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Belly Fat
I am confused and thought I would reach out to everyone. I have to lose my belly fat and I started on Weight Watchers DVD Belly Busters. My question is, if you are doing AB exercise does that really work ...
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started by Dufresne.   
New to this group - eating poorly on the road
Hey guys! I'm 25 years old, female, and I would like to lose at least 20 pounds. I've always wanted to lose weight, and I had maintained a weight (that still wasn't my ideal but was down from ...
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started by lobstermoose, 10 months ago.   
Exercise while traveling
I'm getting ready to head out on a trip to visit family and I've been working out pretty hard at the gym. I won't have access to a gym while traveling, and I'm a bit worried that I wo ...
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5 -2 Fasting Diet
Begun this 5 -2 fasting diet a couple of years ago but eventually fell off the waggon. It did a lot of good though with me getting into the 14stones (just). Now, after a motivational article from Hori ...
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started by JognHennings, a year ago.   
Work Travel/Conferences...
I just got back from a five day conference with a reception every flippin' night and managed to lose 2 pounds! I don't know why or how...because I was definitely eating and boozing much more than ...
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37 lbs in 2 month...... on this site and hope to make some friends..?I'm a long distance Trucker, sitting 10 to 13 hours behind a wheel and weigh in with 246lbs....that was 2 month and a few days ago. As of today ...
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started by rolandbaranek.   
Back at it after summer socializing!
I broke a rib last week so wont be doing much exercise including golf,weights,machines. How do you find out info about diet plans that are easy to stay on (ie normal food)and work. I have about 8-10 p ...
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started by Janeen1, 2 years ago.   
:oops: I need to lose 22.2 pounds according to my goal weight. I need to add my exercise routine to my daily activities. Stomach issues have prevented this from happening. I used to be at the gym twice ...
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Calories burnt with some exercises
Hi all, Does anyone have an idea of how many calories are burnt with a trampoline 35 min. session? I have done some research and the info varies so much that I really don't know what to believe.
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Meal Replacement Shakes
Does anyone have a recommendation for a meal replacement shake that does not have that nasty after-taste (like drinking a diet soda)? I saw this link and tried their number one recommendation [[i][u ...
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started by Pablo50.   
Need snacking help!
I am heading into my slow season and was going to be developing a new course to teach in the spring; however, the state DEP is blocking me every chance I get. I am putting it on hold and until after the ...
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Just Checking in
Well, my business is starting to slow down for the year and I have been able to exercise 5 to 6 days a week now for more than a month. I have also joined WW at the beginning of November and have lost ...
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started by Kathy Vanish.   
Welcome Everyone!
Good Morning and greetings from Ottawa Canada! I am brand new to this site and to this group but hope to find lots of support and companionship as we all strive (ok maybe struggle) every day to reach ...
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started by Kris Kalorie.   
Pedals under my desk at work! Ankle-weights for telework days!
Two products that have changed my ability to keep my blood pumping during the work-day. (1) For $30 I ordered an under-the-desk pedal exerciser and I am actually using it! It doesn't burn a ton of ...
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started by Amber Simco.   
New to group
HI All, It's nice to find a group that fits my life. I'm an Administrative Assistant (yea lowest on food chain professional wise). I'm up at 5:30 each morning, get my little guy up, feed ...
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started by Tamaralynn0480.