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Posted: 11 Jan 2012, 15:51
I am not new to the Fat Secret site. I've been apart of this for a while now. But when I was last on here, I was still surrounded by negative and very droning people that I called friends. Last year instead of focusing on my diet, I focused on my spirituality and freedom! I realized how much of this was bogging me down, which caused me to eat and snack with poor choices. I'm now in a new year and I feel so much better. In Oct. 2011, I decided I needed to join the gym. See, I'm a stay at home mom and because I just removed a few negative people in my life, I was left with no one. So I said I need to get out of the house and be surrounded by people doing the same thing as me. And I did. And from that point I was working on my health. So what I've done was go back to what fits for me as far as eating. I eat for fuel. I am not on a diet, although I do take recipes from diet books that I have. But I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I make good choices and do not follow a math code or point system. I eat vegetarian, vegan, raw and meat diets. I believe in moderation of all forms of nutrition. I also eat American popular stuff like chezits and pepsi max, although I try to limit these forms of foods. But I'm human and I like them! From there, I decided to make mini goals. The first is to get into a good workout regime, which I've done by challenging myself with 12 days of working out then one day of rest. I'm almost there, I have 3 more days. The second goal is to get to a size 10 by March. And I do believe I am going to make this goal as well if I continue with positivity.

I'm also a yoga instructor and mom! I love spiritual words and books and will inspire all to do good! Smile Hope to make some new friends all making and fulfilling their goals!!

Christine The Mean Machine!! Smile
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Posted: 25 Jul 2012, 16:10
Did you reach your goal of getting down to a size 10 by March? How are things progressing for you?