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I've never heard of Stur before now. Looks like it's Keto safe because it is made with Stevia. I liked the picture of the gummy worms someone posted as a picture on the stur product site. I'm ...
by KayseaLove on 08 Aug 18 03:32 PM
I am new to group
Hi Peggmcm, Welcome! I started doing keto on April 9th and have lost 11.6 pounds so far. I was eating too much fat at the beginning, but have now adjusted my intake. Feel great, not hungry, more en ...
by metrying2lose67 on 23 May 18 06:49 PM
Hi Everyone! I'm new to FatSecret and this group
where is settings?
by Peggymcm on 19 May 18 10:05 AM
Back on and back in to a fast
So weighed this morning and down to 99.3 *gasp* Under 100 for the first time in...don't know how long. I know in a fast it's not all real weight loss but I am going to revel in this right now LOL ...
by mishell1968 on 14 Feb 18 05:40 AM
I have found better/more consistent results by following keto and having a calorie deficit - do you do this? I am only relatively new to the WOL as well, having started LCHF at the end of July 2017, but ...
by mishell1968 on 12 Feb 18 02:37 PM

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