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Posted: 14 Feb 2012, 15:56
Hi everyone, 2006 had a second bck surgery this time, the disc was fused. I was pretty much a prisioner started gaining. Al my live I've been in sports then military so this was new to me not moving. I recovred from surgery then started working from home and didn't know how to adjust so I drank coke with burgers ect.
A 1year1/2 ago I decided to say screw the back, if it breaks (I do hve nerve damage due to scar tissue) but I stated cardio everyday and 2 months later started lifting. I was soooo weak lol couldn't lift much, squating 145 was hard I now squat 365, leg press 800+ and bench 245 still a ways to go from benching 315 but getting there. I do more during the day at home, do stairs twice a day for 10 min and takethe dogs for a walk as much as possible and at night its party time at the gym. Punish my body, get rid off the weakness. " pain is only weakness leaving the body"
Served a total of 11 years, medically discharged because of the back. 6 years of those served as an infantry scout assigned to a sniper team. I finally got my swagg back

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Posted: 18 Nov 2012, 01:16
wow... you have come a long way Bori.
I'm glad you got your swagg back, its easy to just fall off the right track and keep going. But I'm pleased to hear that you after all this time got your Swagg back. Congratulation.