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Little Trick.
I don't like doing weights (hate is a better word). But I do know they are a necessary evil I've decided to sneak some weight training into my work at home routine. I've made a list of e ...
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started by NowIunderstand, 3 months ago.   
What I love about working from home...
1. not having to put makeup on every day 2. wearing jeans and sneakers to work 3. after getting dressed, having breakfast I say " I'm going to work!" and step into my office. 4. being able ...
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started by Carom2.   
Your Business: Was It By Choice?
Increasingly, I've been feeling like I want to get out of the legal business I own, which demands a lot of travel and time. I esp. feel the desire to get out because I'm more and more impatient ...
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started by JulofDenial, 4 months ago.   
Making Healthy choices throughout the day
How do you keep motivated to make healthy choices throughout the day? I always PLAN to make healthy choices, but having an entire kitchen available to me makes it hard. When I worked in the office I ...
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started by SherylInIowa.   
New to Group
Hello my new posse of those who work at home! I too, have that in my life, and I love it. What has happened to me over the years, was a tendency to be attached to media and web sites, and not actual ...
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started by MrsRatfire, 5 months ago.   
Working from home and love it.
I love working from home I don't have to leave the house if I don't want to. I find my self so engaged in my business I don't even think about eating or is is my products I use. I drink my ...
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started by trailridenlady, 12 months ago.   
Where is everyone?
How is working from home going? Now that winter is coming to an end (is snowing today) in western, pa. It will be easier to get out. To me that is taking the 3 year old outside and working on my laptop ...
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started by Kathy Vanish.   
Hi, all! LOOKING FOR WORK AT HOME POSITIONS? I am working from home for a great international company called International Service Check. It is a Mystery Shopping Company that is extremely legit and ...
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started by chereeguitar, a year ago.   
New day
:) Good morning. How is everything going?
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started by Kathy Vanish.   
Walking Desk to increase lifespan
Working from home, I end up sitting & laying down a lot so now I have a walking desk to keep the treadmill on when I'm not on calls. There are lots of studies linking sitting with early death, ...
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started by Lizgeewiz.   
Working From Home Daily Check In
Hi all - I am currently a member of a Low Carb Daily Check In group which has been extremely helpful so I thought I would try the same with us work from home folks. My hope would be a topic site for a ...
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started by Juls63.   
travel writer for years...working from home when not away researching
Hey. I'm Cristina and I'm a travel writer. Since 2005 I've been working from home, first doing various freelance jobs , now as a full time travel writer. Let me tell ya... the busier my ...
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started by prinarad.   
Starting on Monday!
Hi! I'm a 32 year old mother of three very active boys. I started my in-home hair salon in 2004. Since working at home, I've gained about 50 lbs. I think for my weightloss to be successful, I need ...
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started by mistydrogers.   
New to group
Well I'm a stay at home mom to a busy 3.5 year old and a 9month old, I also work work form home for an advertisement company. I never really lost my baby weight from my first pregnancy, and then had ...
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started by bthraven.   
surgery + working from home = +45 lbs
Hi everyone, 2006 had a second bck surgery this time, the disc was fused. I was pretty much a prisioner started gaining. Al my live I've been in sports then military so this was new to me not mo ...
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started by Bori_73.