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Posted: 23 Oct 2012, 22:01
Greetings Everyone,
I am very new to Fat Secret(just discovered tonight)I have 75lbs to loose. Plan to do it in about 7 months (or as long as it takes) with healthy eating,and exercise ,positive mental attitude, meditation. Need all of the support I can get from like minded positive people.TGFFS
(Thank GOD FOR Fat Secret)!!!May HE Bless Us All With Success On Our Weight Loss Journeys
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Posted: 30 Oct 2012, 11:29
Welcome! It's a great place to get support. I have found that logging my food really helps. Hope you have success on your WL journey. I'm sure you will Smile

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Posted: 30 Dec 2012, 13:36
I am new too..So to speak. i signed up to the site a few months ago but today is the 1st day I have actually done anything besides weigh in and I have gained over 10 lbs since I signed up. Good luck (to both of us) Smile

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Posted: 14 Jan 2013, 21:23
Welcome all - I've been here since Oct '12 and it's a great supportive site.
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