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Victoza Injection
I was just recently changed over to Victoza Injection to help keep my blood sugar down - after 2 months it's working wonders. I would normally test 275 or higher - once it was 390 something. It was ...
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BG self testing (how often for T2)
Hi all YIHD'rs. I'm long term T2 and have not, until now, felt deprived when medical providers only provided me enough test strips for once a day testing. My providers are the VA and MEDICARE. ...
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started by oldIT, a week ago.   
Group wakeup
Hi, YIHD group. I just joined yesterday. looks like the group could use a little wake up call. I am T2, approx 15 yrs, 2 oral meds (maxed out), bad feet, low energy. Doc says I need to drop 17 lb but ...
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My Endocrinologist prescribed Atkins
Back in October, my endocrinologist told me to start the Atkins way of eating. Since November 1, I have lost 38 pounds and my blood sugar is way down.
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What else can I do!
Hi, I have been a diabetic now for 8 years. When I was diagnosed I weight 290 lbs. I had neuropathy, High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. Plus on all the meds to set ...
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Challenge / support group for diabetics
Hi. I've just set up a 6-week challenge for people with diabetes, the idea being to exchange information and help each other to find a good way as individuals to control weight. If anyone's in ...
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Hi I have diabetes and I am struggling to get my weight under control. I am trying the low carb option. and it is hard. I live with people who are big on bread and other stuff I can not have and it is ...
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Feel like I'm back where I started
I was finally losing weight and getting fitness routine, and then BAM! in July my father died unexpectedly, August my 10yo pet who was like a child to me died, September my mother, whom I live with, had ...
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trying to get back under control
I am not in control of my blood sugars. There are time I do real good and then I go through burnout and stop caring about what I need to do. It feels like for me it is a constant struggle in dealing ...
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What works
I have become a pretty much exclusive plant based eater. My wife became a vegan 3 yrs ago after cancer of kidney. In short order I adopted her lifestyle. No, I am not 100%, I will have a little meat ( ...
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started by Bearcat17, 11 months ago.   
New here and right on the line between pre-diabetic and diabetic
So hard as I found out earlier this month that I am right on the line between diabetic and pre-diabetic. My doctor is treating it as pre-diabetic and gave me no other help but diet and exercise and we ...
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Afraid to inject self with needle (finger prick test and insulin)
So, given the subject of my post...I'm lucky to report I have been diagnosed with pre-d type 2. I had fasting blood sugar of 9.6 and a random sugar test of 12.1. That was a month ago. The doctor ...
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Weight gain once on insulin
I am a newly diagnosed diabetic. On Dec 29 the day I went into the hospital I weighed in at 228. Once I was diagnosed and they started me on insulin my doctor told me I would probably gain weight because ...
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Newbie saying hello!
Hello everyone. I am a Person With Diabetes (PWD) who was diagnosed in 2001 and has been in denial until last week when lab results showed I need to be treated with insulin due to my non-compliance with ...
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Became Vegan
I have been a vegan for more than month now. I have noticed my morning blood sugar has been consistently below 100 with an occasional bout of hypo. I think it is time to visit my doctor and discuss about ...
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started by Nick1959, a year ago.