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Posted: 14 Jun 2012, 19:54
Has anyone tried or ordered Miracle Noodles. I heard its 0 calories, do they taste good? any imputs or advice regarding this??

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Posted: 16 Jun 2012, 10:06
I bought Shiritaki (sp?) noodles. They weren't the Miracle noodle brand, but they are basically the same thing. I was making asian stir fry the night I tried them. I sauteed with some vegetables and added soy sauce. That night, they tasted good. They had a little bit of a weird texture, but they basically tasted like soy-sauce covered noodles. I tried eating the leftovers the next day and they weren't good. They are good in a pinch when you're really missing eating noodles! Just make sure you rinse them REALLY well then dry them REALLY well on paper towels before you cook them.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2012, 13:41
Here are some images of what to look for. I haven't tried them yet, but I'm very curious.Question