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Apples and Bananas
I know you all want to sing the song with me! I LOVE CARBS, however, I'm attempting to cut my processed carb (breads, cereal, pasta, starches) intake twice a week. I know that apples and bananas are ...
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started by ambsalaz.   
Peach parfait
One cup lowfat cottage cheese swirled with 1 tsp vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon, layered with chopped peaches. YUMMY! :D
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Artifical Sweeteners
Check out this artical from Dr oz. pertaining to artifical sweeteners... [url= Oz artifical sweeteners[/url]
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started by BeautifulYno, 6 years ago.   
Alcoholic Beverages
Does anyone on here ever drink anything alcoholic? I love having a glass or so of wine with my dinners and occasionally like to go out with friends.... I'd be happy to hear input from anyone who& ...
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started by pammyfour, 6 years ago.   
Stevia, Splenda, or Xylitol???
Which one would you say is the best one to use.... Stevia, Splenda, or Xylitol???
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Warm and Yummy
Anyone have any ideas for some foods that are light, easy, and warm and yummy. It's really cold in the mornings, so I always crave something warm. Any ideas? Thanks! ;)
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Egg Myuffin
1 Thomson's Light Whole Wheat English muffin sliced 1/4 cup egg beaters 1 slice Oscar Meyer Canadian Bacon 1 slice FF cheese get a small 2-1 cup plastic containers Spray with butter flavored Pam, add ...
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started by marylpn.   
bowl of tuna and veggies/salad
tin/can tuna ( without oil to keep calories lower ) half a can sweetcorn chopped fresh tomato chopped /diced cucumber salad cream all mixed together in a bowl and eat ...yummy i had this last night for ...
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Swap outs for bottled salad dressings
Have you read the back of a salad dressing bottle lately?...what the heck is in there?? Found this great recipe and thought I would share. If you love avocado, you will love this. Great on salad, gr ...
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High Fiber filling snack or Breakfast! Fiber One Bars
:) These are amazing and taste like candy bars... my favorite is the caramel. It keeps me full from breakfast until lunch! Give them a try. I am trying to eat more high fiber filling foods and have lost ...
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Laughing Cow wedges Babybel light cheese Trader Joes light string cheese Trader joes fat free feta cheese
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replace butter/marge with soft cheese spreads
my dietition advised me to swop ou butter and all margarine ...yes even the low fat ones .... for soft cheese spreads cheese spread is actually lower in calories and gives you added calcium into your ...
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Love it. I put it in my stir fry in place of rice to get more fiber for my punch. with careful measuring I can get it to cook in the rice cooker. Anyone else use Quinoa? for what?
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Does anyone know the ratios of RDI?
Like what percentage of protien, fat and carbs is optimal to lose with? Right now it looks like the majority of my RDI is carbs. Is this wrong?
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High Protein and/or Low Carb Meals and Snacks
I had the BEST salad ever just now. Started out by cooking some boneless, skinless chicken thighs in my grill pan with some cooking spray, Kick'n Chicken Grill Seasoning & a little kosher salt. ...
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started by kstubblefield.