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New to the group
Hi Everybody! I am new in the group and need some input about how to structure my weekly session at the swimming pool. I used to attend a swimming group where we had a coach telling us what to do...I live ...
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started by Lizzie983, 5 years ago.   
Lap Pool in my backyard
I have a lap pool in my backyard and I live in Florida where I can use it 6 months out of the year. How could I not join this group?
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started by Secret147.   
43 LAPS!
Went swimming this morning -- the pool was very empty and because I didn't have to rush today, I swam for 60 mins and got in 43 laps (not lengths). I didn't want to get out of the pool, it was ...
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started by Losin25, 6 years ago.   
Hi! I'm Andrea and I'm a swimmer. I swim 2-3 times a week in a 25 yard pool. Last week, I swam my first mile in 48 minutes. Totally proud of myself. This summer I plan on getting my 41 year old ...
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started by Losin25.   
In pool lap training
Swam yesterday 7x 50 and 2x 100 First time out this year will gradually add training for a sprint triathalon and the swim is my best part. Also need to lose weight and this is a great low impact way ...
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started by murray_64.   
Masters Swimming
Any USMS swimmers in this forum?
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started by swimlakemichigan.   
love swimming...
I love swimming! I thought this would be a good group to join! I plan on swimming several days a week.
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started by naefish, 7 years ago.   
social swimming
i went swimming with my mum today and we seemed to spend more time in the sauna's and dracoosi then swimmming lol oh well
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started by Iwark, 8 years ago.   
no one's posted on here in ages...
I just joined and noticed no ones posted in a while...hope everyone is ok. I love swimming its good fun and relaxing, the health club is just down the road from my dads house so i go quite a lot when im ...
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started by Iwark, 8 years ago.   
Back to the Lap Pool
I have been swimming laps for years on and off. Mostly off. I do enjoy swimming and it is my hope that sharing in this forum will keep me motivated. I haven't been in the lap pool for quite a while. ...
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started by GRANNYK, 8 years ago.   
Swimming without stopping
Was reading a post somewhere and the author mentioned swimming for 10 minutes without touching the bottom. I traditionally will stop and clock my lap turn and start again. But not touching the bottom ...
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started by robrehk, 8 years ago.   
Aloha fellow swimmers
I am no athlete but I have found swimming one of the most enjoyable exercises. It seems to slim me down the best, not necessarily peel weight off but makes me look slimmer. Trying to get to the point ...
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started by robrehk, 8 years ago.   
My routine..
I lifeguard over the summer. Our pools not too big but it is big enough to get some good laps in. 10 minutes before the hour is the glorious Adult Swim that my coworkers and I look forward to. I spend ...
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started by ktothacute, 8 years ago.   
starting laps
So, what is everyone swimming now?
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started by syndromia.