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We've been told that eating Fat is what makes us fat....and turns out, that was wrong. Come discuss Keto here and find out.

The Lipid hypothesis seemed like the answer to why we become fat, and for years we were lead down a path of "Avoid the fat" mentality. This group is dedicated to exploring the idea that it's not the fat we consume, but the food we consume that is stored as fat that is the cause.


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"Bulletproofing" your coffee...
I love it! I drink it first thing in the morning and it really fills me up. I add cinnamon and a tiny bit of truvia. Then I blend it in our magic bullet. It gets frothy, like a latte'. I find it hard ...
by LLCoolJenn on 23 Jun 16 09:20 PM
Flavored Coffee causing a stall?
etkfxrwife wrote: Yep. I was stalled also for weeks! I changed my macros and am now steadily at 2-3 pounds per week if I stay within them!! I was eating TOO MUCH fat and not enough protein. My body ...
by beachling on 08 Jun 16 07:19 PM
Net carbs and sugar alcohol
This is a good question,I didn't know that. Also, I am using Xylitol, what's the scoop on that?
by keikoasmom on 02 Jun 16 12:27 AM
What is your favourite high fat snack?
I like a lot of things, but had a chocolate craving and had seen a recipe for chocolate bars..... I didn't have a mold, so I just drizzled it on Cool Whip.... and then ate the whole thing! About ...
by keikoasmom on 02 Jun 16 12:20 AM
Side effects & cravings
Apart from anything else, losing the carbs takes out a lot of salt you would normally be consuming with those carbs. Most high carb foods have plenty added salt.
by Penlan on 30 Dec 15 06:08 AM

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