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If you were in the hula hoop challenge or are curious about hula hooping join this group. The only guidelines I would like to have is a weekly or daily check in to keep us accountable to each other and to help encourage each other to keep going.


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New to group!
I am excited to be in this group! I learned to hula hoop just this last year! I have ALWAYS wanted to learn! I am 55 years...don't FEEL old (but really I am!)...just saying! I usually hoop about ...
by PinkRose88 on 09 Feb 13 07:40 PM
How's it going?
How's everyone's hooping coming along? -TG
by TroubledGeek on 13 Oct 11 11:30 AM
It's here! It's here!
My hula hoop is here! It came in yesterday! I'm totally bruised, now, but I definitely feel my stomach already feeling a bit better. I hula hooped between quizzes in my online classes while watching ...
by TroubledGeek on 05 Oct 11 11:36 AM
Hi. New Here.
Well, my new hoop should be in around Oct 4th. It's being shipped from Oregon. I didn't want to use a kid's hoop because I have two cats and they love to play with everything and I didn't ...
by TroubledGeek on 30 Sep 11 11:50 AM
Hula hoop to music
Today I hula Hooped to some of my contemporary praise music. I had a worship service while I hula hoop. I was able to turn in circles and move from side to side. The more I do it the easier and funner ...
by Made4more on 23 Sep 11 07:53 PM

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