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Low Calorie food/snack to keep me full!
This is not the post you want to read.....to keep full, is to keep overweight. When you are hungry you are losing weigh if that helps. Also my recommendation is to get an activity for that time of day. ...
by retired49 on 03 Oct 15 10:22 AM
ug! I go for like 2 days doing well, but then I start binging. Guess what day today is?:?
by Herjulia on 25 Sep 12 01:23 PM
Just realised this group is in america...oh well I moved to italy 6 months ago and have been veggie for most of my life. Sometimes I struggle finding good vegetarian meals especially when eating at re ...
by kumala on 03 Aug 12 05:59 PM
How to cut the carbs
Hey! I have the same problem - and the little pie chart on here doesn't help matters!! I have tried to up my protine rather than lower my carbs - protine fills us up for longer so that helps with the ...
by Lou La Belle on 18 May 12 09:10 AM
hi all
So ive been vegetarian for 21 years and have therefor cooked a whole bunch of dinners in my life...... but what to have tonight? Any tomorrow? and so on and so on... Both of my children (12 & 10) ...
by Lou La Belle on 18 May 12 09:08 AM

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