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Garcinia Cambogia - Anyone else tried it?
Hi all, After seeing the episode on Dr. Oz, I of course went out and bought Garcinia Cambogia. I tried it starting June 2013. I took it exactly as stated on the instructions. I have not seen any d ...
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started by URox.   
This group is not very interactive. No one replies or there are very few replies. Is there anyone there?
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started by URox, 6 months ago.   
Self Control
I tend to fall back to old habits where I eat and eat and eat. It is far from health. I have a support system but sometimes you get that craving for something deep fried and smothered in chocolate. I ...
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started by Swimmer Chick, 7 months ago.   
Just started FatSecret
I am anxious to change my diet. I want to cut down on sugar and fats. I am uncomfortable with myself and how I look. I just want to follow a simple, sensible weight loss plan. :roll:
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New to FatSecret
I've been doing Atkins (not my first time!) for a month now. Down 12 pounds, but I had a couple of stalls mid month. I also realized I was overdoing my snacks. Now that I have recorded every bite of ...
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New to Fatsecret
Hello, Just joined on 09/24/13.Im looking forward to your support and help in losing at least 50 pounds. Thanks for listening:)
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started by nettie51, a year ago.   
New to fs
Hi all. Just joined today. I need to loose weight and keep it off. I've lost and regained the same 35 pounds a couple of times. I just want to be healthy.
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started by Marvey, a year ago.   
New to Fatsecret
Hi new here, just discovered this site yesterday. Hoping to make contact with others who have the same goal as me, losing weight. I am hoping to lose roughly 30 kgs initially ( 66 lbs ), then possibly ...
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Believe in your 6th Sense - Everyone has a guardian angel
Anything is possible if you believe in your 6th sense - it is a guardian angel that tells you to get up and do your daily exercise and it also tells you to stop - do not eat that it is not good for you ...
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started by mohammedfiazrashid, a year ago.   
Blogging keeps me motivated!
I have found that blogging has really kept me motivated and accountable. The feedback I get from those that read it is just as motivating. Check it out and make sure you read my first post - Who's ...
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It's not what you eat, but how much you eat!
I'm allowing myself to eat whatever I want, just 1) watching the serving sizes/total calories and 2) stopping when I'm not hungry any more. 10 lbs in 3 weeks, I'd like to drop another 90!
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started by Sciguy77.   
New soon to be improved
Hello!? I just joined FS last week and have been figuring out all of the great tools! I like the support I have seen on these posts. I joined because I've been doing too much talking about getting ...
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started by Auerphatty, a year ago.   
ive struggked to keep motivated
:? i have really struggled to lose this weight. im afraid if i do not lose this weight i will end up with heart problems and diabetes. its too cold to walk everyday. if someone has sugestions i would love ...
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started by felicia hunborg, a year ago.   
You, One Month Later and 10 Pounds Lighter ...
that is what you will be saying after the W-10 Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Month Challenge. You get a group of motivated weight loss companions, an experienced challenge encourager that will give you the plan ...
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started by greg4God, a year ago.   
New 2 Fat Secret
Greetings Everyone, I am very new to Fat Secret(just discovered tonight)I have 75lbs to loose. Plan to do it in about 7 months (or as long as it takes) with healthy eating,and exercise ,positive mental ...
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started by GorgeousGranny.