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We've been told that eating Fat is what makes us fat....and turns out, that was wrong. Come discuss Keto here and find out.

The Lipid hypothesis seemed like the answer to why we become fat, and for years we were lead down a path of "Avoid the fat" mentality. This group is dedicated to exploring the idea that it's not the fat we consume, but the food we consume that is stored as fat that is the cause.


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What is your favourite high fat snack?
Cream cheese with a few salami slices are one of my favorite go-to snacks. I also love having avocado with a few macadamia nuts thrown on top.
by Ketomancer on 05 Jul 14 09:06 PM
OMG my cholesterol is shocking
If you ask for a particle size test on your LDL, I'm certain that the majority of it will be of the large, fluffy variety of LDL and not the dense, sticky sort which causes problems (not all LDL is ...
by Ketomancer on 05 Jul 14 08:40 PM
Calorie Breakdown
Thanks Jani. I will also send them a message. Thanks so much for your reply!!
by Cary-Ann on 04 Jun 14 08:46 AM
New here
:) I love the term "fat bomb"! Last night at our dining facility there was garlic butter which made me happy. I had one cup of fresh spinach with a little bit of sliced black olives, couple ...
by charles_27 on 21 Apr 14 12:59 AM
Too much Protein
Weight-lifting should mitigate this. So if you want to allay your worries about having too much protein one day, go and hit the weights. In theory it should go towards repairing muscle tissue instead of ...
by charles_27 on 19 Apr 14 01:36 AM

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