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This is my first group. So to start I am keeping it on an open agenda as long as it pertains to fitness. Wheather your walking your dogs or walking on a treadmill; pushing a wheelbarrel or pushing your friend at the local gym. Lets help one another to obtain the unobtainable! I believe there is a place for all of us and that is why I am creating this group. I want a group for the beginners! Although professionals are welcome and encouraged to give us noobs some guidance! I want the new guy to feel comfortable coming here and saying hi! Where do I start? And NOT being intimidated by the pics and glamour of a professional bodybuilder. (no offense guys!)


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How much weight training is too much...?
Hi Guys, I went Gluten Free about 5 months ago and I've found that I've had a lot more energy which has naturally led me to up my game weight training at the Gym. After starting to count calories ...
by ChimeraUK on 23 Jul 13 10:23 PM
Where to begin?
This is great as I welcome any and all opportunities to collaborate on fitness and nutrition, share what I have learned, and hopefully learn something new for myself.I would just like to offer up that ...
by Turtledrummer23 on 04 Oct 12 11:27 AM
Hello, My name is Daniel and to answer my question of why I want to be in this group, here it is: I have come to a point where I believe weight training (with cardio) is a vital part in becoming h ...
by bamabowhunter on 29 Sep 11 10:30 PM

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