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Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 17:03
Hi to everyone in this group. Wanted to share that I just finished a round of HCG with a VLCD and I can tell you that sticking with the protocol was so much easier because of the HCG. The hormone (an incredibly low dose) not only minimizes hunger, but it also works with your own hormones to help reset the hypothalamus and eventually lock in new set points.

I was skeptical and would NEVER have considered such a diet, until three things happened:

1. I had a problem losing with Atkins after a certain point despite NEVER CHEATING, and
2. A girl at the coffee shop I go to released an amazing amount of weight and looks so good, while the whole time acting happy, satisfied, and fine on her VLCD (while I rolled my eyes at her), and
3. I did the research and read "Pounds and Inches," the original manuscript explaining how the diet works.

There is also a forum specifically called HCG Diet Info Forum, and two amazing moderators on there (Grammy and Beth) who have given me great advice that has made this journey doable for me. On this first round I've lost twenty-nine lbs in just over a month.

And it is possible to eat organic, clean, healthy food while on the HCG protocol.

PLEASE don't continue to punish yourself with impossible diets and guilt. The problem when you are done with a normal VLCD is that your metabolism is slower -- BUT when you take the hormone, that doesn't happen because you reset your body to a new set point.

I feel I have to share because I'm sad that we, as women, are made to feel so s##tty about our weight, and then when we try to fix it by all the recommended methods we ruin our bodies by slowing our metabolism further and the weight comes back despite eating right. Don't waste any more time on stuff that doesn't work.

Google that site, and read what normal people say about this protocol. You'll see a HUGE difference there as most people are super happy and positive about their weight and their successes, even those who cheat are happy to get right back on the bandwagon.

There is no reason to punish yourself when this positive, healthy option exists and works.

Best of luck to everyone! Feel free to message me if you want more info.

(Please note, however, that I will not entertain arguments or skepticism. The information is all there on that site, including the info about imposter HCG products that should be avoided.)

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Posted: 06 Aug 2013, 09:11
I agree with you 100%, Pounds & Inches changed my life. I can't stress enough how important studying the manuscript is for people considering hcg.