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My Endocrinologist prescribed Atkins
Back in October, my endocrinologist told me to start the Atkins way of eating. Since November 1, I have lost 38 pounds and my blood sugar is way down.
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Victoza Injection
I was just recently changed over to Victoza Injection to help keep my blood sugar down - after 2 months it's working wonders. I would normally test 275 or higher - once it was 390 something. It was ...
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What else can I do!
Hi, I have been a diabetic now for 8 years. When I was diagnosed I weight 290 lbs. I had neuropathy, High Cholesterol, High Blood pressure, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. Plus on all the meds to set ...
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Challenge / support group for diabetics
Hi. I've just set up a 6-week challenge for people with diabetes, the idea being to exchange information and help each other to find a good way as individuals to control weight. If anyone's in ...
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Hi I have diabetes and I am struggling to get my weight under control. I am trying the low carb option. and it is hard. I live with people who are big on bread and other stuff I can not have and it is ...
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Feel like I'm back where I started
I was finally losing weight and getting fitness routine, and then BAM! in July my father died unexpectedly, August my 10yo pet who was like a child to me died, September my mother, whom I live with, had ...
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started by Kata Strophic, 5 months ago.   
trying to get back under control
I am not in control of my blood sugars. There are time I do real good and then I go through burnout and stop caring about what I need to do. It feels like for me it is a constant struggle in dealing ...
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What works
I have become a pretty much exclusive plant based eater. My wife became a vegan 3 yrs ago after cancer of kidney. In short order I adopted her lifestyle. No, I am not 100%, I will have a little meat ( ...
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New here and right on the line between pre-diabetic and diabetic
So hard as I found out earlier this month that I am right on the line between diabetic and pre-diabetic. My doctor is treating it as pre-diabetic and gave me no other help but diet and exercise and we ...
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Afraid to inject self with needle (finger prick test and insulin)
So, given the subject of my post...I'm lucky to report I have been diagnosed with pre-d type 2. I had fasting blood sugar of 9.6 and a random sugar test of 12.1. That was a month ago. The doctor ...
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Weight gain once on insulin
I am a newly diagnosed diabetic. On Dec 29 the day I went into the hospital I weighed in at 228. Once I was diagnosed and they started me on insulin my doctor told me I would probably gain weight because ...
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Newbie saying hello!
Hello everyone. I am a Person With Diabetes (PWD) who was diagnosed in 2001 and has been in denial until last week when lab results showed I need to be treated with insulin due to my non-compliance with ...
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Became Vegan
I have been a vegan for more than month now. I have noticed my morning blood sugar has been consistently below 100 with an occasional bout of hypo. I think it is time to visit my doctor and discuss about ...
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Needed: Low Carb snacks
I am a carbohydrate addict.........something that is no good for a diabetic. I need low cerb snack ideas that will help me during the weekday. I am in a state of desperation. Thanks friends
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RE: Low Carb Smoothies
Anyone in the group have any recipes for low carb smoothies? I would like to maybe have a smoothie for breakfast or lunch, or maybe both, and then just eat a decent dinner. So maybe what I'm actually ...
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