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Posted: 26 Jun 2010, 05:40
I have a lap pool in my backyard and I live in Florida where I can use it 6 months out of the year. How could I not join this group?

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Posted: 22 Apr 2011, 11:13
Lucky you. We have a circa 1960's kidney pool in our backyard, so I run in place swinging my arms against the water to workout. Did this yesterday. Home pool is still very refreshing to enter, but the sun was shining so its doable as long as I keep moving.

I swim laps at the city pool. Our 50 meter city pool is outdoors, heated year round, and is located next to the harbor, so when we can watch the sunrise over the pacific when swimming in the morning or the sunset if we choose to swim in the evening.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2012, 14:20
I have a 25 yd neighborhood pool within walking distance. I join every year. It's open now through October. I planned to start swimming laps today, but then we got a cold front. Monday I hope to be swimming laps!
Gotta look good for this cruise...