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Would like to see each member show up at least 3x per week to give and receive motivation to our group member.

To be honest with everything you put in your mouth, log it, use portion control and to read your labels. Be proud to weigh-in weekly.

Go to intoduce yourself to tells about yoursef, how long you have been on Weight Watcher's Plus, your allotted points. Then go to Weight Watchers Point plus to do your daily blogging.

If you are serious about losing the weight and getting in better health for yourself, then WELCOME to the club.

Let's get started!!!!


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Group Info

type: Common Interest
age range: 50-59
to lose: 50-100lb
location: New York
categories: Dieting
Fitness & Exercise
Food & Nutrition
members: 250
created: 09 February 2012