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Posted: 24 Jan 2013, 05:28
Monday, January 21
Panera's Hidden Menu!

Panera Bread bakery-cafes nationwide will be offering a new lineup of “power foods” with lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and veggies as part of their all-new Hidden Menu. The items won’t be promoted in-store, but MyPanera members and fans/followers on Panera’s social media channels will get the inside scoop.

The Hidden Menu is an effort to provide customers a variety of dietary options outside of Panera’s current menu. Items include:

1.Power Breakfast Egg White Bowl with Roasted Turkey: 180 calories, 7g carbs, 25g protein

2.Power Breakfast Egg Bowl with Steak: 230 calories, 5g carbs, 20g protein

3.Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad: 360 calories, 12g carbs, 35g protein

4.Power Mediterranean Roasted Turkey Salad: 320 calories, 12g carbs, 22g protein

5.Power Chicken Hummus Bowl: 330 calories, 23g carbs, 33g protein

6.Power Steak Lettuce Wrap: 280 calories, 7g carbs, 28g protein

I just love Panera Bread & I'm so happy to find out about the "Hidden Menu" & share with all of you Smile Enjoy!
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Posted: 24 Jan 2013, 12:11
That's awesome! I love Panera too! Great find & thanks for sharing!
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Posted: 24 Jan 2013, 12:12
thank you!!