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We all know that swimming is one of the best excercises that there is and many say that it is one of the most fun, so how about starting to swim for weight loss?


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Hello, I have swam on and off most of my life. I recently began back lap swimming the end of Feb. and have been pretty consistent. I am up to 26 laps 3 Times a week. Goal is 30 by the end of June. ...
by Musicabella on 08 Jun 18 02:27 PM
New to the group
Hi Everybody! I am new in the group and need some input about how to structure my weekly session at the swimming pool. I used to attend a swimming group where we had a coach telling us what to do...I live ...
by Lizzie983 on 16 Nov 12 07:28 AM
Lap Pool in my backyard
I have a 25 yd neighborhood pool within walking distance. I join every year. It's open now through October. I planned to start swimming laps today, but then we got a cold front. Monday I hope to be ...
by vegefrog on 06 Apr 12 02:21 PM
43 LAPS!
Went swimming this morning -- the pool was very empty and because I didn't have to rush today, I swam for 60 mins and got in 43 laps (not lengths). I didn't want to get out of the pool, it was ...
by Losin25 on 30 May 11 07:05 PM
Hello; I made it to the pool three times this week, and hope to go again tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't count and swim and / or talk at the same time, but I can read the clock, and I kept moving ...
by fatdogmom on 26 May 11 02:53 PM

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