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Eliminate wheat products, all breads, noodles, all breakfast cereals, bagels, muffins, pancakes, pretzels, crackers, oat products, corstarch or cornmeal products, sugary drinks, candies.

Unlimited vegetables, nuts,oils,meat,cheese, caffeine

Limited fruit, juice, dairy, beans,dark chocolate

Never fried foods, fast foods, cured meats, processed rice, potato products, breads, potato chips


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If you have to work out to lose weight, you're eating wrong!
So far the BPC and the Fat Bombs are what save the day for me. The bombs are great as snacks that save the day and cut the craving until next meal. They are very tasty! Make ahead and keep in freezer. ...
by Airspree on 30 Dec 16 08:23 AM
Yoohoo! Anybody here?
Yes, just signed on as well. Hello.
by Airspree on 11 Sep 16 09:41 AM
Hi gang
I made parsnip chips and they were so unbelievably good! They are a bit of work to make, but well worth it. Storing them makes them soggy, so you might want to just make one/quarter batch at a time. ...
by ukeranian on 22 Jul 15 02:09 AM
No, there is no counting of anything. The crucial point is to eliminate wheat. Wheat Belly is also very paleo as well. Organic is best too, but I don't always use organic foods.
by ukeranian on 22 Jul 15 01:57 AM
Hi, new to group and fatsecret
welcome to the group. I have been on Wheat Belly eating for just over two months now. Had belonged to a weight loss club and lost 30 lbs but stresses put 10 of that back on quickly. Not having the ...
by karenann on 13 May 14 05:47 AM

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