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This group is for all the people out there that have struggled with being heavy for the majority of there life and are sick and tired of being sick and tired. For all those that have let life weight on them both physically and mentally. Leave the diet programs for the skinny people out there that want to loose 20-30 pounds to fit in that slinky black dress or that slim tux for that special occasion! I'm calling out all my brothers and sisters out there that have not been able to sit comfortably in a movie theater seat or play ball with their kid. All those that have sit in a dark room and wondered what it is like to be out in the world doing all the stuff that your skinny friends are doing. Lets band together and say screw you to the diet world. Lets say screw you to anything that is hold you back. Lets take charge of our lives and find out what it is like to be skinny, healthy, and to have the energy to do all those things that you have wondered about. Lets learn together and keep each other motivated. Lets embrace our new life together and leave everyone else in the dust!


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Water Intake - how do you do it?
IT's one of my goals too, and one I've been struggling with. Phone apps sound like a great idea, I'm a bit of a homebody and have had decent luck tallying it on the calendar in the kitchen ...
by irusan on 22 Mar 13 08:59 AM
living 70 % on fruits.
It sounds like you have chosen some very healthy foods as long as you don't have any trouble with gluten. (If you'd like to add some variety to your grain meal you might try some quinoa, amaranth, ...
by irusan on 22 Mar 13 08:06 AM
Post Year One
It's incredible to think just how much you've achieved in a year. I can only tell you what I would do for myself, and I personally would go with the saying "if it ain't broke, don't ...
by Sheonamcc on 05 Aug 11 04:02 PM
Working hard toward being healthy yet failing, AKA weight loss and gall bladder
Sounds awful. Best of luck with your surgery and I hope you feel better soon xx
by Sheonamcc on 05 Aug 11 03:54 PM
Medication is my downfall
I am limited in my transportation options currently. I ride the bus, and they are cutting services so it is difficult to get to any gym during the week. I work M-F, and need to be able to get home prior ...
by HeyJude602 on 28 Jul 11 09:03 AM

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This is how I look now at 233lbs
by david5
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Before I started my quest here.
by david5
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70 lbs ago at out Juneteenth cookout last year
by checkmate57
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September 2010.
by jody_rose
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