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My doctor diagnosed me with PCOS 2 years ago and one of my best friends (Lori) 9 years ago. We are both ready to start a family and are finding it hard to lose the weight we need to, so that we can become Moms! If you just need to vent your frustration, talk about your struggles, ANYTHING we are here to listen and hopefully we can help each other get through it along the way.


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How many mg of metformin to aid with weight loss?
by 2luv on 08 Apr 15 10:21 AM
Is it really this hard to lose weight with PCOS
i have found that going on a gluten free diet and lactose free diet works well for women with PCOS
by Dyhane on 20 Jul 13 11:24 PM
trying to get pregnant n looking for friends.
i was diagnosed with PCOS at 25 and i am 33 now and like you am ready to start a family. My doc thinks that weighloss may work better for me and be cheaper than fertility treatments so like you i am at ...
by Dyhane on 09 Jul 13 05:11 PM
When are you cured from PCOS?
I know for me Metformin literaly took sticking to for over 6 months before I stopped getting sick from it. I literally was in the bathroom over 10 times a day but stuck with the Metformin as I knew I ...
by michelle812002 on 24 Jun 11 10:23 AM
I couldn't be happier to find this group! :)
Desiree, wishing you the very best in this journey. As a fellow woman with PCOS who tried for 11 years to get pregnant, I want you to know I now have 2 beautiful children 7 and 5. It took the right co ...
by vackerman on 08 Mar 11 08:28 AM

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