid emerged. went to the emergency dept and they gave me yet more antibiotics. the day after (monday) i went back to my dr to see if there was anything they could do as on the wednesday i was due to go off to leeds to spend a week with my son and my friends. dr just gave me stronger antibiotics. Now, wednesday arrived and i was in that much pain, and more liquid coming out, fever had taken hold and i was getting confused, so my partner called my son and explained that i couldnt go to see him, he then took me round to the dr's, (what normally is a 5 min journey took 20 mins as i couldnt walk properly). he demanded that i be seen and straight away a different dr to my own told my partner to take me home and pack some things for me. that wednesday night i was rushed into hospital and on valentines day i was rushed down for emergency surgery. it was happening all so fast i didnt know what was going on until i was back on the ward feeling rather groggy and very sore.
the boil had turned into an abcsess which had burst and was slowly spreading around my body. the surgeon told me then that if we had left it just one more day then i would have died. that wasnt a nice thought and straight away went into depression mode and became very emotional (not good when you have bipolar). all i could think about was what if i had gone to leeds, my son would have found me, and what if had i left it. i still cannot get these thougts out of my head.
i was in hospital for a week and then let home with a drain in my thigh which is attached to a vacuum pump. my wound is 7" long and 3-4" deep, and is still open as the cannot stitch it due to it still draining all the badness out.
one good thing has come out of this, i was on 5 lots of antibiotics in hospital and i ended up with thrush in my mouth which in turn put me off the taste of chocolate so now if i eat a bit of chocolate it tastes horrible so i dont eat anymore. now though i love skittles and cant get enough of them. i am still healthy eating, but cannot walk topo far so am limited on my exercises. i cant leave the house on my own and i have to carry my pump around with me.
the consultant at the hospital said the boil turned into an abcsess as i have type 2 diabetes and my sugar levels were raised. now i have my levels back to normal and i jut wait for the day when i can get rid of the drain and be able to move more freely.
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Posted: 22 Mar 2013, 13:53
The Dr. you went to see first, is your primary? I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you. However, I think I would be some kind of upset with my Dr. if he did something like that to me. I'm glad your levels are back to normal, and hopefully soon the area will be healed and you'll be back to normal.
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