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Share encouragement for those with a thyroid condition. We can reach our goal weight in spite of having a low metabolism. What diet works best and how much exercise is necessary to experience weight loss.


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Graves Disease
I was diagnosed with Graves over 25 years ago. I had two rounds of radiation (the kind you drink) and it rendered my thyroid next to useless. I take Synthroid daily. I feel well; and have lost weight and ...
by HCB on 21 Feb 15 11:35 AM
Hope this helps
Thank you for the list, I just went to my doctor and she told me the same thing. I love many of these foods, but now I know they are part of the problem... the other big one she said is to stop all wheat ...
by Jane Robbin on 09 Jan 15 09:58 AM
Low fat, low carb, low sodium... and "thyroid friendly"
I would suggest an appointment with a good nutritionist. Go armed with your daily food log for 2 weeks and a list of all your med dosages and the times you take them in relation to meals and snacks. It ...
by lacemaker123 on 31 May 14 09:09 AM
Coming off the Fatigue Trail!
Glad to hear things are going well for you, I was in your shoes about 20 years ago and my Doctor found the problem.. what a difference it made. I hope you can work your way off any sleeping aids down the ...
by Jane Robbin on 22 Sep 13 07:21 AM
Hello! New Member!
I'm grappling with this for the first time myself. I'm using this website to track everything I eat, keep my calories at 1800 (was 2200) because of my age and I'm not very active (yet!). ...
by Cortster on 18 Jun 12 01:30 PM

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