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Chill Pill

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Posted: 18 Nov 2014, 05:12
Good morning all.
I am happy to have found this group! A little about me:
I am a 55 year old guy living in the Austin TX area. I love my job and work for a really wonderful company. Been working from home for about 6 years. As I am sure many of you know its both a blessing and a pain LOL!

I was on fatsecret a couple years ago and it was part of a weight loss of about 70 lbs. I was trying to reach my old college weight of 260 lbs when I was big strong 6'-2" athletic and in shape. I didnt get all the way there but I was happy with my progress. In the two years since I have put 30 lbs on and now want to get that off and loose the remainder to hit my weight goal.

I dont get as much exercise in as I need or want to, but I do like to walk especially someplace pretty like the lake not far from my home.

Look forward to getting to know some of you. Please feel free to message me and say hi.


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Posted: 21 Apr 2015, 13:28
Hi Phill, I also live in ATX and work from home and have been doing so for 3 yrs. I agree , working from home can be great but hard to manage too..I love the fact I can run out to the gym at my apt complex and do a quick run/walk on the treadmill and still make it back in time. Nice to meet you !!