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For people who live in Wisconsin and are attemtping to lose weight by incorporating a healthy lifestyle.


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Thinking about joining the Y
I just DID join the Y. On Wednesday of last week. Expensive - yes I thought so, but I was lucky in that my insurance has a "deal" with them. The insurance will reimburse me each time I go - ...
by MickiRom on 13 Apr 14 04:44 AM
Hello Cheeseheads
New to group, too. I live in Milwaukee. Liking using Fat Secret to track what I eat. Drinking water and mall walking lately, because every year at this time I get just crazy from being cooped up in the ...
by Caryatid on 01 Mar 14 09:05 AM
Just joined the group.
Been overweight my entire adult life. I'm in my 30's and am now ready for change.
by mouth01 on 18 Jan 14 11:40 AM
On Wisconsin - On Wisconsin
Why does our "Grand Ole' Badger State" have to get so cold. I didn't actually get out the winter coat today but maybe I should have. I'll resist the urge to get out the hot cocoa. ...
by c.s.k on 25 Oct 13 07:17 PM
I just joined the group
Hi! I'm starting a weight loss challange at my gym in one week. I plan to follow Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet and exercise 6 days per week (2 at the gym, and 4 on my own). Right now, I'm ...
by notbigloser12 on 17 Sep 13 11:22 AM

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