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For anyone eating between 500 - 800 calories a day on a ketogenic (low carb) diet, Protein Sparing Modified Fast, or as part of the 5:2 Fast Diet.

Whether it be a liquid (isolate) protein meal replacement diet like, Medifast, Optifast, The Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life, Exante, Lipotrim, Newcastle, WonderSlim, etc.

Or you're eating real, whole foods like on the 5:2 Fast Diet, hCG Protocol, 5 Bites Diet, Jumpstart to Skinny, Scarsdale, Stillman or Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss diet, etc.

Basic tenets &amp; principles of these diets are to have over 40g> of high quality COMPLETE proteins, under <60g of NET carbs (enabling ketosis, reducing cholesterol & insulin levels), multi-vitamins & minerals, especially high amounts of electrolytes such as potassium (1000mg), magnesium (300mg), calcium (900mg) & sodium (3000mg) etc.

Also consider taking Omega 3, Biotin & Iodine supplements. And maybe Psyllium Husk powder or Glucomannan (Konjac) powder for fibre.


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diet ticker
I' saw one in Walmart once. But i think it was the last one. You can order online. That's what i did before i got onto phen375, [url=http://dietpills2015.com/... made my diets useless. Oh, u know ...
by juliatimonova on 30 Dec 15 08:16 AM
Im new to this group and hope to lose 60 lbs
Some may be loading, or not following the diet unto the maintenance phase. I started Phase 1 on May 24, gained 4 pounds by May 26 194... Its June 5 and I currently weigh 180. I've been 180 for two ...
by Tmclin74 on 05 Jun 15 08:48 AM
Refeeding to avoid rebounding
How do people generally feel when coming off of this sort of diet? I've been trying to get off it for about a week now. I'm up to about 2000 calories/day and I really feel pretty lousy after e ...
by HavertownWebGuy on 16 Mar 15 10:43 AM
I started Saturday. I am doing modified Newcastle. 800 calories/20 carbs a day. I did this a few years ago and lost 80 pounds in about 3 months. I kept it off for about a year, then slowly let it ...
by SRoss3456 on 03 Mar 15 11:09 AM
My cure for when extreme / gnawing hunger hits.
Hi Guys, I recently discovered that increased [url=http://weightoftheevidenc... & water is the cure for (me) feelings of extreme hunger. If you start to feel extremely hungry or plateau while in ...
by ebivr on 15 Oct 14 01:34 PM

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