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This group is for anyone who is in some way affected by Diabetes. Past, Present, or Future... You or a loved one! Come join! We all know that ONE of the many causes of Diabetes is weight... Why not talk about it. I was shocked when I didn't see a group on Diabetes because it is one of the largest weight related diseases out there. So lets come together, share our stories, and help each other as much as we can!


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Hi all! Thought I'd join my fellow diabetics as I am one as well! Type II. That's one of the reasons I have started my LCHF diet. And to my amazement it helps my sugar tremendously! I'm ex ...
by paularichardson on 17 Feb 17 04:27 PM
New To The Show
...aaaaaand crickets. Ah well. Take care all!
by goofyfish on 08 Dec 16 08:41 AM
Group wakeup
It's good to know that someone is following this group. I was beginning to wonder. Thanks for response.
by oldIT on 14 Sep 16 05:52 PM
Hi Everyone
Welcome...good to see some new blood on here..
by oldIT on 30 Jul 16 08:53 PM
Victoza Injection
Hello, I understand your frustration with having to take all the Meds. I've been t2 diabetic for 8 years now, and I've never had my blood sugar under 100. I think you are doing great. Every ...
by external beauty on 16 Jun 16 08:14 PM

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