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Posted: 23 Feb 2017, 19:16
I started my diet two days ago with the goal of losing 5 lbs. Then I had to drive my husband to Santa Fe (no decent medical care in Taos, NM, where I live) and we went out to eat twice. Hopeless. So today I'm back home and back at it. Just got of the stationary bike (30 min) w/ arm weights. Been good so far today. But my danger over-eating time is night time. I'm attempting to cut out carbs and eat a fair bit of good fat. I'm doing sort of a mix between Paleo and LCHF. We shall see. I've been trying to lose these 5 lbs for several years now and I guess I just haven't been serious about it. Anyway, maybe reporting in to this group will help.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2018, 15:00
How is the diet going? I have had many slips and keep pushing back to get on track and successfully cut all the bad foods out. I am more LCHF...eating at night was a tough habit for me to break. If I stay up too late it is very easy for me to slip up. You can do this!
Start weight 245# 1st goal: 220#-met 04/07/11 2nd goal: 210#-met 05/21/2011
Start over: 221# 11/08/11 Start over: 233.2# 10/2012 Start over goal met: 220# 11/14/2012
Mini goal 212's by Dec -met 12/31/2012 Mini goal: 207's end of Jan- met 01/31/2013 Mini goal: 197's by end of Feb - met 02/27/2013
re-start grrr Mini goal: 197's by 09/19/2013
I have to restart again as I slipped. I am leaving the above so I can keep track. It happens and I have to keep learning. restart at 227 on 07/20/2017.