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This group is for anyone who is in some way affected by Diabetes. Past, Present, or Future... You or a loved one! Come join! We all know that ONE of the many causes of Diabetes is weight... Why not talk about it. I was shocked when I didn't see a group on Diabetes because it is one of the largest weight related diseases out there. So lets come together, share our stories, and help each other as much as we can!


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New here and right on the line between pre-diabetic and diabetic
Hi Cheri - welcome. I too was on the border of pre and d. I learned a ton from Jenny Rule's website http://www.phlaunt.com/diabete... Logging food on FS really helps and testing every day is in ...
by aurora3354 on 05 May 15 09:47 AM
I take back my last reply, unfortunately :( Saturday after my lunch of a turkey sandwich with fresh spinach and low fat cheese on whole wheat bread, and a quarter cup of chick peas I started feeling ...
by onelovejenn on 14 Apr 15 09:59 AM
Afraid to inject self with needle (finger prick test and insulin)
As far as I know, it's accurate. I just started using it a couple of weeks ago.
by onelovejenn on 14 Apr 15 09:55 AM
trying to get back under control
I'm right there with you. It is a struggle to stay on track with what I eat & how often I excersie. About a year ago I had an A1C of 7.4 but this past december it went to 14.1. I started to see ...
by Danielley85 on 24 Mar 15 05:09 PM
Weight gain once on insulin
Yeah weight gain is part of being on insulin or an injectable. Once I was put on insulin & gained 10-15 lbs. Recently I was put on insulin along with the 2 pills I'm on & have again gained ...
by Danielley85 on 24 Mar 15 05:02 PM

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Kevin & Suzanne (Kev diabetic '07-'12) pix taken Oct 2011
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Down from 239 lbs but still working hard to keep it off.
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We are at one time all Homers
by Emmitt09
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